Podcast: How Rosalind Green uses Freebie Trading to complement her MLM and Affiliate Marketing Business

January 18, 2010

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In this interview, I'm speaking with Rosalind Green from RosalindGreen.net. She went from Corporate America to MLM, to MLM with Freebie Trading at CaliStyle101 and she talks to us about her success with Freebie Trading. In the interview, she talks about how she uses Freebie Trading to compliment her business, how she gets her referrals, and also shares tips that anyone can use to maximize their success with Freebie Trading.

The model Rosalind uses, in my opinion, is an excellent one for adding Freebie Trading to any kind of online business model. You don't want to miss this one if you are a Freebie Trader, thinking about becoming a Freebie Trader or thinking about adding other income streams to your Freebie Trading Business. It's good stuff!

Interview Transcript

Leslie: Hey this is Leslie the Freebie Guy from the freebieguy.net and I have a very special interview for you today. Today I have on the line Rosalind and

Rosalind Green

Rosalind Green

I met Rosalind actually on youtube and then I met her when she came to CaliStyle101, she came into CaliStyle101 and she was doing a lot of trades in a short amount of time so I wanted to get her on the line. I’ve been checking out some of the stuff she’s been doing and I wanted to get on the line and just talk to her a little bit and have her share with you guys and share with me some of the things she has been doing. So without any further ado, Rosalind thank you so much for joining me on this call today.

Rosalind:         Leslie thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here to talk with you today.

Leslie:              Not a problem. Alright let’s start with getting to know you a little better. Who are you? Who is Rosalind and what do you do?

Rosalind:         Okay Rosalind is just a regular person with a lot of ambition. I am formerly from the corporate world. I worked corporate. I’m not going to tell you how many years but it was a lot. Okay. Many, many years and just decided one day that I’d had enough and so decided to embark on my own journey to own my own business and work from home you know as many of us do and I do, I’m an internet marketer now. I’m a, I call myself an internet entrepreneur okay so.

Leslie:              Okay.

Rosalind:         That’s a lot of different things. Everything that I do just about I do it using the internet because I love the internet, I love the computer and I love being home so you know that when it comes to business, that’s what I’m all about. I’m married, have kids, you know all the wonderful things that you know most of us have a privilege of being involved in and I’ve been married for actually 22 years so.

Leslie:              Oh wow.

Rosalind:         That gives it away a little bit. I didn’t need to say that but happily married and you know just love having a chance to be able to now spend more time doing the things at home with my husband and with my family, things like that. I’m really, really enjoying my life right now.

Leslie:              Okay so you work from home full time. You don’t do anything else.

Rosalind:         Full time. Nothing else. I did, yeah full time mom at home.

Leslie:              Alright. Okay. Now internet marketing that’s a very vague topic I guess.

Rosalind:         Right.

Leslie:              What specifically do you do when it comes to internet marketing?

Rosalind:         Basically I use a lot of attraction marketing and social media. I love meeting new people and networking with people online. Literally I’ll go to places like my facebook, youtube, you know places like that, tagged even, twitter and I just find other people who have the same types of interests that I have, other people who are entrepreneurs who work from home and I’ll use any method you know of those methods mostly but any method that’s available to marketing online. You know there are things like pay per click and all of that. I don’t get involved in as much of that as I do just basically networking with people because there are so many people like us, so many people who just love meeting new people and meeting people who are interested in the same types of things so that’s what I do a lot of. I spend a lot of my day meeting new people, finding out how I can help people, learning new things but internet marketing is so vast. I could get into details about you know specifics but just suffice it to say that I use social media, I use attraction marketing mostly for doing and blogs of course. You know a lot of blogging and video marketing. Article marketing you know a lot of those things but mostly just meeting people and networking and making new friends.

Leslie:              Okay and how long have you been doing that?

Rosalind:         Actually for the internet I’ve only been doing it about maybe 2, 2 ½ years. I’ve worked for myself, I’ve worked from home for many years but I just started really tapping into the whole internet thing. It’s been less than 3 years since I’ve been doing that full time so it’s fairly new but it doesn’t take long at all. Once you kind of understand how it works and you see the possibilities that are there, you can get hooked on it really easily because it works so well and it’s so much fun I mean for people that like to be online of course but yeah it’s only been about 2 ½ years or so since I’ve been doing, really getting into the online methods.

