How To Change The World With Your Blog – With Pace Smith *Video

June 22, 2012

Anytime someone talks about concepts like “Changing The World”, I start getting excited. I LOVE IT when people THINK BIG.

Why? Because I believe that each and every one of us has the potential of doing BIG THINGS.

So, at Blogworld, I got Pace Smith from Connection Revolution to talk about just that – How BLOGGERS (you and I) can use our blogs to change the world.

She gives 3 solid tips that I highly endorse. Do these and your blog will have more of an impact.


Transcript of This Video

(Some people like to be able to read a transcript while watching the videos, or just read the transcript without even listening. If you are one of those people, not to worry – We’ve made the transcript available for you below.)

LESLIE: Hey, this is Leslie Samuel, again from coming to you, not live, but well, we're alive, right?

PACE: We are alive!

LESLIE: We are alive.

PACE: And filled with a joy.

LESLIE: Oh yes! From Blog World and New Media Expo in New York City. I'm here with Pace Smith from How are you doing?

PACE: I'm doing great, Leslie. How are you?

LESLIE: I am doing very well. You told me what your blog was about, and I got instantly excited. What is your blog about?

PACE: We help dreamers blossom into world changers.

LESLIE: Oh! So, using your blog, using whatever you're doing online…

PACE & LESLIE: …To change the world.

Three Tips to Help Change The World With Your Blog

LESLIE: Awesome, I love it. And you guys, who follow me know that I love that. Anytime you talk about changing the world, I'm all over it. So, my question for you is very simple: What are three ways that bloggers can change the world?

Tip #1: Be Meaningful

PACE: Right, for your blog to change the world, you need to spread ideas, and there are three key qualities that your idea needs to have if it's going to change the world.

Number one, it needs to be meaningful. So, if you have an idea about making rice blue, like who cares? No one is really going to care about that, and that's not the kind of idea that's going to catch and change the world.

LESLIE: Although, making rice blue is kind of cool.

PACE: It's kind of cool, so it could be a fad, but it's not going to be a world changing idea.

LESLIE: Okay, meaningful.

Tip #2: Make it ‘Sticky'

PACE: Right. So, it's going to be meaningful to you, and meaningful to others. Tip number two is it's got to be sticky. You've got to present your idea in a way that's going to catch people's attention, in a way that's going to be memorable. So then, your blog readers will take that idea and share it with others so that it can go viral.

LESLIE: Can you give me an example of maybe someone that has done that, or a situation where that's been done, and what the effects has been?

PACE: Sure. An example of this, the book that has inspired me to use the word “sticky” is Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. That book is an example of a very sticky book. I can almost recite the entire book from memory. And so, right now, today, I'm talking about the book, Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath because I remember it so well. If someone had presented those exact same ideas about how to make your ideas sticky and memorable, but they'd done it in a dry academic text and just like made a long, long list then, I wouldn't have remembered that.

This is simple things like catchy headlines, sub-headers… It's marketing, but you're not necessarily selling anything. You're just selling an idea in trying to get people to remember it.

LESLIE: Awesome. Okay so, that's point number two. And, number three?

Tip #3: Be Authentic.

PACE: Number three is authentic because there are a lot of sleazebags out there around on the Internet, sad to say.

LESLIE: Yes, we know that.

PACE: And, people are becoming very skeptical. So, if you want your world changing idea to actually gain traction, then, you need to make sure that you are whole-hearted about it. You don't need to blog about what you had for breakfast, or talk about your personal life, but, when you do put something of yourself out there, you need to make sure that it's really authentically you.

LESLIE: Awesome. So, number one, it needs to be meaningful. Number two, it needs to be sticky, and number three, it needs to be authentic. Guys, take that to heart and as you produce your content, make sure you include those three elements. Pace, thank you so much for doing this with me. If people want to check you out, they can go to

Anywhere else?

PACE: Hyphen

LESLIE: Hyphen

PACE: You got to have a little dash.

LESLIE: You got to have the little dash in there. Thank you so much! It's been great meeting you. All right. This is Leslie Samuel from, until next time, take care and God bless!

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  • James says:

    Hi Leslie!

