Where in the world are the Christian Internet Marketers?

February 11, 2012

I'm struggling with something, and I thought I'd share it with you. This is something that is pretty personal to me, and I take it very seriously! So I decided to write a post about it.

I'm a Christian, and I'm an internet marketer.

One of the reasons I've been able to accomplish as much as I have online is that I've learnt from other internet marketers (although, that's not the only reason, as you'll see below). I've read a ton of blogs and books, gone through a number of courses, been mentored, listened to podcasts, watch videos, and done a whole bunch of other stuff to further my “internet marketing education“.

This has been a very rewarding process and I've learnt a lot about how to build successful websites, businesses and affect the lives of many people all over the world.

If there's is one “take home message” I've gathered about building a brand using a blog it is this – One of the keys to building a successful blog is to let your personality shine through. This is something that I've heard from a number of marketers, especially in the interviews I've done for my podcast – Learning With Leslie.

I know that this is true because when I think about the people I follow online, I feel as if I know them. No, I may not know them personally, but I have a good idea of the kind of people they are.

In general, they are people who:

  • Think big
  • Are willing to put in the hustle that's necessary to accomplish big things
  • Like to have fun
  • Care about building massive businesses
  • Care about their subscribers, readers, listeners, audience, etc.
  • Recognize that they don't know everything

But there's something that I'm noticing that is missing in the Internet Marketing scene, at least in terms of the people that I've come into contact with, and that is successful internet marketers who are committed Christians, and not afraid to let that aspect of their lives infuse everything they do online.

Why do I say that?

I remember doing an interview with someone (who will remain nameless). The interview was going great and the content was awesome. Then, halfway through the great interview that person, who I'd been looking up to for a while, just started cursing. At that point, my entire demeanor changed – not because I thought that this person was suddenly a bad person for cursing, but it brought up some feelings that I'd been having for a while.

I listen to a bunch of podcasts. In fact, it's one of the ways I learn a lot about the industry. Recently, I've been finding myself extremely bothered by the fact that the podcasts I've been listening to have become more R-rated in terms of language.

Is this a big deal? I know that most people would disagree with me, but I would say YES! Why? Allow me to illustrate with a little story.

When I first went to College, I was very excited to be away from home. It was party time, and I was going to be the life of the party. I had a great time, but soon ended up realizing that I needed to get my life together. I wanted to become a “better Christian” but couldn't seem to do so. I would try hard and then keep falling back into the sins I used to love.

One of the things that I struggled with was my language. I used to cuss up a storm, and I really didn't want to continue doing that, because I didn't feel that I was representing God the way I was called to do.

Eventually, I decided to try something different. I decided to change the music I listened to. No longer would I listen to Hip Hop. I was gonna listen to all Christian music (mostly Gospel and Acappella). Then after doing that for a while, I noticed something – I no longer cursed. Those words were no longer a part of my vocabulary, and it happened without me trying.

What I learned from that was the validity of the statement – By beholding, we become changed.

I realized that the more we let certain things into our minds, the more we become like those things. I realized that the shows I watched on TV so often, played a big part in determining who I would become, and that my actions were strongly influenced by the people I associated with. It's like this unconscious thing that happens.

So, I've been listening to all of these marketers who are awesome entrepreneurs, and I've naturally been coming more entrepreneurial as a result. For that, I'm grateful.

However, I've also noticed some traits that I don't want to see in myself, and when I sat down and asked myself where it was coming from, I started to realize that it was a result of what I was consuming on a regular basis.

So it lead me to ask the question – Where in the world are the Christian Internet Marketers?

Where are the men who are doing big things online that aren't ashamed to let their Christianity shine through everything they do online?

Where are the ladies who care more about helping others than helping themselves?

Where are the men who do what they do in a way that people can see Christ in them and be drawn to Him as a result of the business we do online?

Where are the ladies who do what they do not just for the money, but because they believe that God has called them to do what they are doing, even online?

