Top 3 Tips For Starting A Podcast – With Cliff Ravenscraft *Video

June 28, 2012

Who: Cliff Ravenscraft
Blog: Podcast Answer Man
Free Resource: Learn How To Podcast

One of the best things about going to blog world was being able to meet up with friends that you know well from online and help to solidify those relationships by having face to face interactions.

When I think Podcasting, I think Cliff Ravenscraft. He's a good friend who I got introduced to when I wanted to start my own podcast. He's known as the Podcast Answer Man and is part of the reason why my podcasts sound the way they do.

I just HAD TO grab Cliff aside for him to share 3 tips with you if you're interested in starting a podcast. If you're interested in learning more about starting a podcast, check out his FREE (yes, I said FREE) Learn How To Podcast tutorial.

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  • I had so much fun in this interview. I’ve set up my Buffer App to tweet about this at the end of today. Hey, how did you get that YouTube video to have that very nice white boarder around it?

    • Leslie says:

      And I appreciate you taking the time to do it bro. It was awesome.

      To answer your question – That youtube video thingy was actually built into the design of the site. I had my designer design the box (in two different sizes) and he set it up so that I could just use a shortcode with the Youtube id and it shows up like that.

      I’m actually thinking about getting a plugin designed so that others can do something similar. Whatchu think?

    • David Foster says:

      GREAT interview, and thanks for inspiring me Cliff as I now have over 40+ episodes on our blog and am absolutely amazed at the amount of downloads these things get! One thing I REALLY agree with you is knowing your demographic. Our customer base consists of over 20,000 small business owners from all over the world, so we focus on teaching them how to use social media to get exposure, and these podcasts really help….

      PLUS, I would rather talk than type ANY day! Thanks so much for the inspiration and your very detailed courses. They helped me get started, and I sound just as good as ANY radio DJ thanks to your recommended hardware!

    • Leslie says:

      Yep, Cliff knows his stuff and has inspired many people (like us) to start podcasting. And I’m with you on preferring talking to typing. Much easier. Maybe because I talk too much, lol.

  • Warren says:

    This is great info. I’ve been doing a blogtalk radio show for about a year and am now revamping it and want to add podcasting to it. Thanks for the useful tips. Good stuff.

    • Leslie says:

      If you’re doing blog talk radio, you should definitely consider doing your own podcast that you host and manage. Much more flexibility that way.

  • James says:

    Again, I went to his webpage and checked him out: Stupendous! He gives away a lot of free information and inspiration! A lot of it I heard for the first time and really appreciated getting that help!

    • Leslie says:

      Cliff knows his stuff, and yep – he does give away lots of free info. He’s the one that got me into this podcasting stuff.

  • ambreen11 says:

    Its amazing and useful podcasting material. Great tips for anything actually. Brand, Target, Invest.  Thanks for sharing

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