081 How To Build A Successful Blog In A Competitive Niche – With Bob Lotich

July 3, 2012

Who: Bob Lotich
Blog: Christian Personal Finance
Courses: Blogging Your Passion University

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Today's interviews was such a privilege to do. In my early days of blogging, when I blogged about Freebie Trading, I was interviewed by Today's guest.

It was a fun interview, but what happened afterwards absolutely BLEW MY MIND.

Someone else wrote an article that mentioned the interview, and that article got picked up by MSN Money.

All I'm saying is this – it resulted in so much traffic, and opt ins to my Mailing list that I thought there was a serious glitch in Aweber.

So come full circle, Bot is a very successful blogger who managed to build a successful blog in a very competitive niche – Personal Finance. How did he do it?

Well I can't tell you here, or you wouldn't listen to the interview. Press the play button above and you'll hear all the juicy details.

Inside This Episode

Bob talks about:

  • How he got into blogging in the first place
  • How he was able to stand out in a competitive niche
  • How he uses keyword research and which tools he uses
  • The awesome training he offers
So go ahead and listen to the interview. You'll enjoy it!

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  • Reg says:

    Leslie, BAM! This one was like the longest drive a golfer ever hit and the ball rolled into the cup— an ACE! Great, powerful tips coupled with a beginning which resonated with me. I was amazed that you invited him to speak about his blogging courses which I assume could be considered competitive to BAB. Perhaps you see the courses as complementary and that could be a good thing. I plan to refer to this interview a lot. Thanks for giving it the time you did. Reg

    • So glad you enjoyed it Reg. Bob is a great guy.

      Honestly, I don’t look at it as competition. I think he’s a good guy that does good stuff, and it’s another alternative. The truth is – there is no ONE person who taught me about blogging. I learned a little from a number of people. Wait, no, I learned A LOT from a number of people, and that has made me into the blogger I am today.

      That’s why I love this stuff 🙂

  • Scott Simon says:

    Very nice Q&A. I learned a couple of new things

  • RochelleHanson says:

    This podcast was very encouraging.
    To be honest… all of your podcasts are encouraging.
    It helps to be around other bloggers who are focused.
    I just checked out the course! Ummmm looks pretty AMAZIIIING 🙂 how to create a kindle book in 30 days? How to improve the old content on your blog?? That’s GREAT STUFF!!!

    Hm. Thanks for the resource Leslie.
    I’ve REALLY and TRULY benefited from being a part of become a blogger – like so much.
    I hope that one day I can give back to you in the same way that you have done.


    • So glad to hear you enjoyed the podcast Rochelle and glad you were able to get some encouragement from it (and the others). We all need encouragement sometimes, especially when things get tough.

      Even MORE glad to have you as a part of Become A Blogger. People like you help make these communities AWESOME 😉

  • HansHansen says:

    Hi Leslie, you’re right it’s this is an awesome interview. It’s nice to hear that there are people out there who are willing to share their experience about the same topic as what you are doing and without being your competitor too. If the world would be like this things would be much better.

    Peace and quietness, Hans

    • I definitely agree with you there Hans. Bob is a great guy and it’s great to be able to work alongside each other in a way that helps each other out and in a way that we can share our experiences with others.

      Glad to hear you got value from the interview.

  • Bob says:

    Thanks again for the opportunity leslie! It is good to see that it hit home with some of your listeners!

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