Where are the men and women who live according to what the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:31 – “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”

Why do I do what I do?

I do it because I truly believe that God has called me to do itย – to reach the world with this amazing technology called the internet. My success has not come because I'm some kind of Guru. My success is because God has been good to me, and it's time for me to start acting like it.

I've rewritten my About Me page to reflect that, and from here on out, I hope that my blog, my podcast, and everything else I do will cause people to not only look to achieve more out of this life, but to look towards the life that is to come.

So where in the world are the Christian Internet Marketers? Lets stand up! Lets change the world! In our businesses, in our lives, let God be the one shining through us, so that as we build our businesses, we aren't only helping others be successful. We are also showing them that there's more to life than business, money and success. We will show them that true happiness doesn't come from those things, but from a relationship the man upstairs.

Take care, and God Bless!

– Leslie Samuel

P.s. If you agree with what I said in this post, please feel free to Tweet it, share it on Facebook and on Google+

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  • As a personal finance blogger and Christian, i really respect this post and you can count me at a future fan indefinitely. It took some cajones to write this post but it’s awesome to see such passion for Christ in a very God-absent industry. You go Leslie!

  • Hi Jon,

    It has been something that has been on my mind for a while now and I just had to put it out there. Thanks for the feedback. Btw, what’s your blog address?

  • Lexi says:

    Hi Leslie,

    While personally I am not Christian (nor religious), I feel like I share some of your views. I never curse, and I can’t stand people who do. I also try to live my life in a way that upholds my values as much as possible.

    This is one of the reasons why I enjoy your post, and look up to what you do as a blogger, as a marketer, and as a person.

    There are people who go out and cheat or hurt others even though they believe in Christ (and are therefore christians from their own perspectives), and there are people who live according to strong values, even though they are not religious.

    I think that all in all, culture and education set the tone for what people consider to be fine or not (such as how much, and what kind of cursing is “normal”)

    I’m happy to see you take a stand for what you believe in, and I highly respect that!

  • Hi Lexi,

    Thank you SO MUCH for leaving your comment. You raise some very valid and interesting points. I’ve been a Christian all of my life and the truth is that some Christians I’ve met have been very offensive and some non-Christians that I’ve met have been the most loving people ever.

    I guess what it boils down to is the question – “What are your values?”.

    It’s great to get into these kind of discussions, and I’m glad to have various types of readers here at the blog. Makes for interesting discussions ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John says:

    Hi Leslie

    I know exactly what you mean. As you know (I think I told you this in a call once) , I am also a Christian and I share exactly the same feelings.

    I find it very sad to hear in some podcasts (not yours) the language used. There was one podcast I listened to where the marketer was swearing with quite strong language – language that could not even be played on the radio, and when the interviewer commented on it the marketer said that these days people are used to such language and that the minority who became offended by such language could just *&^% off. He basically felt that if someone couldn’t see all the value he offered due to being put off by the swearing, then they weren’t his target audience and that he just didn’t care.

    There is a lot in the last part of his statement: He just doesn’t care.

    And this is the truth with so many people these days – they don’t care.

    Another big part of it, in my opinion is that it is just rude and unprofessional to swear, especially in a work related context (e.g. an interview). It doesn’t matter if you work for a boss, or you work for yourself, the language you choose is a part of self-respect and respect for others.

    Such people as you refer to show theri arogance and that they look down on others. I think part of it is due to the fact that many entrepreneurs have never had a real job where such talk will get you fired (or they have had such a job and indeed they were fired ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Many of the people who swear in such online interviews (I find) are young upstarts who have had limited sucess (possible millions of dollars of success – but still limited in that they have only been at it for 5 years or so – i.e. they are in their twenties and have very limited life experience). They are young, arrogant and think they know it all and that the rest of the world is stupid. Give them about ten more years of life and they will start to see the errors in their ways, I suspect when everything just slips through their grasp.

