What Do You Blog About?

August 25, 2014

blog-ideaSo, I've been doing this blogging thing since September, 2008.

Since then, I've met all kinds of interesting people who have blogs about all kinds of Interesting Things.

Right now, in the Become A Blogger University (currently closed to new members), we've been getting to know each other, checking out each others blogs and helping each other on this interesting journey.

But, the Become A Blogger community is made up of MORE than the University members. It's made up of you, me, and everyone else who reads this blog.

So, lets get to know each other a little better.

In the comments below, I want you to share any (or all) the following:ย [unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Who are youย and what do you blog about?ย (Please include the URL)
  • If you aren't blogging as yet, what are you thinking about starting a blog about?
  • What you hope to accomplish with your blog (thinking big here)
  • What your biggest struggle is as you build your blogging business

As you do that, I'd like you to also check out what some other members of the community are up to. Check out their blogs. Interact with them.

This journey isn't a solo journey. The fact is –ย the more we help each other, the better it will be for everyone.

So, share below and lets all meet in the comments.

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  • Rodney says:

    Hi my name is Rodney and I just started blogging I have posted 2 blogs thus far. One Origin story and the other just was thoughts I wrote down. I spent the other day I set a goal to come up with ten topics to write and teach my fellow man about. Two inform them of the possibilities and opportunities around them and how great the world can be if we open our eyes and ears and hearts. The biggest struggle thus far is combining my blog and getting traffic to look at it . I think I am the only one that has seen it.

  • Kevin Chaplin says:

    I’m not blogging yet, hope to start in about a month from now. My site will be called “The Artful Bodger Workshop, I’ll be blogging about how to decide on a gift for friends and loved ones. I will also be making wooded objects and hope to sell them on line. I see my biggest hurdle will be enough traffic.

  • Ruthmarie says:

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Ruthmarie and I’m from NY about 20 miles and 30 minutes north of Manhattan.

    I have three blogs…The first one is a real estate blog. Its initial purpose was to get clients for buying and selling. But I found that after a time that although I could generate traffic and inquiries, I was not that good at selling properties. (I’m just not salesy enoungh). So right now I need to update the blog – and make it easier to navigate. I need to start writing there again (got so discouraged that I ran my tail off with people who wouldn’t pull the trigger). And then refer out the leads to other agents for a piece of the commission. The big wildcard will be Zillow/Trulia and net neutrality. Will my site get traffic after these two things are in place? Don’t know.

    The Fotos On The Fly site has to do with photography. I do make money as a real estate/local photographer. But I need to beef this up into something that makes some passive income off of existing photos and downloads. My idea is to create a gallery of local (regional) stock photography that can be used by businesses, the real estate industry and local governments to promote the themselves and the area. I also want to get more real estate agents to work with me – as well as small businesses for their photography needs. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition with people working ridiculously cheaply. The site might also lend itself to affiliate marketing for photography products that I use in my daily work. Another angle is to give instructional blogs about how to take your own photos. Most of the time people really can’t get the results they want on their own. Those that can – with my help – fantastic, but I can be called on professionally when they stumble.

    The third site everyone tells me to work on more, but I don’t see a way clear to monetization. Its political and about science and “STEM” generally in the US. Before all of this, I was a scientist with 15 years experience and a doctorate. The field imploded before my eyes and the result has been a hot mess for thousands of highly educated people in the US. I discuss things like how we squandered our “American Exceptionalism” and what we need to do to make ourselves innovators once again. I think for social content and a specific niche in politics, its not bad. But I really think this is more a contribution to our social situation and not a money-maker.

    Did I make this long enough for you????

    Have a wonderful day.

    • Linda Cannon says:

      Hi Ruth Marie,

      I like your thinking outside the box approach. The key to anything is to follow your passion. It sounds like to me that you and Leslie are the type of folks who know about this. You are both in pursuit of your enthusiasm. I can appreciate that.

      Now did you mean Stem Cell therapies and research? I’m not a scientist but I have watched every episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ more than once.

      I’ve also tramped around on-line in pursuit of the progress scientists and doctors are making in the field of stem cell regeneratives.

      I’ve written an article on Dr. Macchiarini who is a pioneer in this field on my Lady blog;

      And there’s another article I wrote, I put it somewhere on the X-files, about when President Obama signed into law express permission for stem cell therapies to be allowed on American soil.

