Why I’m DOWNsizing my list and UPsizing my Value

September 28, 2010

I've been involved with internet Marketing since 2008 and I've reached to a place where I make money even if I don't do ANYTHING. I'm not saying that to boast. If you know me on a personal level, you know that's not my style. The main reason I'm saying that is that I want to let you know that it IS possible. Actually, if you count all of my unsuccessful ventures, I've been in it for much longer than that.
However, since I started doing internet marketing the right way, there's one thing that has been fairly evident. Many people get started but MOST of them never take action. It's a sad fact that many times we know WHAT to do, but don't do it. Every day I get anywhere between 10 and 50+ people added to my list, but I'm sure that the vast majority of them don't reach a level of comfortable success in their online business. So I've come to a pretty drastic decision, and you NEED to read this till the end because there's some VERY IMPORTANT INFO here. Info that I hope will change your online business and your life.

Downsizing my List

I no longer care how many people I'm able to reach, all I care about is the value that I'm adding and inspiring the FEW (however many that is) to take action. The reason I've been able to have a significant amount of success online is because I've been mentored by some really GREAT people along the way.

So here's the deal. I have over 5,000 people on my internet marketing lists (yeah, I'm putting my business out there). However, whenever I send out a mailing, on a good day, I get up to 10% of those people even opening that message. Some of you are thinking that's great, others are thinking that's low. The truth is, for the “Online Business” industry, that's relatively high. However, it still means that there are about 90% of the people who don't do anything. This is the reason for my downsizing. I just sent out a mailing to my list. Some of you are here because of that. Others aren't those who didn't click through stand the risk of being deleted. Yes, I know – that can make my numbers go down significantly and it doesn't look as good to other internet marketers, but the truth is – I don't really care HOW it looks. All I care about is inspiring people to take action.

Upsizing my Value

Now for the good part. I'm UPSIZING my value. I no longer look at online success as a far-off concept. I consider it a reality, and I know what it took to get me to where I am. However, I also know the cost tat I incurred to make it to where I am today. A lot of failure, but more success. A significant amount of money invested, but significantly more made. For some hard-working people, one of the factors that hold them back is the lack of money to get the right kind of coaching at the right time. So I've decided to do something great, and not charge for it. Yep, you heard me right. For those of you that remain, you're about to receive tremendous value.

I've put together a 7 Day Bootcamp training to provide a jump start to willing participants. It will help them get an online business website up and running. It's 7 days of videos training, written tutorials, action sheets that are intended to take people from absolute beginner to where they have a business website that is set up IN THE RIGHT WAY. I've cut out a lot of the Fluff, and have focused on what's important. It teaches how to get a website, set it up, set up a mailinglist in the right way, add quality content, nurture relationships with your subscribers, drive traffic and make money.

Yes, all of that in 7 days. It's very step by step. My intention is to help people move forward at a comfortable pace. For some, it will be very intense, for others who are more experienced, it might be much easier, but beginning and experienced marketers will both benefit from the content.

Click Here to go to the 7 Day Bootcamp Website

This is all it will offer:

  • Clear and concise video tutorials
  • Written tutorials
  • Daily Action Sheets
  • Answers to your questions on Internet Marketing
  • Step by step mentoring by yours truly
  • Some unannounced bonuses that you won't believe

That's right – the same stuff that all the so-called gurus charge an arm and a leg for. An yes, let me emphasize that the training will be 100% FREE of charge! I'm launching it on Thursday at 8am EST. You can see the countdown timer on the squeeze page, to keep an exact track on when everything will be released.

So how do I get in?

If you are on my mailinglist, there's a 90% chance that you will automatically be receiving the content. There are a few of you that will need to manually subscribe, and I will show you exactly how to determine if you fit into that category. If you decide you want to opt out of it, just go ahead and opt out of my mailinglist. It's easy to do that – just click Unsubscribe at the bottom of any email from me. That will actually make my job of downsizing easier.

I know that there are a number of you that have been anticipating this course. I hope you enjoy it, that you learn a lot and that you are able to take your business to the next level.

What I want from you

The course is all set and ready to go for the most part. All of the core content is there. However, I want to make sure I cover the issues that are relevant to you. If there is stuff you want to learn in the course specifically, please let me know in the comments section below. I will take every suggestion into consideration. Also, just leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my crazy decision.