Leslie:              Alright. So you’re doing internet marketing. You use social media and social marketing and networking with other people but how does that make you money?

Rosalind:         Okay well let me give you an example. I’m on facebook, well my space too but let’s use facebook as an example and I will join communities of organizations of other people who work from home, who are entrepreneurs who have their own businesses and I go on and I will learn about some of the things that they’re doing but in the process of that, people are making friends with me and I’m making friends with other people and I’m the kind of person, I’m not one that’s just going to add friends, add friends. I mean you know how that goes right. People say go to twitter, go to myspace, go to facebook and just add new friends. Well I don’t want to add friends just for the sake of adding friends. I add friends because my purpose for being there is to network with people so how that makes me money is this. I’ll go to somebody’s page and I’ll see that they are in a certain business and that they are talking about their business on the internet. So I will chime in and say hey I was just by your page. I noticed that you have this product. Tell me more about it or I noticed that and it’s going to be something that I’m interested in. I’m not just out there fishing okay. I’m actually looking to see what is it that other people are doing that I could be interested in too, not just so I can do it also but just so I can meet the kind of people that are interested in that type of thing and so I literally will send them an email message and we’ll start to chat back and forth and we start to build a rapport.

The same thing happens on my website. People will see some of my youtube videos for instance right and so they contact me and we start to chat and we start to build a rapport and what ends up happening is I’ll say something like well you know, I have something that I think can help you in your business and what are they going to ask me? Well what is it right? Well the good thing about that is what I have really can help them so that’s one of the ways that I make money by just making friendships and having something that can help other people. Another thing that I do is when I find something that’s really, really good that I think can happen, that can help a lot of people, I’ll write an article about it. Let’s say for instance that somebody wants to learn how to do video marketing and I understand video marketing or somebody wants to do article marketing so I will write an article about that particular thing. One of my favorite things to do would be the type of things that a lot of people want to do but don’t understand how to do.

For instance a lot of people hear about blogging. Blogging, what’s blogging all about? I want to learn how to do a blog. Where do I go? Where do I start? So I’ll do a training series about how to do a blog and I’ll just send it out to people. See in this industry what I find there’s two different ways you can market. You can just blast people with what you have and say please buy from me, buy from me, buy from me or you can, when I say blast people I’m saying you can just send a lot of information out there right but if you send helpful information, you send things out there that people are really interested in finding out more information about. See I’m not going to blast you and say come buy this product from me. I might send a blast out that says hey I’ve got a product that can help you learn how to do something and those are the kind of people that would generally, they’ll check it out, they’ll look at it and go wow this really can help me and then that will lead them to other things that I’m doing that can make money.

Say for instance if I have a product that says well if you want to blast videos, this product or this software can help you get 50 videos out every single day on different sites right. Well that’s how that costs but that’s not what I’m going to blast out there. I’m going to blast out there if this is how video marketing can help you if you’ve got a product that you want to put out on the internet. So what I’m giving people is something of value. I’m giving them information that can help them understand how the process works but then on the backend I have a product that I can offer you if you so choose but the great thing about it they may not want the product that I have to offer but I’m still getting them value. I’m still helping them and I just believe in that law. If I put it out there it’s going to come back to me and that’s kind of the way I do it. I don’t do a lot as I said of advertising for products. I do a lot of putting things out there that I believe you know can help people that I believe can help the masses when it comes to internet marketing. I like to choose products that can help people regardless of what type of business they’re marketing on the internet so I might just talk about you know the fact that you can blast videos all over the internet and this is why it works so well and if you want to know what you can use to make that work better, check this out and then I’ll put a link and they’ll go to it and you know they kind of say, kind of stumble upon it on their own should I say if that makes sense and so when they stumble upon it, if they’ve got questions about it, of course in my articles I’m going to say if you want to understand more about how this works or if you’d like more details, feel free to give me a call.

