How to use google for credit calculations

October 14, 2008

A very simple, but often overlooked issue in the freebie industry has to do with credit calculations. Lets say for example, you are working on completing the offer requirements on a 1 credit site. Lets assume that algebra was NOT your favorite class in high school and you never really understood fractions. On that premise, lets continue . . .

Every offer has a certain credit value. An offer at a particular freebie site might have an offer weight of 1/6, 1/4 or any other fraction of a credit. In order to complete the requirements for that 1 credit site, you would need to know how to add fractions to get a whole credit. Here's a very simple way of figuring it out if you are doing offers with the same credit value:

If you are doing 1/2 credit offers, you need to complete 2.

If you are doing 1/3 credit offers, you need to complete 3.

If you are doing 1/4 credit offers, you need to complete 4.

So, if the offers have similar credit values, it should be pretty easy to figure it all out. If not (and you can't figure it out in your head), you can use google's handy dandy calculator feature. All you need to do is add the fractions into the google search function and you will get your answer as illustrated below
Google Calculator

That's it. Easy and simple.

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