    Anyway, a long comment, but to wrap it up, I totally agree – it is a shame that people often lack both the intelligence and the command of the English language to be able to express themselves in a way that doesn’t require the use of swear words. Such people really do have a lot to learn, but they don’t even realise it.

    Something for us all – it IS possible to get the emotional reaction you are after in your audience (be it potential customers or people listening to your interview) with out sweaing.

    Need an example? Take a listen to Leslie’s podcasts – you WILL be inspired and hate to say it, but you will also want to buy from him.

  • I’m a Christian too ๐Ÿ™‚ whoop whoop!!

    STANDING UP!!!!!

    Honestly Leslie,

    That’s why I’m SO grateful for yooou.

    I know that I can trust what you say

    not only because you’ve done your research

    but also because

    you trust God ๐Ÿ™‚

    And God is really cool.

    You’re cool too by the way lol.



    Simply Natural Ideas

    • @Rochelle Hanson WHOOP WHOOP, LOL.

      You keep on standing up. I can’t claim to be very cool anymore, but thanks for trying to make me feel cool, lol.

      Seriously though, we really do need more Christian Bloggers out there. There are some, but lets get MORE. MUHAHAHAHAAAA (evil laugh).

    • @Leslie Samuel Hey….

      why do you have an evil laugh if you’re a Christian?




      Simply Natural Ideas

  • Wow John, that statement really does say a lot – “I just don’t care”. That’s the stuff that I can’t listen to. If you don’t care, why should we listen.

    Now, there’s one thing that I must say – I still have a lot of respect for even those podcasts I listen to where they swear. The swearing isn’t the focus of the interview, nor is it a big part. I still wish they wouldn’t do it, but they are still intelligent people who have accomplished a lot.

    I just strongly believe that those of use who ARE Christians need to start being more active in the internet marketing scene and provide alternatives to what is out there.

    Anyways, thanks for standing up by leaving your comment. Good stuff!

    • John says:

      @Leslie Samuel

      Hi Leslie

      When I said they lack intelligence i was meaning a mixture of linguistic and social intelligence – not that they are unintelligent people. Many extremely intelligent people struggle with this – the classic example is the brilliant doctor who lacks the social skills to talk to their patients empathetically.

      In this case, these people are intelligent people, but not necessarily in the area of language and communication. Then again – it could be something they do on purpose

      As you hint at in your post – language is a powerful thing!

      BTW – I notice there is no way to ‘subscribe to somments’ using this Livefyre plugin? Also people’s websites don’tlink to their names?

      And – a random q – I was trying to find a past show on your site and then noticed you don’t provide a search function – any reason for this?

      have a great day!

  • Gotcha now. I hear what you are saying.

    You know what John, I need to figure that out with livefyre. Sometimes it links to websites and other times not. Not sure what the deal with that is.

    Also, I think when you leave a comment you’re automatically subscribed. Once again, not 100% sure about that.

    And thanks for mentioning the search function. Just added it back to the sidebar. It used to be there, but I guess I moved it at some point.

  • Very cool. I see you even have a “Bible & Money” section. Good stuff!

  • ProlificLiving says:

    Leslie, have you checked out one of my favorite podcasters, speakers and coaches, and a brilliant business man, Dan Miller of 48days.com. I think you might like him.!

  • MARLdblE says:

    Hi Leslie!

    I could go on for ages about what you’ve shared here. I’ll just suffice it to say, I know what you mean and I am with you. I recently took a turn in my content to reflect the true impact my relationship with Christ has in my business and my life. I’m glad @ProlificLiving shared this post with me, because much like yourself I’m seeking others in online business who share the same passion for faith that I do. Good stuff, Leslie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @MARLdblE @ProlificLiving Hi Marlee, glad to hear that you resonate with what I said in this post, and glad to see you taking a stand.

      Hey, wanna do an interview sometime? I’d love to get you on my show. Let me know and we’ll set it up!