One thing that I do also in my marketing is I’m a real person okay. I’m not on the internet as a, I’ll just put it this way. I’m who I am, when you see me, when you call me on the phone you’re actually going to get me you know and I’m not saying you know that I don’t have some systems where I use voice mails and things like that but what I think is working for me is the fact that I even had somebody say that today. He called and he says well I saw one of your videos and he says I’m amazed that I called the phone number and you actually picked up and answered the phone. So in this industry there’s not a lot of that out there. There are a lot of people leading people to systems, leading people to voice mails, leading people to other sites and things like that. If I want to build a rapport with somebody, I’m going to lead them to me so what ends up happening is I have enough things out there that makes people curious enough to want to know more and so I just direct them right back to me, when they contact me, I get a chance to have a conversation with them to find out exactly where they are and what it is that they’re looking for and then by me having an opportunity to talk to them, then I can direct them to things that will make me money by sharing with them what I have to offer.

Leslie:              And I can attest to that because like I mentioned at the beginning of the interview, the way I first met you was on youtube and I remember watching one of your videos and thinking to yourself, thinking to myself wow this person is a real person. I can tell that. I can see your personality in the videos and that’s one of the things that kind of made you stood out from a lot of the other videos that I was seeing on youtube.

Rosalind:         Oh good.

Leslie:              Now to follow up on what you were saying. So basically you’re giving them a bunch of good information, quality information that they can use that can help them regardless of what business they’re doing. Now is this more so products that you’ve developed or are you affiliates with these products?

Rosalind:         I’m actually affiliates for all of them. I don’t have anything that I put out there that I myself have developed. I do have some trainings and things like that that I do personally with people who are working with me personally in you know different organizations or things like that but the things that I put out on the internet are generally just other people’s products or other systems that you know they can tap into but I don’t, I haven’t developed it myself at all. I just, I use it first. I found out that it’s a good produce and other people can benefit from it and that’s what I put out there.

Leslie:              And that’s the, in my opinion at least, that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. You don’t necessarily need to generate your own product because there are products out there that can be valuable that you can recommend to people and make money off of that so it’s an awesome system.

Rosalind:         Yeah I absolutely love it and plus it would take a lot of time. My thing is this I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If somebody’s already invented it and especially they have it available for me to make it available to other people then I don’t need to go out and do it again.

Leslie:              So basically taping into their resources.

Rosalind:         Right. Absolutely.

Leslie:              Sounds good. Now recently you’ve started freebie trading and I remember it because I remember seeing a video that you made about how you found freebie trading and you’re having good success with it. Can you give us a little insight as to how you came across freebie trading?

Rosalind:         This is going to be so funny. I literally came across freebie training because I was looking for a family member who’s always asking me for money which I don’t mind too much but I said okay. She was on her way to college and I said you know you need a way that you’re going to be able to have some consistent money you know. Just have some money coming in and so I’m going, you know I’m going to find something for you. I knew that what I was doing on the internet she wouldn’t have enough time to do because I wanted her to really dedicate her time to her studies right. So I went on Craig’s list believe it or not, just kind of searching around to get an idea of what was out there for people who were looking for it, something that they could do that wasn’t a regular job but that they could make money with and I found something and what it ended up being was freebie trading and it’s so funny because when I saw what it was and I decided to do a little bit of research, I’m like no way. I’m looking at this. I’m like are you kidding me. I mean you can literally go online and do a little bit of work, put an hour in you know and have money in your account tomorrow right. So what I did, okay I’m not going to tell her about this yet. I got to try this first because it just seemed like it was too good to be true. I’m like no because everything that you hear you know there’s always a twist to it when you go online and you’re looking for a system, you’re looking for a business to do online and it sounds so good but once you get into it you always find out that there’s this little twist that they just somehow forget to tell you about right.

Well I couldn’t find the twist. I’m like there’s got to be something. I mean there’s got to be more to it. So I decided to try it and when I started having money dumped into my PayPal from my mentor I’m like it really works exactly the way they say that it works. So I’m like this is insane. So of course I told her about it but then I thought well you know what, I know a lot of people that this could probably benefit you know people in other businesses with me that I felt this could benefit so I fell, I kind of stumbled into it not looking for it, looking for something, didn’t, wasn’t sure what I was going to run into. I mean I don’t think anything happens by accident right but when I stumbled into it that’s literally how I found it just on the internet looking for something, it came up, I did a little bit more research and next thing you knew I was doing it and next thing you knew I had some friends doing it and it’s just been going smoothly and great since then.