      I hope your passions one day lead you back into this field if it is truly where your passions lie. From my perspective, the stem cell therapies and research are a higher purpose than real estate exchanges, not that that isn’t helpful. Just remember to follow a path that excites you the most and you will get there. Thanks for sharing.

    • Haha, yep – it was definitely long enough Ruthmarie, and I’m glad you shared.

      My number one recommendation would be to try to focus on one blog and forget about the others. It takes so much to build one that I can’t imagine trying to do all you’re trying to do.

      Wishing you all the best with what you’re doing though.

  • Nomita says:

    Hi Leslie,
    My name is Nomita and I blog about non-mainstream kids style mixed in with family lifestyle and experiences. I have been blogging for four years, at first as a hobby but now
    professionally. I earn from my blog but there is a lot of room to grow and so to that effect I am launching an online shop very soon. I am really excited (and nervous) about my new venture. My blog will still be very much a part of my business but I thought the time had come to expand and take a chance! One of my biggest struggles is growing traffic. The other is probably finding tie to do everything that I know I need to.
    Thanks for all the useful information you share with us. I don’t follow many blog experts at all but I find your thoughts, advice and insights very valuable. If only I had time to act on them more ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Leslie,

    I’m Swapnil Samfrancisco. I am a web designer & developer (Aspiring Online Marketing Strategist :)) working in this field for more than 5 years now. Recently I realized the importance of creating a blog & how it can, not only help me build up my brand name but will also solve issues of seekers around the web.

    So what I blog about is basically my experience in the web design & development industry. The common issues that we face & some misinterpreted topics.

    TheBlogMakers.com is not live yet & we are still working behind the scenes. THE BLOG MAKERS is all about creating websites in terms of designs & development strategies. Because that’s what I do with my web designing & development team. I am working behind the scenes on the website design & content generation strategy.

    What I hope to accomplish with my blog? ๐Ÿ™‚
    First & foremost I want to share my & my team’s experience as web designers & developers. Also the top notch techniques & tools that we use (especially open source), so that others can also benefit from them. Of-course which is followed by a brand name that we want to achieve. We want to be the go-to-people for any web designing & development issues (let it be paid or free)

    If you ask about the biggest struggle building the blogging business, it’s TIME. I know time management is important but the first focus is always on the work that generates income for me & my business.

    Thanks to you, I’m trying to focus on various techniques that you have shared in the Free videos for creating a blog. That has helped me a lot in focusing & working one step at a time.

    Swapnil Samfrancisco.

    P.S. – If you need any help from me in designing or development for any of your projects, just mail me & I’ll do it for free man ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ahh man, the time factor – That’s a struggle for most of us, myself included. So much to do, so little time. It calls for us to eliminate the unnecessary, and focus on the 20% of things that give us 80% of the return. Wishing you all the best on your journey.

      Thanks for the offer for free work. I really appreciate it, but can’t think of anything that I can use you for right now.

    • Thanks for the good wishes. Trying hard to still focus on focusing ๐Ÿ™‚
      The 20 – 80 technique is can really be helpful, only if we understand which part belongs to which category.

      And my offer is valid till stock lasts – Just kidding ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carol says:

    I have a site where I blog about current news and the gold market. I headline the blog as
    :”News That You Won’t Find in the Lamestream Media”, and I write things that are true, but the media doesn’t cover, as the media now does not report the real news. They are all told by the government through the few corporations that own the media stations, what they can and can’t say, so as to deceive the American public about the real state of economic and cultural affairs.

    I write about things like the Federal Reserve, the gold manipulation in the gold market, and the real unemployment, poverty and inflation statistics that show we are NOT in an economic recovery, etc

    I hope to become a blog that has a large reader base. At that point I hope to be able to make money off of selling ad space and products.

    I have been at it for 3 months, and my biggest roadblock is traffic, being lack of traffic. I do guest blog on another site, have written some article, [publish my blog posts on IBO Toolbox. I’m now wondering if the articles or posting them on IBO hurts me in the search engines.

    I read somewhere that you should rewrite the articles.

    SO that’s where I’m at!

    • Linda Cannon says:

      I would be interested in reading your articles. Carol, can you share a link or two?

    • Hi Carol,

      Your subtitle where you referred to “Lamestream Media” made me chuckle. Yep, traffic is probably one of the biggest things bloggers struggle with, but it can definitely be done. However, I don’t think that rewriting articles is the way to grow your traffic. It calls for a more comprehensive strategy than that. I would recommend listening to this podcast episode.

