How much you should be paid for your green

December 8, 2008

Freebie trading can be a lot of fun. It's great when you get that “Aha” moment in the beginning when you get your first payment. That was the feeling I had – “Finally, something that works”. I mean, the payment was there in my paypal account and I couldn't deny the reality of the fact.

If you are new to the Freebie Industry and do not understand how it works, I would recommend reading through my Freebies 101 course. It will give you all the details. However, when you get started with Method 1, you want to make sure that you are getting paid fairly. This is basically where you are being paid for going green on freebie sites.

The industry standard rate for getting paid for your green is 50% of the value of 1 referral. For example, if I send a referral to 40 macrobucks and that referral goes green, Macrobucks will send me $40 for that greened referral. On that site, the industry standard payment on green is $20. On 120 Macrobucks, I would pay $60. Yes, some people pay more and some less (unfortunately). However, you can know that you are treated fairly if you are getting at least 50%.

That being said, if you are trading at a forum, especially where there is a lot of competition, it is not unrealistic to find traders who are willing to pay significantly more. In some of my best days as a forum Freebie Trader, I've done crazy promotions like paying 100% on the first site if you are a brand spanking new trader (however, this is not the norm).

So, in your pursuit of Freebie Bliss, make sure you are being treated fairly when you green.

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