038 How I got so much traffic that it crashed my server!

September 29, 2011

I know you've heard me excited on the show before, but I think I can safely say that I was MOST excited in today's episode.

I've always spoken about providing awesome content and tons of value. If you've listened to the show before, you've probably heard it over and over.

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Well, today I show you a perfect example of why. Because of certain things I've been working on, and one specific event, I got so much traffic to my Biology Website that it crashed my server. Don't worry, the site came back up within a few minutes, but it was awesome to see.

In this episode, I show you EXACTLY how I was able to get that traffic. In fact, you get to listen in to what was happening as it was happening. It was actually quite funny.

web traffic increase

Web Traffic Increase

Needless to say, since this happened, my traffic has been better than ever, and doors have been opening up in many ways.

This is what I'm hoping – that by the time you finish listening to this episode, you get a renewed motivation to put AWESOME stuff out there – not just to make money, but to change the world!

Here are the specific things I cover:

  • What you can expect over the next two weeks
  • Why it's essential to create awesome content
  • How you can change the world
  • Why I'm deemphasizing making money
  • How I was afraid to do what I did
  • What I did (specifically) to drive tons of traffic
So, I know you have comments on this one. So go ahead and leave those comments below, and/or call the hotline at (888) 835 – 2414

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  • Wow!! Leslie, you’re really something my friend! That was truly inspirational and I thank you so much for sharing that wonderful experience with us. 🙂

    Now, I’ve been meaning to call as I have a couple questions of my own in regards to traffic generation, but like you said, it can be really nerve wracking. lol

    However, with your new found understanding and appreciation of the sheer difficulty that people go through when they attempt to make a simple call, I think I and many others will find it easier to do so. 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Efrain. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you around these parts 🙂

      Glad to know that my fear has absolved your fear 😉

      Take care man, and call in whenever!

  • Rochelle says:

    I’m listening right now. This is so amazing! I have to comment before i finish listening cause this is so good 🙂 WOW.

  • Rochelle says:

    AH MAAAA ZIIIIIIING. Ok that was Amazing. like, WOW!!!

    I got shivers when the guy mentioned the Bible.

    You’re a living testimony Les 🙂 A living testimony.

    I’m speechless. I have to share this with people.

    I’m gonna go repost on Facbeook.

    I’m so flipping proud.

    Simply Natural Ideas

  • Matt says:

    Oh WOW Leslie! Your reaction at 28:58 is just PRICELESS! You had me grinning ear to ear listening to your podcast on my IPhone in a parking lot. Folks around here probably think I’ve got something wrong with me. 🙂

    So so happy for you! You wowed Leo right off the bat, and it just kept on getting better.

    “Cast your bread upon the water…” Brilliant echo of what you drive home to us every post Leslie.

    Big ups and TONS of respect! 🙂

    SO inspirational.

    Best wishes,

    • LOL, can you imagine what was going through my head. There I was, refreshing the page, thinking to myself – “I can’t believe my stupid site is going to act up as soon as I’m trying to talk about it on Leo’s show”.

      I was literally freaking out inside, until I realized what happened. Then it was funny 🙂

    • Matt says:

      That’s hilarious! 🙂

      Maybe you have this and I’m just missing it, but I was wondering if you have any post(s) or areas on your site where you highlight some of the equipment you use? I’m thinking like screen casting software, video recording devices, etc.

      Thank you much!


    • Hey Matt, yes I did record 2 episodes dealing with that topic. Click Here for how I record my videos and Here for how I do my podcasts. I will be working on some full tutorials on those topics in the future though. Anyways, take care.

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Leslie, great!
    You are making an impact (you definitely do) and also take care of getting traffic. So money should follow! And it definitely has to, as discussed in the podcast. One can’t just put in effort and money all the time. Afterall you pay for servers, software and stuff? Have you decided on which way to go yet? Maybe you can mark users who donate as supporters on the site, whatever they donate. Or you should sell ready made packages for high school, colleges, … students with the same content of the site but as some kind of “I’ll walk you through it” support?
    Anyways, keep the good work up!

    • All great ideas Andrea. Yes, you are right, it needs to make money. The truth is, the main reason I called in was to get the exposure. I do have a pretty decent plan already for how to make money. I’m making some products, and I do accept donation.

      I actually just launched one product this month and it went pretty good for the first month. Also, since the show, people have been making more donations.

      I have lots planned, and of course, I’ll be sharing that with you on the show.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Wasim Ismail says:

    hey Leslie, congrats on the show, and tapping into this great traffic, I love your idea of changing the world, I’m with you on that all the way, If we can put our goals and focuses first, the money will come automatically, you want even need to worry about the money, just focus on what you do best.

    • I hear ya. Change the world, have awesome goals, take action. That’s what it’s about.

      Now, I want to emphasize that you NEED to think of how you are going to make it into a business. Otherwise, it would just be good stuff out there for free forever. You need to have a monetization strategy in mind.

      But, that’s not the MAIN goal.

  • Lovelyn says:

    Great show!! I love your emphasis on making the internet a better place. It really inspires me to do more with my websites.

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