Top 3 Tips For Best Using PLR Content – With Chris Deals *Video

July 12, 2012

Who: Chris Deals
Site: Day Job Knockout

In the past, when I heard about Private Label Rights (PLR) content, it turned me on. It just seemed like cheating to me.

Then, my good friend Chris showed me how he uses PLR and I was impressed, to the point that I started using it myself (it's one of my little secrets). BUT, I don't use it the way you think.

At BlogWorld, I pulled Chris aside to share his top 3 tips for how to best use PLR content. This is what he said.

Transcript of This Video

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LESLIE: Hey, this is Leslie Samuel from, coming to you again from Blog World Expo in New York City. I'm here with none other than, Chris Deals. Chris, how are you doing?

CHRIS: I'm doing well, man. How are you?

LESLIE: I am doing very well. This is one of my good friends. I think I've been friends with him longer than anyone else online. That doesn't sound a little creepy, does it?

CHRIS: Oh, no. It's actually a good thing.

LESLIE: Oh, yes. Okay, cool.

CHRIS: I think it's a good thing for me to be in your company.

LESLIE: [Laughter] You're trying to flatter me. Anyhow, so my question for you is this. I know you're very much into PLR. My audience is bloggers. They're bloggers, and maybe some of them are struggling to come up with content ideas.

When I hear PLR, typically, I don't get excited about it. But, I like the way you use it. So, I want you to share some tips.

First of all, what is PLR?

PLR Defined

CHRIS: PLR stands for Private Liberal Rights, and it's content that comes in different kinds. The formats, it can be articles, audios, or videos. Some of them is a complete product that you're able to resell and name as your own.

LESLIE: Okay, so you can take that. You can do whatever you want with it, and then, you can use it as your own.


LESLIE: Alright. Sweet. You do it a little differently from how I see a lot of people using it. So, what I want you to do is share three of your best tips in terms of how to best use PLR.

Are you ready for that?

Tip #1: Find Quality PLR Providers

CHRIS: Yes, I can do that.

The first tip is finding quality PLR. There's a lot of PLR out there. Can I say, “crap?” Most of it is crap. So, you have to find quality PLR.

How do you find quality PLR? It's finding people online that have solid references. There are also a lot of PLR providers that provide you with samples. So, you want to grab a sample before you buy content from them, and read through it, and make sure it's of quality — quality research, quality well-written, and well-produced.

LESLIE: Okay, so first tip is find a quality PLR provider. Okay, tip number two.

Tip #2: Use Quality PLR Content as Research for Own Work

CHRIS: Tip number two is you can use the PLR content as research for your own work. You don't need to use the way the PLR in the way that it is given to you, but it's easy research because with a quality PLR provider, they're going to spend time researching the topic, the subject in whatever niche it is, and they're going to do all the research for you, so you can buy the content, re-read it, read through the content, and use it as research for you to create your own content from there.

LESLIE: So, it's not that you're just taking it and just using it as it is. It's kind of like a time-saving mechanism where you can see what's already out there, see some good content, and get some ideas that you can then go and produce your own content.

CHRIS: Yes. Actually, it cuts the gaps of research. It usually takes you an hour to research a topic to write a post. You get a quality PLR, you pay a few dollars for it, but the research is cut down to 50 minutes. It saves you time, and also it may even spark some more ideas.

LESLIE: I see. I like that. Sweet. So, that's tip number two. Tip number one, find a quality PLR provider. Tip number two, don't just use it straight up. Use it kind of a research. Use it to get ideas and all that kind of jazz.

Tip number three, go!

Tip #3: Re-purpose Content in Different Forms

CHRIS: Tip number three, use it in a different format than it was sold to you. So, if you bought PLR articles that are text, use it for audio, use it for slide show. Just use it in a different format that was given to you. Just use it in a different format that was given to you. So, you can easily turn articles into a slideshow, and record a Screen Capture video, and you can post that. You can use it for your podcast as a podcast segment. You can use that content as a podcast segment.

Number three, the best idea is to use it in a different format. So, if you get text, turn it into a video or slide show. If you get a video, transcribe the video. Have the video transcribed, and now use that text as research or maybe you can even use it as part of your written content.

LESLIE: Alright. So, for anyone struggling to maybe find ideas or to find the right content to write about, doing some research and finding some good-quality PLR is a good way for them to at least get the wheels spinning, and then, they can take that content, re-purpose it in different forms.

I like it. And, I have a confession to make.

CHRIS: Go ahead, confess.

LESLIE: I don't know if I should say it. I mean, everybody is watching.

CHRIS: Oh, I need to know.

LESLIE: Okay, okay. So, my confession is I too, have used some PLR. I remember I was preparing for a webinar, and I needed some ideas. I saw someone that had some quality PLR, and I purchased it, and it gave me some ideas, and it got the wheels spinning, and I used it to generate content for a product that I was producing.

So, it's definitely a good idea. Thank you so much, Chris for sharing that.

Bonus Tip: Add Your Voice to a Modified PLR

CHRIS: Let me offer you a bonus tip.

LESLIE: Bonus tip.

CHRIS: I don't want to be a little–

LESLIE: Wait, for free? I don't have to pay for it?

CHRIS: We'll talk about that after the video.


CHRIS: But, here's the tip. PLR, you can use it to actually create a product very easily. You can modify the PLR. You take it the way it is, modify it a little bit. Add some pictures, add some graphs, add format into it, and you basically have a product.

Most importantly though, you want to add your spin. You add your voice to it, and you can easily have a product with PLR content.

LESLIE: Awesome. I like it. This is Chris Deals from — I didn't even say the website. How are you going to let me interview, and not say the website in the beginning, man?

CHRIS: Just being able to talk to you is enough.

LESLIE: Oh, stop it. Stop it. He's trying to make me feel good. Anyhow, this is Chris Deals from I love the name, knockout that day job, right?

CHRIS: That's what you want to do. And, sometimes, you don't want to knockout that day job, but you want to knockout the stresses of it by supplementing your income.

LESLIE: Alright. So, if you want to know more about Chris Deals, and what he's doing, go on over to

This is Leslie Samuel, that's who I am, yes, from Until next time, take care and God bless!

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  • Tommy says:

    Thanks Leslie! You have just restored my beliefs that PLR Contents have their own value. Great interview.

  • James says:

    I have a compliment for you: you are the researcher for all of us! And very good I might add! This video saved us all quite a bit of time in learning how to “Keep UP” on the days we’re not feeling quite up to a full research project. Thanks!

  • Sweet! Where do you FIND PLR providers? Never even heard of it 🙂

    • Good question. I’ma ask Chris to chime in on this one, because he knows some great sources.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Rochelle, one of the easiest ways to find PLR providers is by doing a Google search for “your niche + PLR”, e.g. Natural living PLR.

      Here are a few PLR providers that I highly recommend:
      1 – – They provide PLR with screenshots and step-by-step Instructions in several different niches.

      2 – Tiffany Dow at – I call her the PLR queen 🙂 She has a few hundred well researched PLR packs in a wide range of niches.

      I saw some PLR at that you maybe able to use in your niche.

      Let me now if you have any questions about using PLR.

  • >