How to use Mind Mapping Software to Organize your Business

December 14, 2010

We've all heard the statement – “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It's something that applies in just about every aspect of life. Well, since I've decided to spend more time making my Interactive Biology website into a viable online business, I decided that I needed to organize my thoughts in an actionable way.

In order to do that, I downloaded a free Mind Mapping program called FreeMind, and started to organize my business. I guess you can say that the main question I was asking myself was “where do I see my business going?”. You will see the results in the video below.

In watching the video, pay attention to how I set it up, and try to see how you can implement it in YOUR business. Once you're finished watching it, leave a comment letting me know how you think you can use it in your business, or how you have been using it already. Enjoy . . .

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  • Mario Shamir says:

    Wow.. didn’t even know this even existed.. and all this time i’ve been writing things down on paper, and or crumbling it and tossing notes into the trash.. thanks for this one, Leslie

  • Bulger2555 says:

    Hi Leslie
    Thank you so much for your clear, paced explanations–in all your work. Education is certainly your vocation and I find it so refreshing to listen to your tutorials. It’s all substance and very genuine. This is a real gift in the internet work that is so full of hype and ludicrous nonscense. Keep it up–I make it a point to watch all your information because of this!

  • Chris says:

    Thanks Leslie, this is an awesome resource.Mind mapping software really helps you visualize your goals and plan.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey nice demo of this program, have bookmarked it, will defiantly come in use, for projects.


  • Bonniewilson says:

    Awesome…..thank you for the information. Your Mind Map example has given me great insight and I look forward to utilizing it immediately.

  • Paul Schlegel says:

    Where’s the video? I don’t see it.

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