How to use Email Signatures to get Referrals

October 17, 2008

One easy method for getting referrals that doesn't take ANY extra work is by using your email signatures. If you are an avid email user, this can be a great way to get a few referrals. An email Signature is a simple block of text that is always added to the end of your emails. This has the effect of “signing off” the message. Having a very simple signature with your referral link added to the end of your email can be a way of getting the interest of a few of your friends. Take a look at the following email signature examples.


Have a Great Day, 
p.s. Want to see how I’m getting a FREE IPOD? Click here

p.s. I made $1000 last month online
to see how, click here 

Now, of course many people will ignore the signature. However, there might be a handfull that would be interested in getting that Free Ipod or making some money online. Since you only need 6 Referrals to get a free ipod, I’m sure you can see how using a good email signature can put you on the road to your free ipod. Also, since you can cash out on 1 referral with many freebie sites, it's not hard to see how getting a 1 referral every now and then without doing ANY work can be an attractive venture.

So, if you aren't harnessing the power of email signatures, you should. 

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