010 How to Crush it in a Thank You Economy

March 24, 2011

You'll probably notice right from the start of this episode that I'm more excited in this episode than in ANY of the previous ones. Why?

Because of an exciting announcement (at least it was exciting to me) and I get to talk about a topic that I'm very passionate about.

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Here are the Announcements:

  • Learning with Leslie is now in the iTunes Podcast directory. I was a little concerned after reading around online about how long it would take. I submitted it on Sunday and it is there today (Wednesday). 3 days isn't that bad. So go ahead and Subscribe in iTunes, leave a review and rate the podcast. That will help others learn about it. You can easily access the page by going to LeslieOnItunes.com, and then viewing it in iTunes to leave a review.
  • Every episode I've recorded so far has been downloaded by hundreds of people from 53 different countries, even though it wasn't submitted to the directory, which is pretty exciting.

Crush ItThen, I answer two questions that were left by John from AskJohnEnglish.com. His questions were:

  1. How should he go about outsourcing the development of a WordPress theme for his site?
  2. How can I legally post videos of my classes on my Biology Website?

Then I get into the meat of the episode, where I talk about Social Media by dealing with the concepts written about in Gary Vaynerchuk's 2 books: Crush it and The Thank You Economy. With Google making Algorithm changes every so often that can impact your online business significantly (positive or negative), it's important to build a business that will last regardless of what they decide to do.

To summarize what I deal with, here are the main points I deal with which I draw from the two books:

Crush it

  • In this book, Gary tells his story and talks in detail about how he grew Wine Library TV into a MASSIVE online presence in the Wine Community.
  • I talk about creating a brand and growing your online business
  • Put great content out there and then go into the internet trenches.
  • I talk about how to provide Value and build a business that will last

It’s never a bad time to start a business unless you’re starting a mediocre business. – Gary Vaynerchuk

The Thank You Economy

  • If you want to build a business in today's “Thank You Economy”, you have to CARE about your customers (or website visitors) and employees.
  • Build a strong sense of community around your brand
  • Allow that community to help shape your business (but not control it)
  • Use Social media to spread your message and grow your business

Those are the bullet points, but in the podcast, I go through the “how to's”. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Leave me a comment and call the hotline at (888) 835 – 2414

Resources Mentioned:

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  • John says:

    Hi Leslie
    Thank you so much for answetring my questions! Very awesome!!
    I really like your suggestion towards getting the theme developed – thanks! Could you let me know the links to the two themes you mentioned in the podcast?

    Again thanks for what you are doing. I am getting action points from every episode!
    Cheers mate!

    • Not a problem John. Thanks for calling in the question. I’m glad you are finding value in the content.

      My apologies for not including those links. I’ve included them to the bottom of the post in the Resources section. They are called Canvas and Thesis. A lot of marketers have been using thesis, and I just started to use that one on one of my sites. It’s pretty cool.

      All the best!

    • John says:

      Thanks Leslie! That is awesome. I am liking the look of the Canvas Theme very much! It looks like it will be the goer!
      Cheers mate!

    • Glad to see you found one that you like. Yep, Canvas is pretty awesome. At first, I wasn’t impressed with its plainness, but I just realized 2 weeks ago that it was because it served as a canvas for any kind of design you want developed.

  • Welner says:

    Thanks for the cool content!

    In the beginning of the podcast I was EXITED as well as you were. I saw myself and my podcast already on ITUNES. I guess seeing you do it Made me believe that I could do it as well. Another thing I was exited about is going to be how easy it will be to d/l your podcast.
    Congrats to you Leslie.

    Question? As you mention your biology videos on youtube, I went and check them out and it seems that you have got pretty good editing skills. My question is

    1. how long does take you to edit a video?
    2. do you know any tutorials that show you how to edit videos or have any tips on how go to easily making them? and what are the tools you use to make them?

    Thank you in advance and I’m looking forward for next podcast!

    • That’s great that it got you that excited! I LOVE IT! 🙂

      It really isn’t that hard to get your podcast into iTunes. From what I read, if you use feedburner to burn your feed, enable Smartcast, and THEN submit it to iTunes, it seems to happen faster than if you just submitted your regular podcast feed. Cool Stuff.

      How long does it take me to edit a video? It all depends on how many times I messed up, lol. Sometimes, if I hardly mess up, I can edit a 10 minute video in 10 or 15 minutes (sometimes less). If I mess up a lot, it can take me up to 30 minutes.

      I find that the more I do it, the less I mess up, and the more natural it gets. So my recent videos for Biology haven’t been taking that long, especially if I know the content very well.

      In terms of how to edit videos, I don’t know of any resources for screencasts. I’m actually thinking about making a product showing that. We’ll see how that pans out 🙂

      In terms of tips, there are too many I could mention, but I’ll say this – Just do it. It’s not as complicated as it seems. If you are on a PC, get Camtasia. If a mac, then get Screenflow. I use Screenflow and Keynote on the mac (like Powerpoint on Steroids).

      Hope that helps. All the best!

  • Tai says:

    Wow Leslie it’s like you were reading my mind! I called the hotline with a question about social media before I had a chance to listen to this podcast. I think that you pretty much answed my question about how to use social media effectively. Simply provide value and engage with people in caring way and people will naturally want to connect with you! OK I understand my question now. Although I still want to know how to use a twitter hashtag. 🙂

    I too was sooo excited like Welner in the beginning of the podcast. Your passion really came through and I have already envisioned myself podcasting about St. Lucia from my future beach front villa with a fancy podcasting setup like you have! You have really inspired me to create even more great content for my blog.

    Thanks for the passionate review of Crush It and The Thank You Economy. These books were on my list of things to read and now they have been moved to the top. I plan on reading them while lounging on the beach at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival! Whoohooo!

    • Hahaaa, I’ve been practicing my mind-reading. I’m getting better, lol.

      I will try to get the rest of your question on the next episode I record where I answer questions.

      Enjoy St. Lucia for the both of us. I need to start planning to head back to St. Maarten soon because I’m missing the tropical weather. Make sure to live it up in St. Lucia 😀

  • Paul says:

    Hi leslie I have just came across a broken link to your site and thought id give you a heads up its
    I apologise but I cant remember where I found it.

  • Fitchettjohn says:

    Hi Lesley
    I just listened through the whole of this podcast and wanted to let you know that when you mentioned you carried audio books on your phone, I thought to myself “Hey I am doing that too – but with Leslie’s podcast!”

    Thought you’d want to know you are the ‘guru’ on my phone!

    • Haha, that’s kinda funny. I actually do not consider myself to be a Guru, although I appreciate the compliment. We’re all on this Journey together, and I’m excited to have people like you come along.

      Thanks John!

  • >