    • MARLdblE says:

      @Leslie Samuel @ProlificLiving I’m all for it Leslie. Thank you for the invite. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @MARLdblE Awesome. Sending you an email right now ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ProlificLiving says:

      @Leslie Samuel @MARLdblE Alright you kids! I better be the first to be notified about this interview, as I’ve been trying to connect you guys forever! It will be AWESOME! Hugs to you both and speak from the heart. The right listeners will find their way to you!

  • Hi Leslie…I LOVED This BLOG.. you will see why…..

    i am a 3 year Christian and a new online Marketer and recently have come to believe that my calling is also to help spread uplifting and inspiring testimonies to God using the internet and subsequently i am in the process of setting up the “Go GOD Team” – (Go GOD Project)

    The leader of a viral online system / movement that i have chosen and aligned with to do this, have i believe a ‘language’ problem which i am planning to address. So your Blog was, shall i say a ‘God Send’ and perfect timing. … It is Truly amazing how God just keeps on turning up !!

    I plan to address the problem in 2 ways:

    1) Blog about it and create awareness within the system i am using. i will also refer / backlink to your blog if you don’t mind

    2) Build an Army of Christian online marketers within his ‘movement’ which then CANNOT be ignored (The Go GOD Team) and help mould a better and improved culture.within the movement itself.

    I would Love for you to consider being a founding Partner with me on the Go GOD Team, and work together on this.

    The following link is to one of my Blogs within the System which i am using…. and if you follow the instructions to opt in and view the video you will see the complete explanation of the sytsem i am using…

    This is the link: http://bit.ly/MMpT2I

    God Bless you for being YOU!

    Abundant Blessings
    Kevin Wright

    • Kevin, that’s so awesome. I love your passion for using the web to spread the message. That’s just AWESOME!

      At the moment, I would have to turn down the offer though. I just have absolutely too much on my plate.

      I do wish you all the best though. The world needs more of you!

    • Russ Powers says:

      I’m a full fledged Christian web designer, web developer, internet marketer, and SEO. I make it a habit to pray for the success of my clients as well as every project I take on.

  • reneesabney says:

    I so agree! We are called to be “in this world but not of this world”. I am currently praying over a similar situation and seeking to further my โ€œinternet marketing education” as well. I’ve had a business for many years that I’m again being led to market online. Any info you can share with me would be greatly appreciated!

  • Wow! I have been wondering the same thing. I too am a Christian, actually, a church planter. I use the internet to provide for my family as we start churches in Northern New Mexico. God has blessed me with the ability to help churches make websites as well as other Christians with whom I fellowship. After helping people again and again, I decided to start my own blog dedicated to Christian internet marketing. I am glad I found you! I first heard you today from Pat Flynns podcast. Then I searched a few terms for post I am writing and found you again in the same day, but from different routes.
    It is a blessing to know that there are other Christians out there doing what we do!
    Thanks for your stand, faithfulness, and education you so freely give!

    • @estevanmontoyaย Hey Estevan,
      Glad to have you here and glad you were able to find me twice ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Yes indeed, it’s definitely a blessing to know that there are other Christian marketers out there. We need to represent ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KristanArias says:

    Thank you so much for this! I loved it! @Kristan Arias

  • KristanArias says:

    Thank you so much for this, I did the same thing about cursing, listen to only the christian radio!

  • Melinda says:

    Wow. This has really blessed me. I have a business that I just got into in Dec 2012 and I prayed and asked God to give me wisdom. I spoke with another believer who is established in marketing and her simple wisdom to me was “start a blog”. I went to God again and asked for more wisdom on how to start and this morning, through His divine providence, I was lead here! I am so grateful. Some years ago, I listened to you and made decent money with free offers. You were genuine then and you are genuine now. Praise God for you and your family. May His favor be upon you always.

    • Ahh yes, the good ol Freebie Trading days. Man, how things have changed ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m glad to see that you’re back here. Wishing you nothing but the best on your journey.