Leslie:              This sounds good. Now with freebie trading there are many different ways to start. Why did you decide to use CaliStyle101?

Rosalind:         Well I had and in my research everywhere I went they kept talking about forums right so I decided to check out forums and see what the whole forum thing was all about. I understand forum marketing from an internet marketing standpoint but I had never really worked with it the way the whole freebie trading system did. So in my research I actually joined a few different forums just to kind of get inside to see what they were all about and when I got to CaliStyle what impressed me so much was because I’m internet marketer right and I love all things internet was that the way it was, it’s laid out because all of the people that I work with in trainings and classes and all those things that we do, we point everything to using the internet because these are a group of people who want to use the internet.

So when we got to CaliStyle I thought well here’s somebody that understands internet marketing, somebody who knows how to show other people a little bit of you know how to do some internet marketing and then when I saw the tutorials and the trainings and all the things that were built into the system already, what really intrigued me was like wow well this is really going to make my job a lot easier. I don’t have to you know explain it or train them in that way. All I have to do is point them to what’s already been put in place on CaliStyle. It’s like it’s already there. It was already mapped out. It’s all in place and so it lines up you know very closely to what we’re already doing so it just made it easier for me not to have to reinvent the wheel and that impressed me a lot.

Leslie:              Okay. I was just going to mention that right before you said that but it’s the same thing like what you were saying before. You didn’t want to reinvent the wheel with what you were doing with your affiliate marketing and so on and it’s the same thing, you can just plug into a system that’s already there that you can just send your referrals to and they can get all the training that they need and you don’t have to do it yourself so that works very well. Now how do you get your referrals specifically for freebie trading because I, you said around the forums, I know a lot of people at the forums and some people are getting a lot of trades, others aren’t getting as many trades and so on and here you come along and your trader rating is just climbing on a daily basis significantly. How do you get your referrals for freebie trading?

Rosalind:         Okay. I’ll be honest with you. My background is and still is network marketing and anybody who is familiar at all with network marketing understands that anything you do when it comes to these types of businesses, your success is based solely on numbers. So one of the things that we always tell people to do, now this is really, really, really old school but it worked so well for me that I just tell people to go ahead and do it and what it was was I just simply made a list of everybody that I knew that I thought could make you know use some more money. I mean that’s where I started and it took, I talked to maybe 10 people, just 10 you know in network marketing you know we’ll have people make a list of a hundred people and you know all that and I mean I don’t do that anymore for network marketing but for this there was something different about it because out of the 10 people that I talked to, 8 of them were like I’m in.

Leslie:              Oh wow.

Rosalind:         Tell me what to do. Yeah I mean it was like you know in network marketing you got to sell people on something, you got to do a presentation, you got to do all this you know all these steps to get them to a point where they’re ready to buy into whatever it is that you have but with this I simply said you know what? You can spend an hour a day and have $100 or more in your account tomorrow and they’re like well show me what to do you know. It was just that simple. It was just that simple and so I just use some of the old methods that I used in network marketing and now what we’re doing and we did initially as just a test because remember I just go into this right so I wanted to make sure before we really, really put it out there that the way it’s working for me that it’s going to be working for everybody else. So out of those 10 or so people, it’s more than 10 now but I mean when we first got started, out of those few people, we all started trading just I mean we went crazy like the first week I’m like okay I’ve got a trade thread here. I want you to just go through and do as many of them as you can. I mean my goal is I tell them you know get through five or six in a day if you can you know and when they saw that could be done and when they saw that every time they completed a trade that they have money in their account why would they stop. They’re like oh if I turn around and do it again, I’m going to get paid again you know so.

Leslie:              Yep. It makes sense.

