My New Social Media Strategy – Ignore What Most People Are Saying

September 22, 2014

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9_22_Social_Focus_PinterestFacebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, blah blah blah.

I’ve been trying to figure out a strategy on how to use all of these sites in my marketing. In an attempt to come up with such a comprehensive strategy, I’ve been actively evaluating programs like Social Oomph, Hootsuite, Buffer and a few others.

Although I feel like I have a solid grasp on how to use them effectively, here’s the truth – Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m an entrepreneur, and as an entrepreneur I need to work on building my business in a way that helps my audience accomplish their goals while accomplishing the goals I’ve set for my business.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize – because I’ve been trying to dominate everything, I haven’t really been dominating ANYTHING.

Why am I surprised? Did I think that because I quit my job to do this full time, I’d have all the time in the world to make EVERYTHING happen?

Maybe I did, and you know what? If so, I was wrong!

As a result, I’ve come to a liberating decision. It ends here.

For the rest of 2014, I’m committing myself to intentionally ignoring every social media site except two.

I know, I know – they are all great for getting exposure for your blog and your online business.

Yes, I know that there are many bloggers who have had tremendous success driving tons of traffic using these sites – and you know what? I don’t care, at least not for now.

In fact, I’m going to intentionally ignore all their advice regardless of how awesome it may be.

Yep, I’m focusing on just two.

How I decided on the two

This was actually very simple. As I’ve said, I’ve been doing a pretty mediocre job on all of my social networks. However, I’ve definitely had traffic coming to my site from these sites.

So I decided to hop over to my Google Analytics account to evaluate how my social media efforts have translated to direct traffic. Here’s what I saw:


As you can see, the top 3 social media sites that have been driving traffic to Become A Blogger are Facebook with 4,292 visits, Pinterest with 1,251 visits, and Twitter with 1,122 visits.

Using those numbers, you’d be inclined to think that I should focus on Facebook and Pinterest. However, if you look at the time spent on the blog, Facebook visitors spent an average of 2:40, Pinterest visitors came in at 37 seconds and Twitter visitors at 3:15.

So, although Pinterest sent slightly more traffic than Twitter, visitors from Twitter spent over 5 times as much time on the blog.

The decision was clear – First Facebook and then Twitter.

Side note: I’m starting to love making decisions based on data, as opposed to my feelings. It makes me feel like what I’m doing actually makes sense.

So what’s my strategy?

I wish I could tell you, but I can’t and there’s one simple reason – I don’t know yet. In fact, this will be more of an ongoing experiment where I collect data and report back on it.

However, there’s one thing I do know – I’m actually going to be starting off by really building on Facebook alone and then adding more Twitter into the mix.

FacebookLikeI just finished listening to an amazing interview with Holly Homer on the Social Media Marketing Podcast where she spoke about how she grew her Quirky Momma Facebook Page from 7,000 fans to more than 530,000 fans in only 8 months.

Here’s the thing – she didn’t use Facebook ads or any crazy gimmicks, and now she has a loyal following that’s ridiculously huge. In fact, I just checked out her Facebook page and it currently has 824,896 fans at the time that I’m writing this (and probably more by the time you read it).

Now, Holly doesn’t know this but she has just become my Facebook mentor (whether she likes it or not, lol).

Between my Virtual Assistant (VA) and myself, we’re going to be going through the videos she has posted on her Youtube channel about what she has done with Facebook, coming up with a strategy for the Become A Blogger Facebook page, and then implementing that strategy.

I already know this – this won’t be a one size fits all strategy. Our strategy won’t be identical to hers, nor will it be the perfect strategy for you.

It will be one that we’ll come up with based on the goals I have for Become A Blogger and what my audience resonates with, but I will also be sharing it here with you.


Because I believe that you will be able to learn from the strategy we come up with and adapt it to your goals and your audience.

P.s. Connect with me on Facebook 😉

So what about Twitter?

TwitterI can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually starting to really love Twitter, but not for the reasons most marketers talk about.

It’s not that I’ve been having a ton of success driving traffic back to my blog. In fact, I think I’ve been doing that pretty poorly.

