How to choose a domain name

November 5, 2008

If there was 1 thing I used to hate doing when I first started building websites, it was choosing a domain name. I thought and thought and racked my brain to try to get a domain name that was perfect. This is an easy area to waste a lot of time with. Then I started learning more about internet marketing and started following successful internet marketers and I realized something. All of the successful marketers had to start somewhere and it was the ones that took action that were successful – not the ones that stood by and tried to perfect everything before moving forward.

That changed my philosophy on making money online. I realized that everything doesn't need to be perfect, but I do need to move forward. That took the stress out of choosing a domain name for me.

Now, if you are struggling to find a domain name for your Free Freebie Mentoring site, I have a few tips that can make the process much easier.

Start the Brainstorming session
Make a list of keywords that are relevant to freebies (or to you in general). List as many as you can. Here are a few suggestions: freebies, greens, money, cash, freebie trading, trading, trader, credit, project payday, mentor, free lunch, free stuff, free money.

Make different combinations with the list you came up with
When doing this, try to keep it as short and to the point as possible. When I'm looking for a domain name, I try to make it easy to remember, so that when someone needs to get to my site, they can easily remember the domain name.

Start searching for availability
Go to and do a search for the different combinations that you came up with. Remember that if the .com isn't available, there are other options like .net, .biz, .info etc.

Do not get discouraged
Ok, so the one you really like isn't available. That's no problem. Just look for something else. Be creative and I'm sure you'll come up with something

Domain names do not HAVE to be relevant to the Freebie Industry, although it does help. Think about some of the most famous sites out there – Google, Yahoo, Ebay etc. What do those words mean? Are they relevant to what the site actually does? Not really! Do they still make money – uh huh! You may choose to be creative and come up with a domain name that doesn't make sense, but sure does sound good. That is 100% ok.

Don't let finding a perfect domain name hold you back. Remember, the most important thing is getting started. As you move forward, you will learn and as you learn, you will be able to apply that knowledge to what you are doing and be even more successful.

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