Rosalind:         Yeah so I started with just what we call in network marketing, we call it a warm market. I start with people that I already know and I will be honest with you Leslie, I have not had to yet go outside of my warm market for method two, not yet. I mean I’m getting ready to do some campaigns and things like that but I haven’t had to do that yet because the people that I run into just in regular life need quick money right now. So it’s been keeping me so busy that I really haven’t had a chance to really get out there and do it in a big way yet. So I’ve been setting up my systems and things you know some of the extras things that I want to throw in to make sure that it’s push button easy for everybody that’s working with me but that’s really how I started getting you know my leads just from people that I know people by the way who are already working with me in a network marketing company and I’ll tell you why that has worked so well. In network marketing, there are two things that happen. One is that if you’re looking for new people to join your network marketing company, a lot of times depending on how much it costs for people to sign up, people will want to join you and they won’t have money. I literally sat down today with a young man and he said okay it cost X number of dollars for people to join my network marketing business.

How can I get that amount of money in the hands of somebody who wants to join me and we literally mapped out some sites that they could go to and he would pay them so much money for each site and so he came up with the amount of money that they would need now to join his network marketing company. So for him and for me and for many of us it’s going, it’s a first step to get them you know get them in freebie trading but I can tell you another thing that has happened. A few people that have been freebie trading are like you know what I’m just going to stay right here. I don’t need to go through network marketing. I don’t need to go through affiliate marketing. I like this right here so they kind of you know got stuck on the freebie which is fine because it’s all about if you want to create income you know depending on how much income you want to create, if this is going to be sufficient for you why would you move on. I mean that’s kind of how they felt about it because we’ve literally had an opportunity to sit down and map out if you want to make a certain amount of money every single month, all you have to do is know how many people you need to have trading with you and how many trades they need to complete and it will give you the end result.

Leslie:              Yeah.

Rosalind:         And so for people in network marketing, number one it helps them to help other people to get the money to start their company. Number two every network marketing has what we call an auto ship. That’s means every month you’re going to be automatically billed for whatever product that company is promoting right. So now what happens a lot of people will drop out of network marketing businesses because they don’t want to keep coming out of their pocket to pay the auto ships while they’re building an organization. So we use freebie trading to say keep doing freebie trading to have the money to pay for your auto ships while you’re building your team in your network marketing business and that way it’s not coming out of your pocket and so.

Leslie:              That makes sense.

Rosalind:         What it’s doing is it’s helping network marketers to always have a way for anybody who is serious about wanting to join a network marketing company to have a way to get the money to do it number one and to have the way to stay in while they’re building their organization because that parts takes a little bit more time but this is money that they can have right now so it’s a win win all the way around.

Leslie:              So in other words they’re using freebie trading as a means to an end basically.

Rosalind:         Right.

Leslie:              You’re making some money so that you can support something that’s going to maybe cost a little more but it has significantly more potential.

Rosalind:         Right. Right. Absolutely and what it does for me is because I really understand that when you want to market in a big way, you do have to have a marketing budget okay.

Leslie:              Yes.

Rosalind:         It’s going to help. You’ve just got to have a marketing budget if you want to do pay per click or whatever it might be, there are pools out there and some of them have monthly fees attached to them so it’s still all part of a marketing budget so what I use my freebie trading for is to increase my marketing budget for other things that I’m doing so I don’t use it for my main source of income but it certainly enhances my business because now I’m able to do my business in a bigger way because I have a larger budget now that I can allow just for marketing my other businesses.

Leslie:              Definitely. That’s actually similar to the way I looked at freebie trading when I first started. When I first started and I found out that I could get paid within a few hours, then make a decent amount of money on a monthly basis, I continued doing that and I used some of the money that I made from freebie trading to fund my online education as I like to call it so that I can move on to bigger and better things. Freebie trading is great and it’s a great way of getting some quick money and that quick money can help you either pay bills or expand your education some more and so on. So yeah that’s, I think that’s a great way to look at it.

Rosalind:         And it’s been working fine for me that way and I always encourage everybody too if anybody knows about freebie trading of course to get involved in method two because in method two.

Leslie:              Oh definitely.