It’s because I’ve been interacting with people just like you on a one on one basis. Every so often, I get a message throughout the day from someone just checking to see how I’m doing.

That’s AWESOME. I work alone now. There’s no office with coworkers.

However, with Twitter, it’s starting to seem like the world is my office.

Here are some examples of some convos that I’ve been having over the last few days:

That last one even led to a Skype date. Don’t worry – both our spouses are ok with this kinda thing 😉

So for now, Twitter will be kind of like my extended office. It’s the place where I’ll be simply interacting with and engaging real people. However, once we have a solid Facebook strategy outlined and fully implemented, we will start exploring ways of being more effective on Twitter. P.s. Follow me on Twitter 😉

What about everything else?

Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ are all great sites that can all drive a lot of traffic to my blog. I won’t be deleting my accounts, and when I have a new blog post, I will be spending approximately 1 minute to broadcast my content on those sites.

However, I will NOT be trying to grow anything on those sites. I will NOT be looking for new strategies. I will NOT be doing any interviews with experts about those sites.

In other words, I will not be active on those sites.

***HUGE . . . WEIGHT . . . LIFTED***

I can almost feel myself floating in the air because of how free I’ve become. Ok, just kidding on that last part.

At the beginning of 2015, I will reevaluate my social media strategy based solely on the data I collect over the next 4 months and make a decision as to whether I will add another Social Network or just continue with what I’m doing.

What’s your Social Strategy?

Are you the kind of person who tries to be everywhere, or have you picked your top 1 or 2 social networking sites to dominate?

Contribute to the discussion in the comments below.

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  • Alina says:

    Thank you for the insight, Leslie! I’ve been using Facebook and Pinterest as the main drivers of traffic to my blog, and there’s more engagement on Facebook than on Pinterest due to the way they are set up. Google+ has also been in the books, plus I’ve just recently realized that Twitter has good potential (for a while it just puzzled me). One thing I’ve noticed: there’s definitely more traffic I get to my blog from social media than from my email subscribers list… I know, that’s not exactly what I should be seeing according to what you teach here, but that’s just reality. At this time, I’ll take it.

    • That actually doesn’t go against what I teach. Social media drives more traffic than email for MANY blogs. And the opposite is also true. It’s all a matter of what works for you.

      However, I 100% advocate building your email list and using that ultimately as a strong driving force behind your business because that’s something you control. Facebook can make an algorithm change tomorrow that brings your traffic from FB down to zero (and yes, that has been done many times). This is why it’s good to build up your own system of traffic. Nobody can stop you then.

      To me – the idea situation is this – Use social media to drive tons of traffic to your blog and have systems in place to convert those visitors to email subscribers -> win-win.

  • Craig says:

    I would agree with you that FB and Twitter are the major social media drivers. For certain niches, like mine (travel), Pinterest brings in a bunch of traffic but I have yet to figure out how to “interact” with people more on Pinterest. FB and Twitter just seem to be a more natural way to communicate with an audience.
    I love posts like this with statistics to back up your conclusions, gives my brain something to mull over!

  • Ruthmarie says:

    Thank you so much for the reality check on social media! Very refreshing and sorely needed for all socially-bleary-eyed people.

    I’m wondering if I should concentrate on platforms that are sharing streams more freely and equally. I have never developed he clout to get “out there” more than a little on the big platforms like FB. When FB changed its algorithm, the number of people posting to my pages (both personal and business) tanked. When I tried using targeted marketing for my FB page, I was seeking local businesses and got a tiny trickle from that. But most of the new “likes” came from people out of the country who would never use my services. Waste of money and time. Also, I should note that my feed is very stale with the same people showing up over and over and nothing from others that I would like to see. Its hard to sort of throw in the towel on a platform as huge as FB, but I think for the business page – I’m done. Its delivered nothing since the algorithm change despite a fairly significant effort.

    I’m not getting business from it, but I seem to get more activity from Google+ and YouTube and perhaps Pinterest (since I’m a photographer). I don’t like Instagram because of its lack of copyright protection. Pinterest has that issue too, but I can use it for architectural/real estate photos that are high quality, but who is going to want to copy them? Real estate agents are all over Pinterest like a bad rash, so that might be a good place to show off that genre of photos.

