How To Deal With Hecklers On Your Blog – With Jeffrey Powers

July 6, 2012

Who: Jeffrey Powers
Blog: Geekazine

Jeffrey Powers is the creator of I just love the name!

In this video, he talks about how to deal with people that come to your blog and contribute nothing but frustration. Yes, he's talking about hecklers.

Should you pay attention to them? Should you delete there comments? Should you sit in the corner of your room and cry?

Listen to what Jeffrey has to say about the matter 🙂

Transcript of This Video

(Some people like to be able to read a transcript while watching the videos, or just read the transcript without even listening. If you are one of those people, not to worry – We’ve made the transcript available for you below.)

LESLIE: Hey, this is Leslie Samuel coming to you live, well not live. This is not live.

JEFFREY: Somewhat live.

LESLIE:  This is somewhat live, semi-live. We'll call it live for now. I'm coming to you live from Blog World Expo in New York. Blog World and New Media Expo in New York City. I'm from

I'm here with Jeffrey powers from Is that correct?

What is Geekazine?

JEFFREY: Yes. Think magazine. Take out the “mag,” and put in the “Geek,” you got Geekazine.

LESLIE: I like it. Geekazine. What does that even mean?

JEFFREY: Geekazine, when I started the site, it was basically meant for geeks because I was tech-related. I liked doing podcast and tech, but I also like the geek side. There was always that you can be a geek of anything. You can be a geek of technology. You can be a geek of cars. You can be a geek of medicine. You can be a geek of eletron [0:55] technology.

LESLIE: Well, that sounds pretty geeky.

JEFFREY: Yes, it's a very geeky thing, so anybody is a geek in any field. So, I started Geekazine, and went from there.

Dealing with Hecklers

LESLIE: All right. I like it. Now, you have a blog at, and you had to deal with some hecklers. How exactly do you do that?

Okay, my audience is a bunch of bloggers. I'm a blogger and once in a while, someone comes along, you know, one of those kind of people. Can you give some tips in terms of dealing with those kind of people?

JEFFREY: Well, you know, the one thing they have to realize is that a heckler is somebody that really isn't doing anything, and bringing out… Well, sometimes they do, and sometimes, they are content creator themselves.

To give you a story. I did a video. I went out and I did something kind of out of my realm. I did a video about Ford Mustang, because I was asked by Ford to go out there, and drive that car and do some video on it. So, I did this video for Ford Mustang, and I made a small little mistake in saying that this was GTO instead of a GT.

LESLIE: Oh no!

JEFFREY: Yes. And so, I had a lot of comments on it. “GTO? Is that a really GTO?!” But, the whole point is, there was one comment, one guy came up and he said, “Man, I really wish that Ford would call me because I could do a whole lot better job in doing this.”

I just sat there and completely dumbfounded because I thought to myself, well, if you took the time to look at what's going on in the content world, you'll know that you can get hold of a guy by the name of Scott Monty who's a Social Media guy for Ford, and say, “Hey, I want to be a blogger coming out and actually report on this type of stuff, and then get out there and do the video yourself and make it probably the best video in the world.”

But, the whole point is, he or she had the opportunity and didn't do a thing about it. And so, I ended up removing that heckle.

Normally, I don't do that, but I started thinking about it. It's like, you just wrote a post that actually hurt you more than it could ever hurt me because you're just saying, “I will not do it because nobody is asking me to do it. I'll go sit in a corner and go be out by myself while you go do your content.”

I don't believe in that theory. If you want to do something, if you want to show me up, go ahead. Show me up. That's how I'm here in Blog World and New Media Expo in New York City.

That's how I go to Ford, and I go to these events, and I do video.

Get Stuff Done, Don't Worry About Them

LESLIE: Okay, so don't feel too bad about it because at least you're out there doing stuff done. You're putting the content out there.  So, whether someone likes it, or they don't like it, at least you're taking action.

Be Yourself

JEFFREY: Exactly. And, people are coming to my site. They make good comments. They make bad comments. They like it. It doesn't matter is it's a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The only time I really delete posts is somebody like that. It hurts them more than it hurts me, and then, of course, anybody that really gets really raunchy or something like that. You want to take that stuff out.

So, with hecklers, the bottom line is, don't worry about them. Just let yourself be yourself.

LESLIE: I like it. So, don't worry about the hecklers. Just get your content out there. But, when you're getting your content out there, be yourself. The hecklers will come. The hecklers will go, but you will still survive.

JEFFREY: And, you know that you're doing well when you get a whole bunch of people that are telling you that you're not doing well.

LESLIE: [Laughter] I like it. Jeffrey from If you want to check out what he's doing, you can go to Anywhere else you want them to go?

JEFFREY: Twitter is @geekazine. We also have the Day in Tech History at, and you can check me out on Google+ everywhere.

LESLIE: Awesome. This is Leslie Samuel from Until next time, take care and God bless!

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