ANNOUNCEMENT: TheFreebieGuy, CaliStyle and PrizeFast

June 17, 2010

First off, I need to say something. When I made the post about me leaving the industry, I didn't fully know what to expect. However, I've been overwhelmed with many words of encouragement from many of you and I would like to say from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Initially, I was going to sell CaliStyle101 and PrizeFast together – Seemed like the easiest option, and one that would benefit the new owner in a significant way. However, there have been some changes to what I planned on doing.Β Now, I'm going to separate this post into three different section, because I believe there are three different things to talk about.

Section 1: What will Happen at

I have to keep it going. Really, I do. I have no choice. is me. It contains my thoughts, personality and things that I hold dear to me. There are comments that some of you have left here that have touched me personally, and that's not really something I see myself selling (at least not anytime soon, lol).

So, here's the plan. I'm still going to be in internet marketing and I will still be learning a lot. I've learnt A LOT since starting and I'm excited about the future. Since I'm a teacher at heart, I can't help it – I HAVE TO share what I'm learning with others and I will continue to use this blog to share that info with you. I won't be taking down the Freebie Trading info, because I think it's a valuable resource that you guys can use, and that future Freebie Traders can use also. I won't be promoting it, but it will be there in the archives.

If you would like to follow what I'm doing and just keep in touch with me, I would like to ask you to follow me in the following ways:

P.S. If you are already a friend of mine on Facebook, I will be closing that account, so please check out my FanPage as that is what I will be using from now on. Make sure when you go to the page, click “Like” and then leave me a message πŸ™‚

Section 2: What's the deal with PrizeFast?

I was approached by a number of people who wanted to buy Prizefast. However, there was one that really stood out from the crowd. Prizefast has been sold to Innnovus Net Management and that it will be in the hands of of both Innovus Kent and TexasTornado Deb. I'm confident that they will take Prizefast to the next level. The plans they have are justΒ phenomenal and I'm excited to see where it all leads. One of the things you can expect to see (VERY SOON) is the credit weighting of the offers increasing significantly. As you know, that's always a good thing. It will make greening on PrizeFast better than ever.

So if you haven't used PrizeFast much in the past, I would encourage you to look out for their announcements and start using them like crazy. Your referrals will thank you πŸ™‚

Section 3: So Leslie, What about CaliStyle101?

CaliStyle101 has been acquired by MoneyBonanzas. I was talking to Mike, the owner of Moneybonanzas on the phone and he was telling me about some of the plans he has for the industry. After speaking to him for a while, it became evident that he had to be the person to take over running CaliStyle101. I know that CaliStyle101 will be in good hands and expect to see it continue to grow. Moneybonanzas is a trusted network that will continue growing. I'm not going to get into a lot of details right now, but over the coming weeks, more information will be revealed about the direction that CaliStyle101 will be going, and I believe that it will be in the best interest of the Traders at CaliStyle101.

So is this goodbye Leslie?

No it isn't. I'll still be here, and you can expect to see me popping in over at CaliStyle101 every so often. I will also be there for Mike if advice is needed and as usual, I'll be right here at my blog providing you guys with tools to help you grow your online business, whether that is Freebie Trading or otherwise. Remember to Follow me on Twitter and Like my Facebook Page πŸ™‚

Oh, and if you are going to be there to support Mike, Deb and Kent, leave a comment below and let them know. I'm sure they'd appreciate the encouragement as I have.

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  • Andre says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m really new here, but I can already tell you’re really cool. Thanks for this great way to earn money.

  • Andre says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m really new here, but I can already tell you’re really cool. Thanks for this great way to earn money.

  • You are very much welcome Andre. All the best with your new venture.

  • I know I can always count on your support (and enthusiasm) Terry. Thanks for being there through it all and I know that you will continue to support the new owners as you have supported us. YOU ROCK! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Paul. Taking a break is not a bad thing. That's how life goes sometimes. Thanks for the support you've shown and continue to show.

  • You are very much welcome Cali. Glad you will be staying around and I do wish you all the best!

  • Thanks Penney,You've always been a loyal trader and we have appreciated everything you've done. I know that Mike, Kent and Deb will appreciate having you around. All the best!

