047 How Momentum Marketing has given me my BIGGEST boost in traffic

November 8, 2011

Today's episode is very exciting. It's the shortest one I've ever done, but it definitely packs a punch. I'm talking about traffic – a topic that internet marketers, like myself, LOVE to talk about.

More specifically, I'm talking about something I'm calling Momentum Marketing, and how it is responsible for giving me more traffic to my Biology Website than I've ever gotten on any website – resulting with over half a million views on my Biology Youtube Channel and tons of traffic to my site.

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In fact, over the last 2 months, I've only posted one video post and haven't done ANYTHING else. However, I've still been able to get A TON of traffic. I want you to be able to do the same thing, so I spend these 16 minutes talking about HOW I was able to accomplish this.

traffic boostHere are some of the specific things I deal with:

  • What my traffic was like 2 months ago and where it is today (specific details)
  • How my List has grown over the last 2 months
  • What Momentum Marketing is
  • 4 Tips for taking advantage of Momentum Marketing
  • Newton's first law and how it relates to Internet Marketing

If traffic is something you struggle with, or you are just looking for inspiration and ideas to implement to grow your traffic, make sure to listen to this episode. Momentum can do a lot to grow your business. However, in order for momentum marketing to take place, there are certain things you HAVE TO do.

It's not just about working hard with the hopes that things will take off eventually. It's about working smart and taking the right steps at the right time. I've done it, and I'm sitting back and watching the traffic roll in. It's a great feeling, and I want to share it with you.

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  • Congrats on all the traffic Leslie!!
    I’m inspired 🙂

  • shinta says:

    Thanks Leslie for the article. I learned a lot and get the spirit from it.

  • “it’s harder to get things going, than to keep things going” Leslie, I really enjoyed listening to this podcast

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