Rosalind:         You know that’s where you’re going to have that ongoing income that will continue to come month after month after well week, days you know I mean it just you know as many people as you have trading with you, I mean that’s where the money just doesn’t stop and it’s funny because like I said you have to really be careful because it’s easy to get stuck here. We have been having so much fun with this. It’s like you know some of the other stuff it’s like whoa it’s been on the back burner for a while because asking about freebie trading and that’s because it is right now money and there’s something about getting paid right now that really excites people. I mean I have to keep up the honesty you know in my network marketing but they were sleeping. I mean they just weren’t doing anything and so those are some of the ones that I called. I said okay that’s not working for you right now. You still need money right? Well yeah. Okay so let’s do this for right now and then we’ll come back and revisit that and now these people that were sleeping are, they’re awake now and they’re like oh yeah this works. Finally. You know and the thing is the other stuff works too but if you don’t know how to do it and you don’t have the time to put into it, it’s not going to work for you but finally they’re like I really literally have money going into my PayPal account and they had never made money in some of the other things so you know it’s really, it makes me feel really, really good to be able to pay people who haven’t been able to make money before.

Leslie:              Awesome. Now how do you fit that into your daily process with everything that you’re doing?

Rosalind:         We have, I try to do everything in clumps or in groups so to speak okay. We have, I even approached my freebie trading almost as a team aspect. In network marketing, everything is about the team you know it’s about the company and the whole but every leader has a team and they’re helping everybody on their team to succeed right. So we do the same thing with our freebie trading. Three times a week we have a call where everyone who is working with me in freebie trading, we get on a call, I do a webinar. That’s where they can see my screen if they have questions about the forum or questions about how to complete a trade or something like that. They can literally get on the phone and we talk and they ask questions. Sometimes I’ll do a training on a certain aspect of internet marketing. It could be a facebook training. This is how you can use facebook to find more traders to trade with you, you know in freebie trading or this is how you write your trade threads so I’ll just go to my page and I’ll bring up my trade thread, show it to them you know things like that.

So when you keep that synergy of the group happening, that helps and so I have that scheduled into my day right and then after we do our group call, then I have about a hour and a half set aside to personally work one on one with people who are struggling, who are not really internet savvy and might need a little bit of extra help. It does take more time but I can tell you because the way I work, I mean I really do get a lot of joy out of seeing other people make it so I don’t mind putting in that time one on one to make sure that they understand. You know when people realize what they have in their hands with freebie trading, I’m telling them don’t think small. Don’t think small with this business. You don’t have to minimize what you think is possible because you really can take this business as far as you want to take it and I’ve heard some, you know someone refer to it oh it’s not really a business. Well I beg to differ. If you’re doing something and you’re getting paid for it, it sounds like a business to me.

Leslie:              Sounds like a business to me too.

Rosalind:         Yeah so that’s how I fit it into my day so I schedule time aside to help my team who are and I call my traders part of my team and I schedule time aside for me to do my own trading or you know to work on my blog or whatever it might be. Everything that I have in my day I plan it out the night before and so it just fits in like clockwork. Its part of my workday.

Leslie:              So you treat this more of a team effort. It’s not just you getting one referral and another one referral you kind of bring them together and you train them as a team.

Rosalind:         I do. We have a, we have our own team chat room and we just use Skype and what happens, what’s so great and this is what keeps people moving, anytime somebody completes a trade, I’ll put out a kudos. Woohoo congratulations to Mary. She just did her very first trade and guess what everybody else in the chat room sends her, whoever happens to be on right, they’ll send a Skype message congratulations Mary or you know whatever it might be. Things like that, I don’t know what it does for people but it’s just so encouraging when they.

Leslie:              Definitely.

Rosalind:         They are encouraged for what they’re doing you know. It could be one trade you know. It doesn’t matter but we do everything. We celebrate each other you know. If somebody has graduated, we call graduated from method one to method two and now they’ve got their first trader, then we’ll send it out congratulations Steven has his you know first trade partner. Woohoo. You know I mean I know it’s crazy but you know it keeps people moving because they’re like well I want to be part of that too and as soon as they sign up with, to trade with any of us and I train the whole team to do the same thing, get them into the Skype chat room. We just automatically let them know this is part of the process. It’s not an option. Its part of what we do. You start, you sign up, you go to, you register  for CaliStyle101 and you join Skype so that we can put you in the group and you know it just goes from there and the synergy from the team calls and everybody congratulating everybody on every little bitty thing that we do, it just keeps it moving forward.

Leslie:              Actually you know that is one of the things that I personally love about freebie trading so much. It’s not just this thing that you’re at home by yourself studying and trying to make things work. There’s an entire community involved and you can celebrate your successes with each other. You can talk about what you’re struggling with because it’s not all a bed of roses. You’re going to have to encounter some issues and if you have a team there that you can talk to about it and you can get their support and their encouragement and you can see how they’re succeeding and you can share some of your successes, I mean that just makes it an awesome experience much better than just studying a program on your own and trying to do everything on your own. So that is definitely one of the things that I love about it so much.

Rosalind:         Yeah and it does work well because we do have people that have questions and challenges from time to time and they just put the question right in the chat room. You know it’s understood if you’re having a really frustrating day and you’re feeling all negative that’s not what you put in the chat room but if you’ve got a question or you run up against something that you’re not sure how to handle it you know then they put it in there and there two or three people that may have had the same situation and so they see okay this is not just me. This has happened to somebody before and so you know we just help each other out that way and you’re right. Nobody ever feels alone in this because they know that they’ve got other people here that are part of this group, part of a team that are rooting them on. I mean you know and that’s the thing about it. We don’t have any, and we’ve really been blessed this way, that everybody in the group wants to see everybody else succeed so there’s no jealousy. You know when people are doing well or anything like that; everything is like yeah good for you.

We’re happy for you. You know what I’m saying and that just really you know we haven’t done any contests or anything like that yet you know we just haven’t gotten to that point but that might be a possibility as well in the future that we can add some things and I know that on the forums that from time to time that there are contests there so whatever contests are in the forums then we’re going to of course be promoting those and saying hey this is the contest that’s going on in CaliStyle. Let’s see which of us can get that you know can get the reward or whatever it might be so we’re going to be pushing anything that comes across in that regard so that again it just makes it fun for everybody. I believe that if you’re going to be working, my whole thing for leaving corporate was because I got tired of the drama, the corporate politics you know all the crazy things that go along with that. If you’re going to work and work from home for yourself you might as well enjoy what you’re doing you know and so we just make it fun that way. We’re going to probably and this is way out there but it has come up that we might even take a team cruise next year.

Leslie:              Oh wow.

Rosalind:         All of us get together and take a little three day you know nothing you know elaborate but just you know those kinds of things you would be amazed when you have that kind of a synergy in an organization and those are some of the things that I got from being in network marketing that we do that always works very, very well so we’re bringing those same things over to freebie and it has shown so far to be a really, really, really good move for a lot of people.

Leslie:              Well definitely let me know when you guys are going on that cruise. I’d love to be there.

Rosalind:         I would love for you to go. That would be awesome.

Leslie:              That would be fun. Alright well I just have one more question for you. Let’s say I’m someone that’s new that’s coming into freebie trading, maybe overwhelmed, maybe excited, maybe anxious to get started. What advice would you give to me as someone that is just starting?

Rosalind:         The first thing I would say to you Leslie would be to learn the trade. Now you’re not going to learn everything about it before you start but in CaliStyle there are videos that will tell you all of the basics from A to Z. What it is. How it works and how to do it. So the first thing you want to do is once you have signed up in the forum is watch all the videos. They’re not that long and they will give you a wealth of information. After you do that, you want to make sure that you find a good mentor and that’s the people that are not already working with me. If you’re you know listening to this and you haven’t found a mentor, go on the forum and find a good mentor. Somebody that you know is going to be patient. Somebody that wants to see you succeed and somebody that thinks big. Those are the, that to be the most important thing to get, first of all get an understanding of what it is and then get a good mentor that will, not somebody that will necessarily just baby-sit you to do the whole thing but who has patience to make sure that you understand it you know and know what you’re doing, who will kind of walk you through it so that you have a complete understanding and who wants to see you move on to the next phase you know and so those are the to me the most, the most important components. Number one get an understanding by getting the knowledge. Number two get a good mentor and then just get started. I mean just do your first trade. Just jump in the water, do your first trade, your mentor’s going to help you with that trade. If you have any questions about it or don’t understand exactly how to do it and then do the next trade and then do another and another until you are ready to do phase two and now you’re going to be that really good mentor for somebody else that’s coming in brand new that needs to understand the whole process and you’ll know how to do it because you’ve been through it. Just watch and repeat and do it over and over and over again.

Leslie:              Sounds good. Hey what, if someone wants to find out a little more about what you’re doing online with your affiliate marketing and your network marketing and anything basically, is there a website that they can go to and check you out?

Rosalind:         They can just go to my blog and my blog will pretty much point them to everything else that I do and that’s just my name Ros like Sam alin like Nancy d like Daniel. RosalindGreen.net and that will take them to my blog and then they can click on any of the links there that will get them to freebie trading and everything else that I’m doing but that’s RosalindGreen.net.

Leslie:              Sounds good and I’ll make sure to have a link of that beneath this audio so that people can click through if they would like to do it that way.

Rosalind:         Awesome.

Leslie:              Hey Rosalind it was a pleasure talking with you. Thank you so much for joining me on this call today.

Rosalind:         Thank you very much for having me. It was my pleasure as well.

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  • Larry says:

    Thank you for doing this interview. Rosalind seems to be a very energetic person with the idea to help people as her fuel. This is truly a key to success and hers shows it. Using freebie trading as a way to make money to support your other business recurring expenses is another good point. I found this interview to be very helpful for me as well as others.

  • Larry says:

    Thank you for doing this interview. Rosalind seems to be a very energetic person with the idea to help people as her fuel. This is truly a key to success and hers shows it. Using freebie trading as a way to make money to support your other business recurring expenses is another good point. I found this interview to be very helpful for me as well as others.

  • larryburr says:

    Thank you for doing this interview. Rosalind is a very energetic person and her energy is fueled by her desire to help other people. This always is a key to success as her success shows. Her suggestion to use freebie trading to get seed money for other affiliate marketing businesses and especially to pay for the recurring expenses like auto shipments is another good point. This interview has been helpful for me and I am sure it will help many others as well.

  • angelina54 says:

    Thank you for sharing this interview with us. Rosalind is very interesting to listen to. She is down to earth and I feel like I know her because of the friendly way she presents herself. She finds joy in the success of others and has many suggestions to help further the business. I like her suggestion about being a team or working as a team.I love the relaxed way Leslie interviews Rosalind. It is not only educational but friendly too. I like how she encourages us to root each other on as we progress in freebie trading.. She shows how to make freebie fun while working. Learn the trade. Watch the videos, find a good mentor, and think big, says Rosalind when showing others how to be successful with freebie trading.Thank you Leslie and Rosalind for the encouragement!

  • I definitely agree with you there Larry. She's very enthusiastic about what she's doing. Glad it was helpful to you.

  • Doing Freebies as a group is definitely a good idea Angelina. Having others that you work with as a team can be very encouraging with whatever you are doing. It's different from how I've done it, but is definitely very beneficial in my opinion.

  • Karen McPherson says:

    Thanks for the interview with Rosalind. I work with her and I have to tell you she is the real deal. She is truly a mentor who cares and is always there to assist. I feel blessed to have have the opportunity to work with her and the team.

  • Hi Karen,Good to hear some feedback from someone working with her on the other side of the equation. Glad that you had a pleasant experience. She's a neat person to work with.

  • I definitely agree with you there Larry. She's very enthusiastic about what she's doing. Glad it was helpful to you.

  • Doing Freebies as a group is definitely a good idea Angelina. Having others that you work with as a team can be very encouraging with whatever you are doing. It's different from how I've done it, but is definitely very beneficial in my opinion.

  • Karen McPherson says:

    Thanks for the interview with Rosalind. I work with her and I have to tell you she is the real deal. She is truly a mentor who cares and is always there to assist. I feel blessed to have have the opportunity to work with her and the team.

  • Hi Karen,Good to hear some feedback from someone working with her on the other side of the equation. Glad that you had a pleasant experience. She's a neat person to work with.

  • Orland says:

    Very good conversation. Rosalind puts personality into the business, which reduces the fear of getting involve. My question is, what is the basic difference between Calistyle 101 And Project Payday?

  • Orland says:

    Very good conversation. Rosalind puts personality into the business, which reduces the fear of getting involve. My question is, what is the basic difference between Calistyle 101 And Project Payday?

    • CaliStyle101 is a trading forum, project Payday is a website that teaches about the industry. This is not something I focus on anymore as I’ve left the Freebie Industry a while back. This is an old interview.

  • >