    I saw the other two videos on Facebook but wasn’t able to see this one there, or here for that matter – the video didn’t play here but I was able to catch and read the transcript here.

    I think you’ve really hit on a good learning tool with this one – asking each interviewee to name three (or whatever) “Tricks” that they’ve found very useful. As mentioned elsewhere, the information we have to learn can be overwhelming, but not so much if we just concentrate on a very few items at a time, apply those, get them down, and then learn just a few more. Bravo! (P.S. – I find this comment format far superior to the “Fire” format you were using for a while – thanks!).

    • Leslie says:

      Hmm, the video seems to work for me and for others. Can you try just refreshing the page, restarting the browser or using a different browser? If I get other complaints, I’ll definitely look into it.

      Glad you found the video format helpful. I think I used the same format for all the rest of the videos that are coming from this series, so you should enjoy that 🙂

      Btw, why exactly do you prefer this commenting system to Livefyre? I’m curious because I’m considering adding it back.

    • James says:

      Hi Leslie,

      I don’t know what to tell you about the video except it must have been an intermittent glitch, because now the video is working. When I tried it several times before all that happened was a several minute display of lights flashing in a small circle in the middle of the screen. I’m using the latest version of Firefox so I don’t know what the problem was but it’s working okay now.

      In regards the Livefyre I had always signed into the premium video section of the course and necessarily entered my password. Then, when I wrote a comment and tried to submit it, the Livefyre would ask again for a password. I then tried again and again with every password I’ve had in the BAB premium program, but none of them was acceptable to the Livefyre program and it would not accept my comment. When this happened several times (I understand intermittent glitches, like what must have happened with the video earlier today) it just became easier for me to send you an E-mail. If you prefer the Livefyre please go ahead and use it because the E-mail works first time, every time for me and is a dependable line of communications. That’s just another way to skin the cat! It’s all good! Thanks!

    • Leslie says:

      Thanks for your detailed feedback James. Livefyre is actually a totally separate system from your become a blogger account. You don’t even need to sign in if you don’t want to. You can even leave anonymous comments.

      However, I have noticed that some people have been confused by it. But how it works is this – You can create a livefyre account and that will work on any blog that uses Livefyre. You can also just leave a comment by entering name and email like any other system, or you can log in via one of your social networking accounts.

      Anyways, my main concern is that you are getting the support you need to help you through the program, and it seems like you are, based on what you said – so I’m happy 😉

  • Lee Miller says:

    I ran across Livefyre for the first time last weel and it was so confusing and I don’t think that my comment was ever sent. Disapponting to spend much time on writing a comment and then not be able to send it.
    I really enjoy the way you are working with Become A Blogger. Thanks, Lee

    • Leslie says:

      Very interesting to get this feedback Lee. Thanks for sharing. I like Livefyre because of a number of its features, but if it’s something that makes it more confusing for so many people, it really isn’t worth it. Maybe I should do a poll and get a general idea of how people feel about it.

      Glad to know you are enjoying how I’m working with Become A Blogger. It’s all about providing value!

  • Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Leslie,

    GREAAAAAAAT tips man, I have been checking a lot of new blossoming blogs about very unique things and I think all of those have read “Made To Stick” book.

    Which I just added it to my Amazon’s Wish List btw.

    Anyway, thanks for another great interview!


    Ps. Meaningful, sticky and authentic… man I’m going to need to write this somewhere around here on my desk… cya!

    • Leslie says:

      Hahaaa, you know – I don’t know why I haven’t looked into that book as yet, and I’m the one that did the interview, lol.

      Adding it to the list right now 😉

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Leslie,

    great videos & quick tipps so far. Pace seems to be really good in what she is doing. I`ll do it like Sergio and put a note somewhere “Meaningful! Sticky! Authentic!”

    Just a quick thought about Livefyre: I decided not to use it on my blog. For me it seemed too complicated to non-techy readers. The comments above seem to prove me right 🙂

    Looking forward for more input.

    Take care, Andrea

  • Luke Hayes says:

    Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for the great interview with Pace. I just connected with her because I’m working on some serious global systems to transition humanity and our planet from the disconnected society we currently live in, towards an infinite and positive future.