  • Kim says:

    Love your message, I am a Christian Internet Marketer and not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Glad to hear there are other members of the body of Christ that are willing to stand up for what they believe. God Bless You. http://www.blessingbrigade.com

  • James says:

    Hey Leslie. I am just so happy that I found this post. I’m starting a new blog and wasn’t too sure wether I should include my Christian faith as a part of that. Now I have no doubts in my mind. Christian IM’ers unite! God bless. – James from http://www.OnlineIncomeProjects.com

  • Kevin says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post Leslie. I am Kevin Wilson.Former member of Journey and current Religious Vice-President of the AUSA. Just this weekend, I bumped into your website and was greatly inspired to start my own blog. I’ve been writing some devotionals for our AUSA website but I’m afraid I haven’t been very regular. Your videos motivate me to get on my own content creation schedule and start cranking out some posts for that. In addition, I’m currently in the planning/brainstorming process of figuring out the direction for my personal blog. I’ll update you on that progress on the days to come. Thank you once again Leslie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erik says:

    As it appears to be mainly Christian people reading this section, I will phrase my question this way: If you came across a blog where (although not relevant to the blog topic) the owner declared they were atheist or muslim etc. Would a Christian reader be slightly put off? Surely, the fear of alienating a large section of their audience, would be why most people just don’t mention it.

    • Yes, I would be turned off, and in my opinion, that’s ok. For me, my Christianity is a part of who I am and I’m proud of it. That will turn people off, but there are a subset of the population who would identify with me even stronger. It’s not about pleasing everyone. It’s about catering to your target audience. Once you’ve determined who that target audience is, cater to them. Also, my business is about me sharing who I am. That allows some people to connect with me even more and I just love that.

      So should everyone mention that they are atheist or christian on their blogs? No, BUT if that’s a part of the brand you’re building, then let people know.

  • Dorian says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I feel the same way about the lack of “open” Christians in IM. Like Erik mentioned,most marketers don’t want to bring up religion because they’re afraid of isolating people and not making as much money as they could(I know I’ve had these thoughts)…and I think many Christians working online do as well. The next question to ponder is, “should we care what the world thinks?”. “Do we really want to miss the opportunity to share the Gospel with others simply because we’re afraid of offending a few people?” Most Americans consider themselves Christians(poll after poll suggests this). To the first question I would answer “No”.We should not care because, after all, part of working in a niche is not targeting everyone..but targeting a specific group of people. Just because you reach out to through your marketing effort doesn’t mean other people can’t feel included. How they will feel is up to them, and they’res nothing you can do about that. I think the answer to the second question is all about how we present the Gospel. If we do so in a loving way, without jeopardizing our beliefs, I don’t see why we shouldn’t do so and why it wouldn’t be welcomed by more people than we think.

    • For me, it’s not as much about reaching out to Christians. It’s about being proud to be a Christian. And Christians reach out to the world. That’s the way Christ did it and it’s the way I want to do it.

  • Guest says:

    Oh, ouch, my toes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, thank you for the reminder to not be afraid and instead be bold for Christ.

  • Oh, ouch, my toes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, thank you for the reminder to be bold for Christ.

  • That’s awesome Rob. Glad to hear it!

  • Shane says:

    Love your boldness and honest encouragement to all Christian Internet marketers!

  • caschroader says:

    I recently became convicted to be more outspoken and bold in professing my beliefs in my day to day life and my blog. I had my testimony hidden way in my about page and some older posts had given some focus to the Lord, but I decided to add actual posts that were just about the gospel – whatever that might do to the bottom line of the blog. Speaking up for Jesus is more important.