I'm excited and ready to go. Stay tuned to www.7daybootcamp.net for more information.

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  • zatopa says:

    Great! Looking forward to the course!

  • Lotsfun says:

    sounds like it could be very informative and inspirational, look forward to the course

    • It will definitely be informative and hopefully inspirational. I actually take you through the steps I took and show you them as I do them, so it should be very interesting. Also, I go through, step by step, what I’m doing with my biology website and how I’m building it to make more money online.

      The stuff will apply to any niche, not just the Make Money Online stuff. I find some of the other stuff even more interesting πŸ™‚

  • Mikayla101499 says:

    Sounds great. Thank you Leslie. I look forward to this 7 day course.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think that your decision to share your knowledge with others for free is a great thing, Leslie. I know that your step by step instructions will be clearly written and very helpful. I am looking forward to your 7 Day Boot Camp. I feel certain that your training will be very comprehensive. One thing that I would be interested in seeing included would be information on the best way to know when you should outsource work. In the past, you have mentioned to me about not letting the technical aspects get in the way by hiring someone to do those things that you find are holding you back. Along with knowing when you should hire, how do you go about finding the right person to do that work? Thanks for this great opportunity.

    • Wow, that’s a great suggestion Linda, and that’s something I didn’t even think about including. There’s so much to know about how to outsource well that I took a full 6 month course on the topic.

      Let me mull that over in my mind a little and see if that’s something I can include or if that will have to be a separate training. I do know that I will be releasing several other training courses over time.

  • Carlos says:

    I too am Looking Forward to the course. And thank you. πŸ™‚

  • John-nomad says:

    Firstly I want to thank you for your decision to do this 7 day boot camp course for free and after looking at all the sections that it covers it seems to be a very comprehensive training for all that is needed by a struggling Newbie such as myself.Another bonus is that your course is step by step and I look forward to receiving it with excitement and once again THANK YOU for all your time and effort that must have gone into you preparing and doing this offer for free.

  • Arun says:

    hi Leslie, i wanted to join the 7 day bootcamp.
    but there is no way to enter my details. Can you pls add me in the bootcamp
    Arun raj
    [email protected]

  • Larry Burr says:

    Thank you, Leslie. I am looking forward to your course. You always do these things well.

    One area that I think would help many of us is to be able to stay in control of our businesses. I feel I have too many streams and maybe would have more income with fewer. However, I hate to quit something once I start it. When do you know it is time to drop a business?

    • Thanks Larry,

      Well let me tell you that this is on a different level than I’ve ever done it. VERY detailed, VERY step by step.

      Your suggestion is also a great one. To be honest, I’ve struggled with that very same decision. Many of you have seen that in my decision to move on from CaliStyle101.

      I’m not 100% sure if this can be included in the 7 days, but it’s definitely an idea that’s going on my list as something to address. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  • Blackswanjade says:

    Sounds great Leslie. I really appreciate the free training. I’ve been trying to read all of your posts, as well as following up on all your reccomendations.
    I’ve been wondering for a few weeks if doing what you are doing would be a financial possibility, but I know so little about anything online. Will greatly appreciate anything that I can learn.

    • Hi Jade,

      It actually doesn’t cost that much to have an online business, especially when you compare it to a traditional business. All you really need is a website and time. Yes, of course, there are a bunch of additional stuff that you can add, but even then, it’s relatively inexpensive.

      We’ve all been where we didn’t know much, but I always like to say – if I don’t know how to do something, someone else does and they can show me πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to helping your through your online venture.

  • D'lessarts says:

    There was no place to type in your name and email address next to the video. Do you mean to log in and register next to the picture where you clicked to get to the video.

  • Randolph says:

    I’m guilty of not always opening up my emails (information overload). However I do look forward to receiving your email. I need to get my self in an organized manner, so I look forward to your course.

    • Oh, I hear you Randolph. I recently went through my email and unsubscribed from a bunch of lists that I were on because of the possibility of info overload, but there are a handful that I’m still subscribed to because of the value I get from them.