    I’m spread a bit thin at the moment between organising a global disaster resilience trade show, fundraising event and virtual community as well as an innovation and business accelerator network to launch another 35 businesses and systems to create positive change and solve some big problems in the world. So finding people like them is important but not easy.
    If you have time please check out this video and my “Our Infinite Future Series” blog

    Keep up the great work and great interviews.

    • Leslie says:

      Wow Luke, that’s a serious mission you’re on there. I wonder if it would be better to focus on launching fewer businesses and systems, but making those few businesses more impactful. I run 2 businesses now and find that it’s hard to have as big an impact on both of them because of being spread thin.

      Just something to think about. Either way, I do wish you all the best!

    • Luke Hayes says:

      Can’t Slow Down. The whole Planet is at risk.
      The ONLY ANSWER is to Awaken Other People to help.
      Everyone Lives in Ignorance.
      Massive Change

      You know in your heart that it is true.
      I know from years of solutions focused research
      that an infinite future is possible.

      We don’t have to Ignore the Impending Doom Now
      Because there is HOPE.

    • Leslie says:

      I never said anything about slowing down. I said focus on less so that you can have a greater impact. Sometimes we think the best way to accomplish a lot is to do a lot of different things. What I’ve found is that if we invest ALL our energy into fewer things, you end up having a greater impact.

      If I invest 10% of my time on 10 businesses, none of those businesses get my full attention so they never reach their fullest potential. However, if I invest 100% of my time on 1 business, that business can sometimes do MUCH MORE than the 10 businesses I would’ve been working on.

      However, when it comes down to it, it’s your choice, and you know your situation better than anyone else. I do wish you all the best with your project!

    • Luke Hayes says:

      he he, it sure is my choice. I just went and got a bit more resourceful and got myself some helpers. Now I have a couple of professors at the university of Queensland applying to write helping me with my designs into the coursework for a few hundred undergraduate students. nothing get’s 10% everything has to get 100% even if I have to work at 1000% for short bursts.

      What I am building with my fiancee is more than businesses, it’s a future. Like I said, if we stop any of these projects then the world is going to fall into a sad and scary mess beyond what you can comprehend and before the end of this year. If you know what to look for you will see the same thing.

      The USA is about to go into famine due to the extreme weather, and so they are fighting to buy up more from the rest of the world in particular China. Look at the world wheat prices as they skyrocket from now into the future for example. Russian crops down 30-40% again, Africa in drought and famine, More global disasters.

      Australia is well placed to feed many but there is only so much to go around. Then on top of all that you have the imminent collapse of the EU which will happen in less than 3 months. it’s already started really but the global impacts won’t be felt for a few more months.
      Then what happens? no money, no food, no power, no water, no homes, no hope and a heavily armed civilian population?

      Believe me, if you knew even the tip of the iceberg you wouldn’t be blogging about how to build a blog. You would be blogging about whole system change and the planned evolution of society that is the only way to avoid the otherwise imminent collapse of society, complete environmental collapse and World War.

    • Luke Hayes says:

      Maybe you’d like to interview me and get the scoop. Decide for yourself if you believe me.

    • Sorry, but that’s not related to the topic of my blog, but I do wish you all the best!

  • simplynaturalideas says:

    1. spread meaningful ideas 2.make your ideas sticky 3. be authentic. Got it! hehehe. -Rochelle

  • [..YouTube..] 1. spread meaningful ideas 2.make your ideas sticky 3. be authentic. Got it! hehehe. -Rochelle

  • Lucy Bieri says:

    Thank you for sharing these valuable information.. This means, It does not matter what niche you blog about, as long as it carries the 3 criteria.. I make sure I keep to that.



    • Leslie says:

      I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t matter what niche your blog is about, but these 3 criteria will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd. So glad you are finding value in the videos.

  • Jon says:

    The simplicity of the tips is what resonated with me. Useful info as always Leslie!

  • Robinsh says:

    Very motivating words, you can measure the level of motivation in this post what helped me in creating an article about power of blogging and how it can change the world.

    Read – How You & Your Blog Can Change the World ?


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