  • Jim Leach says:

    Hi Leslie

    What a great post! I fully agree. I am a Christian who is fully engaged in the marketplace. I love your genuineness. It is how I like to be as well. What you see is what you get. Like you, I figure that if Christ is in me, then it should show in all that I do.
    I have been trying to develop some information products specifically for the Christian but it is hard to figure out what they want, (I know what they need — to engage freely with those who don’t know Christ and let God in them win over the nonbeliever)

    Anyway, when I figure that out I will be even more engaged. I love working with non believers — writing direct response pages, etc. I really get a feel for how people think and what moves them. I want God to use me in a way that will move all people into a position where they will receive from Him — whether they know Him or not.

    So… hopefully I will be able to delve into the Christian side of Internet Marketing more. That is my goal. BTW, Perry Marshall has some great stuff on this topic too. Be blessed!

  • Laura Wilson says:

    Hi Leslie,

    You raise a very good point here; I’ve also been wondering this for a while. I am a Christian and I mentor people in building their online platform and also with the alkaline diet for health and weight loss. I also wonder where are the Christian clients? I’d like to work with more Christians in my business. Do you prefer to work with Christians as your clients too, what’s your ethos on this.

    Great blog, thanks,
    Laura ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s a great question Laura,

      I don’t know that I have a preference for that when it comes to clients. I like to help people regardless of whether or not they are Christian. However, when it comes to actual partnerships, I prefer to work with people that are more aligned with my vision and worldview.

  • Dylan says:

    Does God want your blood money?

    I used to rule the world in knowledge and money from “internet marketing” before even adwords existed. I made a lot of money before Google became an antichrist fecalist abortion promoting company. I could keep making a very large amount of money but stopped doing it years ago. It is absolutely hypocritical to fund a demonic fecalist antichrist abortionist company while making money off funding them in the process.

    It would be similar to me paying Obama to put stickers on his clothing, or paying planned parenthood to put up banners in front of their businesses. In our time “so called” Christians make demonic justifications like “sin is sin” so they can justify to themselves the funding of google and other demonic companies. These will be the same so called Christians who will fund the Antichrist himself while saying “sin is sin” in their willing blindness.

    Once google became the devil in the machine that it is many years ago I was soon forced out of their adwords system anyways by force as one of the things I was funding myself for no revenue was posting adwords going to christian articles about how conceived embryos are killed by starvation by the birth control pill. Google shut down all my adwords one day for no reason and left one or two but increased my click rate like 10,000% to mock me. I know exactly who they are and what you will be furthering if you fund them. If you have no standard of what you will refuse to fund, you will fund everything even the Antichrist himself and say “it is all for Jesus”.

    There are all sorts of ways to make an income, if you want to get ruthless you have to think of how to take money from google instead of giving money to google, in other words act like you are in a war to shut down their company by any legal means available, they deserve no less. If you would go to war against hitler and stalin…..

  • Greg Hyatt says:


    First allow me to share how much I enjoy your podcast! Since I am a professional who chooses to implement my Christian beliefs into my business model, I can appreciate this article! The world presents a numerous amount of obstacles and then moving Christian values into your business model then creates even more challenges. But thank God for a Savior that delivers to those who choose to follow Him. Be encouraged my Christian brother that I’m praying for your continued success and provisions according to God’s perfect plan for your life!

  • Carlos says:

    Leslie! So glad to hear that you are brother in Christ. I have been following Pat Flynn for over a year, and after hearing the SPI interview you have with and knowing about your mastermind together I was highly suspecting that you were a faithful follower, and when I googled Christian internet marketers, voilร  you are here. Congrats for your testimony and may you be a light among the top internet experts that you have access to! There’s way less than 10% of us out there. Thank you for sharing your struggles. I totally connect with you on that! By the way, do you have a Christian Mastermind already?

    • Thanks Carlos. I don’t have a “Christian Mastermind” necessarily, but the people in my masterminds are Christian. Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment and providing me with some encouragement. I really appreciate it.

  • Jeremy says:

    Michael Hyatt (Platform). Dan Miller ( 48 Days), Larry Broughton, Kim Garst (Social Boom ), Jon Acuff, Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner), John Cockrum, Dave Ramsey (EntreLeadership), Cliff Ravenscraft (Podcast Answerman), and others.