  • Wow Leslie…sounds like you've made some very well thought out decisions in who you elected to sell both the forum and PrizeFast too. Having been a strong advocate of yours for quite some time, I welcome your decision and will do whatever I can to support both the forum and PrizeFast. Congratulations Mike, Kent and Deb! I hope to get to know you all much better, and I'll be there to help in whatever way I can! Looking forward to all that is to come! And, don't worry Leslie you'll always be hearing from me…lol. πŸ™‚ Terry

  • Paul (zatopa) says:

    As usual you have made some good choices. I am taking a break from Trading and only popping in from time to time, but will support Cali, prizefast and Moneybonanzas when I get serious again. Good luck in with all your adventures.

  • wishlit says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated Leslie. I will miss you as you have been an excellent forum owner and mentor for many of us. It sounds as if you have thought out what your doing and kept us traders in mind while doing it. I have supported Calistyle since I found out you took it over and it has become a great forum. Congratulations Mike, Kent, & Deb. you have got yourself a great forum with some great members. I for one will be staying around and am willing to help in any way I can. Kathy

  • Penney says:

    Well Leslie, I know that there are changes in our lives, and we must move on. I wish you great success and happiness. I have enjoyed you and Chris and the great forum you both have worked so hard to grow. I will miss you and there will NEVER be anyone to take your place. However, there are always new friends to make and others who will step in and be just as important in my life. I know that I will work hard for Mike, Kent and Deb!! I will be a loyal trader for them, just as I was for you!! God Bless you and Chris!

  • Joanna Benz says:

    Thanks for doing such an excellent job of keeping us informed, Leslie. And I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.I will look forward to working with Mike, Kent, & Deb, and can't wait to see all the new changes that are coming!Joanna Benzjb888 on CaliStyle

  • Not a prob Joanna. Gotta let you guys know what's going on, because it's very relevant to what you are doing.All the best!Leslie

  • Best of luck to you Leslie! I know you're on to even greater things.Linda

  • Sandra Habina says:

    Excellent choices Leslie, thank you for keeping all of us in mind too. I appreciate all the hard work you and Chris have done and look forward to supporting Mike, and Kent and Deb. Exciting things to come for all.Wishing you the best Leslie.

  • Jkgambini says:

    I personally think Cali is a joke for a forum… The only people that make it there with method 2 are the people that have been trading for a few years. The new ones are hung out to dry… Thats why NIS “Net Income Solutions” is a much better money making forum. And yes I have been on both.

  • Glad you support the choices Sandra. All the best to you too!

  • Wow, tell em how you really feel, lol. Hey, that's the good thing about online business. There are many different options. If you prefer NIS, then that's where you should be. I would differ in opinion in terms of what can work better, but that's fine. We can respectfully agree to disagree.All the best to you over there JKgambini πŸ™‚

  • Angelina54 says:

    Hi Leslie,I want to thank you personally for all the help and information you gave us. It was a pleasure having you guide us. It was easy following your advice because I feel you were truly concerned for all of us as members of Calistyle101. I too believe that your students are very fortunate to have you as their teacher and I am sure you will be a strong influence in their future because you have that ability to touch the lives by your sincerity. I truly wish you the best Leslie!Angelina54

  • Jkgambini says:

    I would like to hear your reason why you think Cali is better? NIS gives you assignments on a rotating basis, which makes it an even playing field. If I was new on Cali, tell me one reason I would choose a mentor that has just started method 2 there as oppose to someone that has been there for 1 or 2 years? Seems like a no brainer and anyone that disagrees has been there for that long, period. You have done nothing whatsoever for people that is just getting into the business, especially for those starting method 2. It's just a shame that I wasted so much time at Cali before going back to NIS.

  • Hello again Jkgambini. Once again, let me emphasize that if you prefer NIS, then you should use NIS. Different strokes work for different folks. You asked for some reasons, so here are some that come to mind:- Net income solutions only allows one freebie network. Because of that, there's no competition, so they can set their credit weighting to whatever they want them to be. It takes significantly more offers to go green on their sites than on any other Freebie Site I've ever seen. So although there's more traffic, the chances of greening go down significantly, and more people get discouraged and don't continue. – CaliStyle provides training way beyond Freebie Trading, and into affiliate marketing and beyond.- I can go on, but that's not what this post is about :)One thing you have to realize, everyone has to start somewhere, and the beginning stages are hard. If you are looking for something easy, I'm not sure online business is the thing you should be looking for.Anyways, I wish you all the best, whatever you decide to do.