    Also, I read somewhere that Twitter is making changes to its algorithm that might be similar to FB. So that’s why I’m not waxing enthusiastic about it.

    One thing is certain – I have to develop a plan and stick with it. Like you, I’m spending too much time scattering my efforts on social media.

    • Ruthmarie, in my mind it all comes down to choosing your platform and then investing the time to learn how to use it effectively. I think they can all be pretty effective regardless of how the algorithm changes. There are many marketers who thrive regardless of the changes, because they study what it takes, make adjustments and rise to the top. That’s the way it is with most things in life. Takes a lot of work, but we can do this thing!

  • sandy says:

    Thanks for sharing. I think you’re wise not to remove the google plus, even though most of your business comes from FB because many people who don’t use FB went to google plus.

    • I think it’s always wise to chose what works and focus on it. Yes, I can get traffic from G+, and I can also get from Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. However, you can try to do too much and end up reaching nowhere.

  • Hi, Leslie,

    I have to agree with you – I hated Twitter and now I use it twice a day! Who knew? It really is a good channel to grow visitors and subscribers.

    Thanks for the informative post. I’m like you – I’m forcing myself to rely more on data.

    • Yep, data is key Sue. I’m really trying to use more of it to make decisions. That’s the way to grow.

      Glad to hear Twitter is working for you, even though you disliked it like I did 😉

  • saima sultan says:

    I want to learn how to blog. Thank you for all your help that you can provide in this process.
    I have never blogged, do not know anything about it…….but…….want to master it.


  • Dr. Doug says:

    Love your stuff, Samuel. And splendid commentary everyone!

    I am totally new at this, or, at least, totally new at taking massive action in regards to driving traffic to my blog.

    So grain of salt taken.

    I never really “got” Facebook. Is it because I am an introvert, INTP ?

    But I am highly visual so I am able to get responses in Pinterest and Tumblr without even trying.

    As for Twitter, I noticed that if I referred to topics of hot interest, even obliquely, then I got a tsunami of new followers. Example: Teal Swan’s blog and videos on new age spirituality.

    But I think that Google + has all their ducks in a row, so to speak, just so many features and options, so I will definitely hang in there.

    Also, Google’s new acquisition, Youtube — I promise you all that I will strive to hone my public speaking skill to make the most of that venue.

    But as Samuel sez, the data speaks. But I guess my point is that I am taking my personal factors into account as well.

  • fossbytes says:

    Nice article. Can you please elaborate impact of bounce rate on blogs?

  • Dion says:

    Thank you for sharing, as always.

    I don’t have a clear marketing strategy at the moment. I guess that would be a great are to focus in on as well.

    Maybe once I drill down on a specific platform I will be able to begin to see some growth.

  • I love this – love that you’re streamlining and making smart choices. Pinterest is BY FAR my #1 traffic source. 82%! So I’ve spent the majority of my time just scheduling pins… and LOTS of them (upwards of 60 a day). I just wonder if you know anyone with a pinterest strategy. I listened to the podcast with Holly Homer and her FB strategy, and MAN – I only dream of having that sort of FB engagement. I keep trying to put time and energy into FB, but my FB followers just aren’t into it. Maybe I can train them to get into it? I want FB to be one of my top social media strategies, but if it’s just not working, maybe I just need to let it go again.

  • Gabi says:

    Thanks for this! You not only lifted a weight off of your shoulder, but you lifted a huge mountain off of mine! Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to express what I’m feeling when it comes to social media!
    Your advice came as a huge palm on my face which made me realize I need to stop being so hard on myself. Really needed it! Thank you!

  • Mary says:

    Hi Leslie.
    Great stuff. I feel the same way in the sense that if we are solo, we have to streamline.

    How do you start with FB and twitter as business page and what do you do with it? I am not big on social media and don’t really understand how “normal” people use it.

    I am not asking for all the details (any training on this?)

    But where does one start? For instance, is there a special way to set it up? Or can we post our blog posts links or affiliate links? Or have a squeeze page on those links? That would be great

    Also, if you have fb and twitter for 2 sites (I have 3) how often should you post?

    I know I have been picking your brain lately but I trust your growth and understanding mare than anybody’s!

  • >