      I’m honored to know that you do look forward to my emails πŸ™‚

      Organization is key, so I do plan on having that be a major part of the course. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Peggy says:

    Once again,”thanks” for adding value to our lives. All you can do is show someone the door to success. You cannot walk thru the door for them. Looking forward to the new product.


  • Dandy8 says:

    Thank you, thank you, I personally have fits trying to get my download pages working properly. And I freeze when it comes to setting up an auto responder. Certainly want to be involved.

    • You’re welcome, you’re welcome. I hear you. It’s a lot of details to try to get everything going in the right way. I will definitely be giving instructions on setting up an autoresponder, because that’s an integral part of internet Marketing.

      I’m also considering doing an in depth training on growing your mailinglist and setting it up for success, so stay tuned for more info on that.

  • Mcfarlandpostings says:

    I this is absolutely marvelous for you to share your knowledge with us newbies to internet marketing. Because I was definitely on my way down that road of buying everything to help me from the gurus.:-( Thanks again

  • Ree_269 says:

    Can’t wait for the course!

  • Junedonline says:

    Hey Leslie, sounds great, but there was no registration form to the right of the video.
    I’m using Google Chrome. Should this matter. I don’t see it in IE either.

    • Hi June,

      Don’t worry. It won’t be there until Thursday at 8am. That’s what the countdown timer is for. I’m just giving you guys some of the info beforehand so that you can know what to expect and when.

      Looking forward to working with you.

  • Aebishop22 says:

    Am looking forward to the 7-day bootcamp aebishop22

  • kse2008 says:

    Just watched the teaser video, LOL. Cant wait to see the whole 7 day course. Once again you’ve out done yourself Leslie. Thanks for everything.

  • Savvyinbiz says:

    You can count me in Leslie! Looking forward to it, as always, and Don’t You Dare scare me with an email entitled, “You might be deleted” again…lol πŸ™‚ Terry

  • Heather says:

    I am really excited to check this out! So glad you are making all of this information available for free. That is wonderful….

  • Melia Mena says:

    I can’t thank you enough. This sounds like a very good course. I really hope I’m eligible for it. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Dax says:

    Hey Leslie, I think that you have a very fascinating concept regarding the 7-day bootcamp. However, a part of me thinks you are either on the bad side of bonkers or a genious!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store!! My only question is this: Will a persons geographic location negatively impact their level of success when utilizing methods from the 7-day bootcamp course?


    • LOL, now you are making me start to wonder if I’m going bonkers πŸ™‚

      Good question. Nope, geographic location shouldn’t matter. There are some cases in which it might matter. For example, if you are going to have an online business, you need to have a website and in order to do that, you need to be able to get a hosting account. If you are in a location where you can get one for some reason, then you wouldn’t be able to have a website to build your online business.

      Besides that, I can’t really think of a reason it cant work where you are. And I had to really dig deep to think of that one reason, lol!

  • Bill says:

    Getting rid of dead wood is usually a good idea………I think the course idea is great and I, like all newbies, need pointed and concise help in negotiating the maze. My only request, and I am sure it is not needed, is to please make the content as relevant as possible to current market conditions. Insight as to how to get not only traffic but also traffic with a higher likelihood of actually manking a purchase would be indispensible.

  • Dlevitt0508 says:

    Leslie, I started my trek with you about a year ago, and you for varied reasons are one of very few I always felt I could trust. I have a couple of websites, but have spent as little as I possibly could getting them running because of availability of funds, etc. I figured make a little, put a little back into it, but so far have made nothing to put back into it.:) Hope this camp will help, and yes, it would make me extremely greatful. I’m obviously doing something wrong, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Wow David. ONE YEAR? That’s awesome man. Well I’m glad to know that and great to meet you. Hey, I definitely understand working at building a business and feeling as if you are getting nowhere. It takes A LOT of work to achieve success, contrary to what many people say. However, once you take the right steps, you can reach there. Glad to have you on board David.

  • Qgetzmoney says:

    hey leslie thanks for the updates i’ve been following you for awhile and i’m really interested in the 7 day boot camp series so keep me posted

  • Heather Kreider says:

    Hi Leslie, I am really looking forward to your bootcamp, but when I viewed the video this morning and then tried to enter my name and email, it is telling me I am not in the system.

  • >