  • Inspiring post, Leslie. I’m glad to know that you are partnering with God in your business. If God can feed 5,000 families with a few fish and loaves, he can use a few Christians like you to make an impact for Christ in the internet marketing industry.

    Great podcast by the way!

    ~Darren (from http://www.TheologyofBusiness.com)

  • Wow – I am late to the party! I’ve been online with my takebackyourtemple.com website since 2006. It is now the #1 Christian weight loss site on Google. Leslie, I have recommended your site many times to those who are seeking to learn how to make a living blogging online. It is so encouraging to learn that you are a Christian! May God continue to bless you in your endeavors as we do business and are faithful in sharing Christ with others until He comes!

    • That’s awesome Kimberly. I love the name of your site. And I just did a Google search for Christian Weight Loss and yes – your site is #1. Congrats on that.

      Thanks for recommending my site to others. I appreciate it more than you know.

  • Tiffany says:

    Hi Leslie!

    It’s funny how the title in this article is the EXACT question I had in my head when I searched on Google lol I know this article was written quite a bit ago but I feel it is relevant today. In making the transition to an entrepreneur in the online world myself I see this circle getting smaller and smaller in the Christian community like it’s forbidden or something. I appreciate that you had the courage to address this issue in your blog. It will only be fixed though by more and more Christians entering into the internet marketing sector who actually stay true to their beliefs without wavering and being examples in this industry such as yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thanks Tiffany. Yes, it’s an old post but definitely relevant. Fortunately, I’m seeing more and more Christians starting online businesses, and that’s exciting.

  • Hi Leslie,

    How are you? I feel blessed to have found you online. My experience of finding you is very similar to that of Tiffany. I did a search on Google for “Christian Online Marketers” and your blog came up. Like Tiffany, I was wondering “Where are the Christian Online Marketers and How are they Presenting their brand”. I was already aware of Hyatt, Acuff, Garst and Ramsey, but that was about it. I was also interested in seeing how many profess their faith directly or indirectly through the type of content shared. I’m just now starting out in Internet Marketing and learning a tons. It’s quite overwhelming, but I have a message to share. I hope we have the opportunity to chat in the future. Really like what you’re doing and I like your “About Leslie” page. Great job in sharing your experience and including your wife in the messaging. I’ve done the same on my site. God Bless you!

  • David Hurst says:

    Yes I like to know myself where are all the Christian Internet Marketers. I am trying to get something going online and I need some mentoring. Anyone out there?

  • Don Morrison says:

    I am looking for someone with your skill set that can help me bring a very important message to the church world wide. Would you be interested in talking more?
    Best regards,
    Don Morrison

  • Andre says:

    I became an online marketer in April, and joined an education company that I am learning a lot from. I have since done a lot of online learning, and have noticed the same lack of characteristics we are used to as Christians. If you are aware of any Christian mastermind group or social online group for Christians, I would be interested. If not, I would be very interested to start one.

  • Kayte Raywer says:

    wow my same concerns. I came across this because I was looking for Christian digital strategies.Thanks for sharing this. I hope more and more of us are going to come out. Thanks.

  • Pam says:

    So interesting that I found this because I just said this morning – “surely there has to be quality, real, and successful people teaching digital marketing / online marketing who are believers.” So I actually decided to search this out. I’d recently joined a group at the lowest level to check them out. Ya know…the content that the lady teaches is stellar, she is very generous with time and information, but gosh…her mouth and the mouth of others in the group!

    I began to research this from a Biblical perspective and had to wonder if God would be displeased if I joined and participated in a group like this, knowing that many of these folks have both feet in the world and what I found, and what I believe God is saying through my research and my time seeking him is…

    1) Can I maintain my own walk if I’m involved? Will it influence me and draw me away from God, or can I maintain? Am I strong enough in my faith to filter that out and still hold strong without allowing myself to feel offended, etc.
    2) Can I use this as an opportunity to be salt and light in the midst of it? Would my testimony through words and actions bring honor to the Father? Would I be able to look for opportunities to witness?