  • You are very much welcome Angelina. It has been great seeing you grow and all the things you have been doing. Keep up the good work and thanks for the well wishes.

  • Onnaholl says:

    Leslie- I am so glad that things went smoothly with the transfer. Mike from Moneybonanzas seems like he is going to continue the good work you and Chris started so I am thrilled that you found such a good person to continue Calistyle! I will definitely miss working with you and Chris! I wish you both the best of luck and success!! I know you will be successfull in whatever you do!! I'll be sure to keep reading your blog! I have always enjoyed your posts!

  • larryburr says:

    Leslie,I am sorry to see you leaving Calistyle but you have left it in good hands. I have been out sick since my operation in May and am slowly getting back to this. Good luck in your new ventures and I look forward to hearing more from you on TFG and even here on Cali.

  • Yes, he definitely is a man with Vision. I will miss working with you too, but I know we'll still chat every so often πŸ™‚ Thanks for all you've done.

  • Glad to see you are getting better Larry. Wishing you all the best!

  • Jkgambini says:

    Well Leslie, for one I never said that online business was hard did I? What I said was is that from experience and many people that I have talked to make much more money with NIS than Cali. I am upset about the fact that your site does nothing for new people getting started with method 2. The reason being, is that there are people that have been on there for almost 2 years, SO, again like i said before which you never responded to, most people starting method 2 with Cali have to contact a mentor through your forum and 99% of the time they pick the ones with the most experience and that are able to show proof pics of their Income which NEW method 2 members ARE NOT ABLE TO DO. Everyone does have to start somewhere I agree, but why not start with a level playing field where EVERYONE CAN MAKE MONEY? After seeing NIS and Cali, Cali is a WASTE OF A NEW PERSONS TIME! Hopefully the new owners will change what you had wrong all along!

  • Wow, I tell yah. It's funny how you expect ME to make YOU money. I'm not sure if you think that relying on other people to make you money is a good thing. But hey, if you want (which I'm sure you don't), you can go out there and establish your own website and drive traffic to it yourself, and have that traffic all to yourself. That way, you can't complain because I'm not giving you my traffic so that you can sit back relax and make money from it.You are promoting NIS strongly. Have you made any money there and are you happy with it? If so, please stay there and be satisfied with what you are getting. As for me, I'm never satisfied with having to depend on a forum owner to make me money. That's why I moved away from that model, started this blog, and that's why you are here blasting me today :)I'm not going to get into NIS issues, because I don't think it's necessary for me to do so. They are doing what they do, they have PPD support, and they are benefiting from that. Good for them. Realize that those “experienced traders” that you speak about are there because they worked at it and have stuck with it for a while. That pays off. Yes, it would be nice to sit back and let me drive a bunch of traffic and send it to you, but quite frankly, I don't have the time, nor do I feel it's my responsibility.You started by saying that you never said that online business was hard. No, you didn't say it. I did. I understand how much work it takes because I've done the work. However, it does get easier over time, but every successful entrepreneur that I know is where they are because of HARD work.

  • Jkgambini says:

    As usual you are WRONG again, or I think I should just say the truth. You are lying Leslie, you are not giving people the facts. Fact is the EXPERIENCED TRADERS that are on Cali sure have put in some hard work. BUT, here is why they are successful, they got in EARLY! and that is why they are making money, not because they are any smarter or doing anything any different than your normal Joe starting method 2 at your EX site Cali. Its all about who they choose to work with at Cali Leslie, and you know it. And 9 out of 10 times they choose someone that has been there for a year or two. Duh! And as for NIS I have been making money there for quite sometime. And I never complained about you not giving me traffic, your site has traffic but the ones who see it atleast through method 1 and into method 2 will choose the mentors I mentioned earlier. As far as I am concerned and others that I have talked to personally, you are a scam artist! I am glad you sold Cali, and hopefully they are honest with people as you have not been! Now, go journey on.

  • LOL. You are a funny guy. Hey, from me to you – all the best with what you are doing. I can see that you don't like me very much at all, and I understand that these things happens and I expect for that to happen every so often in this life. Regardless of that, I wish you nothing but the best. Hope you are able to make it beyond whatever hard feelings you may have for whatever reasons. Blessings to you!

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