Mr. Freebie Meets The Freebie Guy!

December 4, 2008

I was asked by Chaz from, if I would be willing to do an interview as an internet entrepreneur for his Communications class. I agreed to do the interview and I just wanted to share it with all of you. Here goes . . .

1. Where did your entrepreneurial interest develop?

I've always been the kind of person that loves learning. Because of this, one of the fields that have always appealed to me is Business. There are so many aspects that one always has to consider. There are many dynamics that work together to make what almost seems to be a living organism. It's complicated, but yet simple at the same time. In terms of internet business – I've only recently been made aware of all of the possibilities that have arisen since the dawn of the internet. It makes it possible for the average Joe to do above average things if you know what you are doing, and that's the kind of challenge that always peaks my interest.

2. What keeps you motivated?

Every so often, I get an email from someone who has used the advice that I give to be successful online. Whenever I get those kinds of emails, that gives me a boost in energy and makes me feel as if what I'm doing is really worth the effort that I've put into it. That's one of the main motivating factors behind what I do.

Besides that, it is great when you don't have to worry about how you are going to pay the next month's bills. The nation is in a terrible recession right now and for many people, it is hard to make ends meet. As an entrepreneur, I'm able to come up with different ideas and implement strategies to help my family out financially, and that just feels GREAT!

3. What has been some of your biggest challenges in business and how have you overcome them?

Because of the nature of the internet, and all the hype that's associated with making money online, many individuals come to me looking for an opportunity to make money, but aren't willing to put in the time and effort to read and understand what they are doing. Making money online is just like making money offline in some ways. You need to work, and you need to understand what you are doing.

Unfortunately, not understanding what you are doing can cost you significantly. So the biggest challenge I see is dealing with people who just “Want to make money NOW”.

Because my business deals with teaching others to make money online, when I come in contact with this “immediate gratification attitude”, I try my best to slow that individual down and point them in the right direction, while trying to show them the correct mindset they should have if they want to make money online. Sometimes this turns them off, but I would rather turn them off than have them rush into something unknowingly and end up hurting themselves rather than helping themselves.

Another challenge comes from the nature of the internet. It's technology, and with technology come technical difficulties. No man-made system is perfect. There are always issues such as computers freezing/crashing, offers not getting credited, websites being down for servicing etc. However, I look at those kinds of issues as opportunities to learn more and where knowlege is gained, I'm a happy camper.

4. Is there anyone you look up to and model yourself after?

Yes, there are many people that I look up to. I believe that by studying others who are successful with what you are doing, you are setting yourself up for success. There are a number of people that are in the field of internet marketing that are doing very well for themselves. However, the ones that stand out to me are those that are successful AND have a genuine interest in helping others to succeed.

I have a mentor who does that and is very Successful at what he does. His name is Yaro Starak. His main focus is to help others and that comes through in everything he does. I basically try to study what he is doing, and incorporate aspects of what he does into my business – a process that has brought me great success.

5. If the Internet had not existed, what do you think you would be doing?

In my “real life” I am actually a science and math teacher. If the internet had not existed, I would continue to be a teacher. Teaching is what I love. It's very possible that I would have still started some sort of offline business, but science education is what I love. However, I can't imagine what my lectures would be like if the internet had not existed. Much of what I do in my classes comes from things I find online. I guess it would just force me to be even more creative.

So there you have it. Please feel free to post any question or comments you might have.

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  • mark says:

    Nice interview. You inspire me LOL.

  • mark says:

    Nice interview. You inspire me LOL.

  • mark says:

    Nice interview. You inspire me LOL.

  • Thanks Mark, I try my best to be inspirational. I woke up that day and said: “Man, if I could only find a way to inspire Mark!” LOL.

  • Thanks Mark, I try my best to be inspirational. I woke up that day and said: “Man, if I could only find a way to inspire Mark!” LOL.

  • Leslie says:

    Thanks Mark, I try my best to be inspirational. I woke up that day and said: “Man, if I could only find a way to inspire Mark!” LOL.

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