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November 29, 2011

If you remember, Terri Fivash, best-selling author for Joseph: A Story, is a part of my Reality Internet Marketing series. I started our coaching call about two months ago, and basically, we’ve looked at her website and gave her some ideas on how to make it look better.

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Two months later, here I am again with her looking at how things are going for her. She’s got a self-hosted website now and has a more appealing blog for her readers and followers. Her website looks pretty professional, and as how I describe it in the interview, when you go to her site, you’ll feel welcomed. It’s got an interesting theme too. And what’s even better is it already has some awesome comments and feedback left by her readers.

She’s done a lot of work so far and she’s done really well. To make it even better, I left her some tips to get more interaction from her readers.

Other things we talked about:

  • How Terri moved to a self-hosted blog.
  • Responding to comments
  • Terri’s aim for her blog.
  • How to decide on her domain name.
  • Terri’s next steps.

Resources Mentioned in This episode

You might want to check her website before listening to the podcast. You'll see just how much work she's already done for it, and see all the wonderful comments that her followers have left there. Hopefully, she gets to add more content in the future too, more high-quality content that would invite her readers to check her site every now and then. That is basically her current goal – to put up more informational pages in a more accessible way.

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  • Alexis says:

    It’s a pleasure to read about Terri here. Joseph: A Story is definitly a good reading even for people who aren’t interested in religious reading.
    Great episode Leslie and Terri Congrats for the new self-hosted blog.

  • Michelle says:

    Thanks for the info, will use it to the best of my ability. yes I like mo transkript rather than listening

  • Rochelle says:

    Hooooraaay for the reality that is bloggers helping bloggers lolololol.

    Good job Terri!!!

    It’s not easy to find time to do the things you want with you’re projects.

    This is a GREAT step forward for you!!!

    All the very best with your future experiences 🙂

    Simply Natural Ideas

  • Matt says:

    Great to see the benefits of taking action in action!

    Leslie, I have a question that may or may not be a stupid one. :/ Do you send a special email to everyone on your email list when you do a new post or is it fed automatically somehow?

    Proud to hear you’re taking off to hit the gym!(sheds a tear) 🙂



    • No such thing as a stupid question Matt 🙂

      I do send out a broadcast to everyone, but I will be stopping that soon. I figure that if people really want to check out the new episodes, they will do so. That way I can reduce the number of emails I send to people, because that can be quite annoying.

      I also have the option to get it sent to you automatically. That’s lower down in the sidebar, where it says Subscribe for Blog updates. That is done via feedburner. The other is via aweber.

      Hope that helps.

  • Interesting episode Leslie, I found it hard to get engaged in listening because I wanted more energy and feedback from Terri on all her experiences.  She didn’t sound excited or is that because it is so damn daunting ha ha. 
    I can’t talk as I am still procrastinating about my domain name geez.  BUT I’ve nearly finished listening to all your podcasts 43-94 so I’ve achieved something I think.  ANYWAY  I want to have my blog developed and have it launched for my xmas party 17Nov so I can advertise it there which is at our local Bonogin Valley community spring fair and will be great exposure as we are putting on an 1hr equestrian show there as well with my trick horse & natural horsemanship display, our students and staff musical ride, dressage demonstration, santa on horseback and polocrosse demonstration.  SO I best get to it and get it started……so scary…….but what I do have is lots and lots of content in my head and then hope to make money somehow at some stage. Still haven’t worked that out………is it memberships, pointing people to purchase ebooks and various subjects etc etc. So much to do so little time.
    Thanks again Leslie for you great work. Cheers, Deb

    • @Debbie Burgermeister That sounds like a great opportunity to start promoting your blog. My recommendation – set it up now. It only takes a few minutes to do and you can start adding content at your own leisure. Don’t get stuck on the domain name. That’s one of the biggest mistakes I see people making. The key is to take action. You will learn along the way and improve over time. The longer you take to get started, the longer it takes for your blog to be successful.
      Wishing you all the best!

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