Let Me be Your Personal Blogging Coach

Over the last eight years of building my blogging business, I've seen many people try to do the same and fail miserably.

Most of them fail because they don't work hard enough.

But then there are those who work EXTREMELY hard but still don't accomplish what they are trying to accomplish.

They create content, tweet about it, connect with others on Facebook and try desperately to build a solid business but aren't able to.

This was the situation with my friend Cassandre.

I remember finding her blog and being amazed at how much she had put into it and where her heart was at.

I was even more impressed when she shared her vision with me.

You see, in her own words . . .

I believe that when women realize their unique, God-given beauty through gentle affirmation and right education everyone around them benefits.

Cassandre had developed hair products for afro-textured hair and was using her blog to try to increase her exposure online, but it wasn't working.

CassandreI knew I wanted to coach her and help her accomplish her goals. When I met her she wasn't making any profit from selling her hair products and her online presence left much to be desired.

Today, she has over 38,000 Youtube subscribers with over 2 Million video views, an email list of over 5,000 subscribers and has generated as much as over $2K in profit in one month selling her hair products.

How were we able to do this? By making the conscious decision to NOT try to do everything everyone else was doing, but by focusing on what would work for her and for her audience.

I was able to coach her into doing what was best for her business and now she's touching lives all over the world with her content and building a business that will last – one that she LOVES.

The Keys To Her Successes

This kind of success doesn't happen by chance. We were VERY intentional about what we did.

We found her strengths and took full advantage of them. She was great on video, so we took that and ran with it.

However, we also implemented a system of accountability. We met regularly, discussed what needed to be done, and she would do what she needed to do.

She took MASSIVE ACTION, but also received MASSIVE GUIDANCE.

It took A LOT of work, but it was worth it. I can't wait to report on the results of launching her first product.

The Biggest Problem

Of the bloggers who take action, I've noticed the same problem Cassandre had – They are taking action, but it's not guided and focused.

Many get overwhelmed with the MANY options that are out there. They try to be everywhere and do everything and end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

That's what I've been trying to help solve with everything I do here at Become A Blogger.

You see, I create a lot of content on my blog at the moment to help people build successful blogs.

In my podcast, I share practical tips on how to build a business with a blog.

In my Become A Blogger Coaching Club, members get more advanced training and group coaching calls to help them grow their businesses.

However, I wanted to take things to the next level. I was looking for even bigger success stories – the kinds that take a bit more one-on-one guidance.

The kind where my clients can say things like “after spending 3 months working under Leslie's guidance, I went from making $3K/month to $5K/month (and much more)”.

Why? Because I'm trying to change the world one blog at a time, and by helping more bloggers be more successful, I believe that I'll be moving closer to that goal.

Well, I've done that.

I’m currently working with Five bloggers and it’s amazing to see what they have ALL accomplished:

  • Complete restructuring of some of their businesses
  • Creating onboarding processes and building high-functioning teams
  • Successful product launches (with sales ranging between $1K and $30K+)
  • Increasing their overall business income (in some cases as much as 5x)

In fact, here's what some of my coaching clients have to say about what we've done together:

Here's Kim…


And Kate…

And Kelly…

And you…

Maybe soon . . . 😉

The Criteria

Here's the secret to my success as a coach . . .

I work with bloggers who have already demonstrated that they are willing to put in the work it takes to become successful. How do I determine that?

It's actually quite simple. The bloggers I coach are people who have already had some success building an audience. They aren't trying to figure out what their niche is or anything like that.

They have literally already done the hard part, but are in need of some optimization. I help them channel their efforts in the right areas to take their businesses from doing well to an exciting place where they are dominating in their various niches.

That way, they don't waste their time (and I don't waste mine).

Of course, I won't be accepting everyone. I'm currently looking for 2-4 coaching clients. If you're interested, keep reading (well, you're obviously interested if you're all the way down here).

What The Process Looks Like

Because I'm trying to make this as high-impact as possible, I need to know that:

  • You have a proven track record of working hard
  • The topic of your blog aligns with my values. I.e. the last thing I would want to do is help someone build a massive audience teaching how to worship Satan 😉
  • You're blog/business is at a stage where I can have a massive impact on what you're doing

Please note: This does not mean you HAVE TO have reached a certain level of income. Cassandre wasn't making a significant income with her business when we started.

I will assess these factors based on the Application form at the bottom of this post and a follow-up interview.

If your application is approved, I will send you the details to make payment.

Once your payment is approved, I will have you fill out Self-Assessment and Business Overview Worksheets. This is something that would take some time (and thought) on your end.

However, in order to be as effective as possible in our sessions, I need to have a CLEAR understanding of where you are in your business, your strengths and weaknesses, your unique value proposition and a few other important details.

Once you've completed that info, we would schedule our first Planning session. In this session, we would discuss your worksheets, talk about your goals and come up with an Individualized Coaching Plan. One that's specific to your business, your goals and who you are. We would also decide exactly how progress will be measured.

In our coaching sessions (twice a month) we would discuss where you are, how things are progressing and come up with a very specific action plan for you for the next two weeks.

Each session would be 1 hour in length and done via Skype.

You would also have access to me via email. If you have questions, I'll be there to help you.

The main focus will be really analyzing what you're currently doing, comparing them to your goals and making decisions about what you should stop doing to make sure you are spending your time and energy on the tasks that will help you accomplish your goals as efficiently as possible.

If you're thinking at this point – this would be something I'm interested in, I have to warn you – It will be A LOT of work.


However, I will give you the guidance you need to get it done.


You're probably wondering about cost at this point. My current rate is $1,000/month.

I'm asking those individuals to commit to a minimum of six months working with me because it's going to take the time to really make significant changes to their businesses (as I'm sure you're well aware).

I want to be able to give those clients as much as I can to help them take their businesses to the next level.

You should NOT apply if:

  • You are lazy
  • You are looking for overnight success
  • You want me to do the work for you
  • You are not willing to work extremely hard
  • You are not able to afford to invest financially in the growth of your business
  • You hate babies 😉

You are IDEAL for this coaching package if you meet most (or all) of the following criteria:

  • You have been working hard on your blogging business (and it shows)
  • You are excited at the idea of your blog being your full-time business
  • You have been having some success with your blog, but want to take it to the next level
  • You may be making money with your blog already, but want to make more
  • You know that if you had the right guidance, you could break through all barriers
  • You're at the point where you can afford to invest financially in the growth of your business
  • You trust me

Please note: I will not be accepting everyone who applies.

If you're interested in working with me in this way after this very long winded post, I'd like to invite you to apply using the form below.

Wishing you nothing but the absolute best as you continue to build your blogging business.