    #1 question is a bit harder for me than #2. The F-bombs are terribly offensive to me…but we are to strive to be more like Jesus and He would’ve overlooked those in order to be able to love on and teach people and bring them to salvation. After all – he hung out with some of the worst of the worst and we know that Peter had a pretty foul mouth. So….

    Bottom line though is that I’d still love to find people who teach this stuff and have been actually very successful at it vs. just regurgitating things they’ve learned or read – but who are Christians. So if you have leads on any of these people I’d love some information!

    P.S. I realize the original post is very old…but still likely relevant and maybe by now people have found some good resources? Thanks!!!

  • Dear Leslie Samuel,

    As I did some research online this morning in Greenland, I came across your Where in the world are the Christian Internet Marketers?

    It was a good read, and I thought I would let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m also a Christian Affiliate Marketer, and as you say, sometimes it feels as we’re not so many who openly admit we’re in this profession.

    Sure, there are many Christian bloggers, but in reality, they are Christian Affiliate Marketers because they’ve created their pages to help people through items they sell.

    I see a tendency to try to camouflage the selling part.

    But here’s the thing: We should be proud of what we do and do it as good as possible.

    I agree with you about the importance of reading books and blogs, take online courses, being mentored, listen to podcasts etc.

    Those are important aspects to include, and they point to the fact that Christian Affiliate Marketing is something that’s take a long time to learn.

    I usually say; be willing to work three years for free, just to let people know how difficult it is to get established. But we’re also talking about a lifestyle change.

    You have a good point about ‘letting your personality shine through’ – that’s one of the most important advises for new Christian Affiliate Marketers.

    I would also be happy to see Christian Affiliate Marketers go together and form a forum build on professional know-how about Internet marketing.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on this topic.

    Edna Davidsen

    • Roderick Davis says:

      Hello Edna. Iโ€™m looking to get into the field you are in. Any chance we can connect?

    • I wish you good luck with entering the field. Perhaps it would be easier for you if you updated your profile a bit with pictures, a proper introduction etc., that would make the profile more attractive. Best Edna.

  • Roderick Davis says:

    So glad I came across this!! I was looking for a Christian company to do some digital marking for an affiliate marketing business I am starting. I would love to network with you guys. Especially if anyone starts a Christian business mastermind group, I would gladly be a participant!

    Feel free to email me to network, mastermind etc – [email protected]

    I hope to hear from you guys.

  • Chris Gonzalez says:

    Hey thank you for this I’m more encourage to express Christ in me. I’m actually interested in Digital Marketing, is that the same thing as Internet Marketing?

  • Eric Hansen says:

    Hi Leslie,

    We are all here doing God’s will through our Savior Jesus Christ!

    Great to be led to your blog, stay tuned and close to the Master OF internet marketing…Jesus(:


    Eric Hansen

    Fearless for Christ..l.

  • Nicola says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I am a newer internet marketer and an unashamed believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. I just started my own digital marketing agency and hopefully will be kicking off here soon a non-profit dedicated to helping churches and ministries reach the lost through internet marketing. We are out there and making moves for Christ whether many recognize it or not. You wrote a great post and I pray you continue to be a light wherever you are, and that those marketers around you that don’t know Christ will get saved because of your witness. Keep fighting the good fight.

    With Love,
    Nicola Sanborn

  • Leisa says:

    Thank you! Great article. We can effect our culture by letting our lights shine, letting God speak through us, walking in love with others who do not know God and showing His goodness. We can be salt (flavoring) and point people to a God who loves them!

  • Christian Delgado says:

    Great content ! Leslie Looking forward to learn much from you and also partner up ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • >