Doing This Can Open Up More Opportunities For You

January 30, 2015

Did you know that by admitting your flaws, you actually open yourself up to more opportunities? Who would’ve thought? Why exactly is that? In this video, I share fascinating research with you.

In the mid 1980s, researchers at Columbia State University conducted a study where they created resumes for two fictitious characters – David and John. David and John were what you would call ideal candidates.

Here’s the interesting thing – Their two resumes were essentially the same. They had identical education, qualifications, skills, experience and even letters of references but differed only in one minor point.

In John’s letter, it included this simple statement – “Sometimes, John can be difficult to get along with”.

They then presented these two candidates to a number of personnel directors across multiple companies.

Now, which candidate do you think was overwhelmingly preferred? It may surprise you to know that the preferred candidate was actually John – the same dude that can be difficult to get along with.


What did the researchers conclude? That by including that flaw in the letter, it made the good stuff more believable.

When you and I put stuff out there, it’s easy to focus on everything we do well, because that sounds good and we like sounding good. But I’ve found that if we only share the good stuff, we not only don’t show the full picture, but we are no longer relatable or even believable.

Think about it – we all have our issues, and when we see someone living the “perfect life”, we’re skeptical because it can’t be true.

My take home message is this – don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes and your flaws. Now, don’t be stupid and admit too much. You gotta be smart about it.

But if you’re putting yourself out there with the hopes of building something, give a well rounded, realistic perspective of who you are.

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  • Gloria says:

    I have a thirty something wanna be actress diva adult child living at home who is difficult to get along with. She doesn’t even understand the concept of carrying your own load like chipping in on the electric bill or turning off a light. But this does serve her well on the shoots she gets to go on (as an extra). She has met Robert Plant, Patrick Warburton, Koolio, Pharrell Williams, the Temptations, the Beasty Boys, to name a few. These few she had conversations with. She’s also been in the same room with Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell, Jessica Bael, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, to name a few more.

    She was recently in the trailer for ‘Sin City 2’ on the right side of Rosario Dawson where she got to point a machine gun at MIckey Rourke. She’s beautiful but I’ll tell ya, Naomi Campbell’s mum has nothing over on me. When I say difficult I aint kidding one bit.

    Someone like me would avoid your John.

  • Andre R Boone says:

    That’s a great piece of advice. We all know that nobodies perfect, but, hardly any of us are willing to share our imperfections.

  • lucrecer says:

    Very good advice, Leslie. Showing some vulnerability allows people to relate to you. Being vulnerable is not being weak. I like this.

  • Todd Marsh says:

    Great advice Lesile! Just letting you know I do not lack in flaws so this is good news for me…

  • Eyram Sotome says:

    You got it, Leslie.

    I’ve been doing that lately and it is super helpful, not just because it is more believable, but because it is honest.

    Society is looking more and more for the truth. I’m glad I can reflect that as well 🙂

    Keep it up!

  • inzwanai says:

    Again ,thank you for this wonderful feed all.I got to look at myself a little closer.I think it helps to know one’s negs. thanks.

  • Mary says:

    Excellent Leslie! It is sometimes hard enough to be vulnerable to people close to me. It might be a lot easier with a virtual community.
    It is so true tho. I don’t continue with “RAH RAH” people. They don’t know me at all (thanks for the chuckle).
    Thanks for all your great work and keeping in great touch with all of us!

  • Guest says:

    These tips are really helpful, but I don’t recommend for everybody to rely only on them. Everyone has
    its own best methods to start a good day.

  • Parth Patel says:

    Really Nice Opportunities.
    honesty is Key. Great perspective!

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