      All the best!

  • Andy Stitt says:

    Hi Leslie, I love your podcast and am becoming more acquainted with becomeablogger.com. I currently blog and have a podcast about online marketing tactics for entrepreneurs. The blog is used for regular posts and show notes pages. I hope to build an audience that I can get feedback from, and based on their feedback, create products and services for them and make it my full-time job to do so. My biggest struggle is getting people to opt in to my mailing list. My website traffic and podcast listens are decent, but my mailing list growth does not match those at all.

    Thanks for all you do, and keep it up!

  • What’s up Lesie? Man, I am all over the place:-). I actually started out trying this blogging business in 2009-2010 — let’s say 2010. My first leg of the journey was on Hubpages, then I moved on to article submission sites such as Ezine,Goguide and a few other. On Hubpages I currently have over one hundred hubs on various subject matter (Relationship,Family, Religion, Politics, etc). However, lately I have been trying to focus more on my personal website(2relievebackpain.org).

    Why I Choose to Go this Route:
    The fact that I have a B.S degree in Exercise Physiology, was enrolled in a Physician Assistant program(withdrew one year prior to clinical rotation, due to financial/family reason),my past experience with back pain, currently work in a Rehab Hospital (I’m not a PT, or OT, just one of the Therapeutic Recreation Specialists), I think I have a lot more to share.
    Hope this is not too much information:-).

  • I hope that I will be able use this blog to inform and educate people globally. However currently, one of my biggest challenges is traffic.

  • Lorna says:

    Hi, my name is Lorna. I live in Perth, Western Australia. You will find me at http://www.theperfectpassion.com

    Like you Leslie I spent many years as a biologist. I then shifted into heritage interpretation (a specialised area of communication that helps people connect with and care about nature and cultural heritage) and now I am an aspiring entrepreneur.

    I truly believe that people with passion can change the world for the better but many people struggle to identify their passions or discover how they can build a successful career or business around them and so I recently decided to start a podcast to help people with this challenge. I have just put my first interview on the website and have more that are almost ready to go. My goal is to build ‘the perfect passion’ into a invaluable and far reaching resource with all sorts of great content and training that will impact the lives of people all over the world. My dream is to turn it into a full-time business so that I can farewell my current job and devote my time and energy to my online endeavors.

    My biggest struggle is time. Working full-time and juggling other demands takes up a huge amount of my time and energy. Although there is a frustration knowing that I could be achieving so much more if I could focus on this full-time, I haven’t let that stop me. Somewhere deep inside there is this strong determination that keeps me keep moving forward regardless, and I think that is fueled by my own passion to do something special with my life!

    Love what you do Leslie ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Linda Cannon says:

      Here’s another one following her passion.

      I looked at your site Lorna and that is very nice. I bookmarked it to view the podcast later. I’m late as it is right now.

      I’m expecting to see great things from you when I get back on-line.

    • Lorna, I LOVE the name of your blog and I think that there’s so much that you can do with it. I wish you nothing but the best with it. I definitely understand the struggle of time because that’s what I was facing before I left my job 2 months ago. Keep pushing ahead. You can do this. I’m actually listening to your podcast right now. Passionpreneur – I think YOU ROCK!

  • Tom Potter says:

    Hey All โ€“ Iโ€™m Tom Potter, of Tom Potter Photography, in Colorado.


    I am a nature photographer, and thatโ€™s what I blog about. I am new to this game.

    What I hope to accomplish with my blog is to obtain a huge following of customers and to make new friends. I am running a business, and, as such, my main goal is to have my blog function as a highly efficient marketing tool.

    Being a nature photographer, I sincerely want the images on my blog / site to bring a smile to peopleโ€™s faces, sharing with them how I see the world, and sharing the incredible beauty that is all around us.

    My biggest struggle, by far, is a LACK OF TIME. I find that there are SO many things to do, that there almost seems to not be enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I need to, from a blogging / marketing perspective. In other words, being a business person can be a daunting task, especially when getting it off the ground. I think the key is organization and focus.

    If you want to get in touch to exchange ideas / help one another, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]

    Tom Potter
    Tom Potter Photography

    • Lorna says:

      Hi Tom, loved your blog post ‘What is your happy place?’ the wonderful Mark Twain quotes and your concluding words … ‘I found what makes me tick, what floats my boat, what gives me immense pleasure. I discovered my happy place. Iโ€™ve discovered what I want to do with my life. Having realized my dream of becoming a full-time nature photographer gives me tremendous satisfaction. It will give me even more satisfaction if others enjoy my photography as well.’

      Fantastic to see someone who has found their passion!!!
      cheers, Lorna ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nature photography. Awesomeness. Are you teaching people to be nature photographers or is it a way for you to share your nature photography?

  • Hi, everyone! My name is Chris and I finally started a blog. I was recently let go from my part-time job and now I’m looking to use my blog to start my consulting business. Specifically, I designed a course to help college students achieve internships in Hollywood. I blog about my experiences as an intern with Time-Warner and Disney. I’m passionate about sharing my story because I want others to learn and experience the same kind of success I had. Become a Blogger had been a tremendous help to me and I hope you all can agree! My biggest struggle right now is getting more clients. I started with three this past week, but I need more. Right now I’m looking to leverage a referral program with my current students in hopes that WOM will build a solid reputation. My goal is to do consulting full-time while I prep for the LSAT in the hopes of absolutely crushing it and getting a full ride to law school!

    • Woohoo – you finally got one started. Awesome. Sorry to hear about you being let go though. That can be a challenging time. But you never know – sometimes that’s the spark a lot of entrepreneurs need to get themselves out there. Wishing you all the best building this while prepping for the LSAT.

  • Randy Brown says:

    My name is Randy. I review Bibles on my blog Bible Buying Guide. My goal is to make it a full time job. Some of the issues I have are that it’s difficult to have my own products and the best places for buying Bibles do not have affiliate programs. My primary affiliate programs are Amazon and Christianbook.

    • Randy,

      Very interesting topic and I can see how that can be a challenge to monetize. However, there definitely are ways. Have you considered creating your own study guides or study guide packages? If you can grow a loyal following, they will want to have your study guides.

  • Joyce says:

    Who are you and what do you blog about? (Please include the URL)

    If you arenโ€™t blogging as yet, what are you thinking about starting a blog about?
    I was blogging but stopped because I was having some technical difficulties with my website and I ”didn’t know how to fix it…didn’t have a fortune to pay a web-designer to do it”…so I ”took the easy route and quit”….NOT proud of myself.
    I am ready to get started again:-)

    What you hope to accomplish with your blog (thinking big here)

    When I was blogging…it was about helping busy overwhelmed families create order in their lives…along with ways to make your home feel like a “HAVEN” by:

    a) Creating sustainable systems and solutions to control their clutter
    b) Use what they have to create a home that is both orderly and ascetically pleasing to the eye
    c) To recognize the role each family member plays in this process..(spiritual aspect) “it doesn’t matter how organized your are or how beautiful it’s decorated…if relationships aren’t right ….Your HOME will NEVER feel like a HAVEN”

    What your biggest struggle is as you build your blogging business:

    a)Technical ”stuff”…Auto responders…adding content to website…adding before and after photos..
    b) discipline to set down and write.


    • Hi Joyce,

      I just took a look at your blog and think that you don’t need to hire a designer. It looks fine just the way it is. Keep that design and just create content. You can use the free videos here to show you how to do the basic technical stuff. Just put great content out there!

  • Hi Leslie,
    I am Diane, and I blog at http://www.mypleasantplaces.com. In a word, my blog is about wholeness–being a whole person, body, soul and spirit. Of course, this subject incorporates a lot of subject matter: spirituality, relationship with God, fitness (running being my favorite means to fitness), mental/intellectual development, time management, emotional management, etc.
    What do I want to accomplish with the blog? To help people connect the dots between spirit, soul and body and to realize that they need to be actively developing in all three areas in order to be whole–to discover their “pleasant place” (this phrase and my blog name is taken from Psalm 16:6 – “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance”).
    My biggest struggle is developing a strong writing habit and posting regularly. I have somewhat of a perfectionist mindset, and I tend to work on posts too long. I need to relax my standards a bit and just post for now. No need to think I am creating a masterpiece with each post!
    I appreciate your blog and your podcasts so much. Thanks for all the good info and the encouragement.

    • Diana,

      I LOVE your topic. Here’s what I’m saying. There are SO MANY people that would benefit from even your imperfect posts. Why would you want to stop them from having that benefit? I definitely agree that you should relax your standards. Some of the content that has really made my business extremely successful is actually VERY imperfect. However, it’s out there and it’s helping people.

      So don’t hold your message back waiting for perfection (which will never happen on earth). Just move forward and deliver value. People will sense your authenticity and appreciate that more than a false sense of “perfection”.

      YOU ROCK! Now let the world know about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • grahame says:

    Hi Leslie and all your blogging guests.
    My name is Grahame. My friends call me gadabout grahame because my real passion is travel though I also love writing, art and meeting total strangers from around the world. I currently live in Cape Town South Africa. I have been blogging about travel in Thailand for over 6 years now as Thailand is one of my favourite places. I also love exotic destinations like Cambodia and China. I have been travelling around the globe since 1987. I just can’t stop…ever.

    The thing I love about travel blogging is that I get to meet and share interesting stories with loads of people from all walks of life. I also blog because I like the idea of earning passive income so that I can live in different countries without the headache of an office job. I need my freedom.

    My biggest struggle is to monetize my blog properly. I do earn some income from my blog but I know that my site can do a whole lot better in terms of what potential it can create. This is where I need the most help. Currently my site gets around 1,500 daily visitors and my Alexa ranking is not bad at all either. Any advice out there will be much appreciated.

    • Ahh man, 1,500 daily visitors? There’s SO MUCH you can do with that. I would definitely create some travel guides and sell those on your blog. Also, I would really try to get those visitors to subscribe to your email list so that you can nurture a relationship with them by providing value and use that list to promote your guides. There’s SO MUCH you can do. You can literally start making more money in a very short period of time with a shift in focus.

  • Krista says:

    I help tall people find stylish clothes and shoes. I’m very niched down, which can be a struggle to get those in fashion to share my content.

    • You actually don’t need those in fashion to share your content Krista. You just need a loyal following. There are enough tall people out there. I think your blog has lots of potential.

  • Who are you and what do you blog about? (Please include the URL)

    I am Ricardo Butler aka Christian Hip-Hop Artist ReAsOn DiSciPLe. I am what people have been calling a Davidical Apostle and author/ of several Hip-Hop Ministry & Music Business books called “The MC” or Master Constructor Series. All of my books & blogs are design to help creative artists build the worship ministry, music industry, and hip-hop culture to be blessing both for the artists, labels, and fans. I blog to equips artists on how to dig in the Scriptures from the Life of David for principles on how to design their Hip-Hop ministries and music businesses according to Kingdom Blueprints and Patterns. I explain that when God is lifted up it becomes much easier to make it in the music industry, take care of your family, reach the lost, and generate income according to God’s power and anointing. I blog at both my personal site @ http://www.ricardoequips.com and also at my record label’s site @ http://www.davidicalhiphop.com/. But I also have a membership site where I teach @ http://www.fivefolddavidicalschool.ricardoequips.com/ (I don’t actually blog here, but most of the content here is my blogs expanded and expounded on as eCourse and more detail add. I just go deeper with the content).

    What you hope to accomplish with your blog (thinking big here)

    Christ has called me and my label, Davidical Arts Music Group, to gather together creative hip-hop artists that have been either rejected or have moved away from โ€œthe existing music systemโ€ to equip and build them up together into a new tribe of people in Christ to be leaders in the Five Fold Hip-Hop Ministry for the purpose of bringing the ARK (an Authentic Relationship with the KING and His Praise, His Purpose, His Principles, His Pattern, His Purity, His People, His Power, His Provision, and His Presence) of the Father back to the restored Davidical Tabernacle (the Body of Christ), the music ministry, the music industry, and the hip-hop culture imparting faith, hope, and LOVE using our artistic anointing in the process.

    I’m called to help Christian hip-hop artists, music ministries, independent labels, and music business start-ups get a clear idea of who their target audience is so they can come up with creative ways on how to engage and influence their fans through social media to draw in a tribe through building relationships so they don’t waste their time with those who don’t appreciate their craft. If you or someone you know is hitting the wall on how to successfully combine both their music ministry and music business and to market it as one calling.

    What your biggest struggle is as you build your blogging business

    For my ricardoequips.com blog it’s setting up a solid sales funnel. For my record label’s blog at davidicalhiphop.com (which is very new) is getting them on the email list. I have a lot of people on my ricardoequips.com list and that is growing daily since I’ve been blogging there for almost 3 years. Again the label blog is only a month old.

  • Rosemary says:

    I’m Rosemary Rice and I write at http://www.dailyplanit.com about developing work and life skills like productivity and goal setting. I am astounded that the skills we need to succeed are not often taught, and want to change that. I’m planning to soon launch a Whole Life Fitness group to develop strengths with informative videos, hands on activities & discussions of ideas in meetings with topics based on a Year of Personal Development. I will provide tools for others to start their own groups. My biggest challenge is getting the word out.

  • Linda Cannon says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I am a disabled woman out of Texas. I blog about a kid in Milwaukee who was struck by a distracted driver in the confounds of a school crosswalk. The woman was texting.

    I became an advocate against distracted driving because of this kid. His name is Xzavier Davis-Bilbo. Xzavier is paralyzed from the diaphragm down and depends on a respirator to breathe. I saw a PSA Xzavier and his mother Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford made for the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign.

    Google Xzavier or his mother Valetta and you will find hundreds of articles I have written using WordPress explaining what really happened to them. This wasn’t always so, duh, but them me explain since this is the place to speak about what is happening on the internet.

    It was July of 2013 and I was working hard in a WordPress site on an original idea of mine, (that eventually bombed), and I heard Valetta’s words, “His legs are gone.” and I looked up at the TV screen and saw a 30 second PSA that disturbed me so much that I got out of my seat and flipped off the TV set. I didn’t ever want to hear what happened to this child again, it was so awful and senseless. I put on some music and poured a glass of red wine in order not to see the PSA again.

    The next morning I woke at 4 a.m. sobbing for this child I knew almost nothing about except that he was paralyzed and living on a respirator because of a text.

    At 7 a.m. I was at the keyboard searching for them and the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign had mispelled Xzavier’s name with a J ‘Xjavier’ and I wouldn’t find them for another two weeks. What I found instead was beyond horrifying. Some racist monster was writing the most heinous articles blaming the child’s mother and calling him ‘Fat Albert’ and this idiot had about thirty people saying comments in the same vein. I could not believe what I was seeing. I get traffic on my websites also but never a comment, I haven’t mastered that, so how was this troll getting thirty racist people bashing this paralyzed kid? Then it occurred to me that the troll may be writing all the comments also and I looked at the language and it was similar.

    I refuse to engage trolls. It’s a waste of time. So instead I started my first webpage for Xzavier and I googled them every day and wrote articles on information I found out and after two weeks I connected with Valetta Bradford on Facebook.

    You can friend Valetta too, although I know you are on sabbatical from your social medias.


    She has over 2K FB friends but fundraising efforts seem to be a futile exercise through Facebook. I should know, I’ve tried to raise funds for The X-Man Foundation through Facebook for over a year now and they are not helpful for signing petitions either. I was trying to get Xzavier invited to an event that includes children at the White House.

    So that’s what I blog about. I am a volunteer for The X-Man Foundation and I write letters to solicit sponsors and letters to promote this family and articles that have been viewed around the globe. I love the stats section in WordPress.

    I’m that Lady down in Texas and I’ll tell all of ya’ll,
    ‘Don’t text for X’

    to donate to ‘Xzavier Day’. The Mayor and the State Police will be in attendance and we want to have mounds of presents for Xzavier and we could use some volunteers to donate and set up Skype equipment to include other mayors.

    So I am very interested in what you find out about other avenues for this blogging thing Leslie.

  • Carey says:

    I blog about Christian marriage and family topics on one site, and my book writing adventures on another (www.DragonSlayerBook.com).

  • Kalib says:


  • Andy says:

    Hey, Leslie.
    First off let me thank you for your podcast. You had a huge role to play in helping me get my blog up and moving and addressing my biggest struggle. I’m a Clinical Social Worker and counselor full time and love helping kids and parents both improve behavior and create powerful ongoing cycles of growth and happiness in their families. I help parents build positive healthy parenting/family cycles through the TRU parenting principles of Teaching, Relationship and Upgrading themselves. I’ve been blogging for almost a year and am on the verge of releasing my first products to share with my audience.
    The objective is to help as many kids, parents and families as possible to understand the importance of changing negative cycles and building positive family cycles through inspiration and practical teaching, relationship and upgrading self skills. I want to do this through the written and spoken word. I love to speak and share these philosophies and skills in classes as well as in writing. I want to be able to do this full time as my primary source of income and be able to witness families and generations change because of TRU Parenting principles.
    My biggest challenge has been the tech side of things. I often know what I want to do next but rarely HOW to do it and with limited time and resources, things often times take longer to complete and launch than I would like them to. This is what I was referring to when I said that you have really helped me with this struggle. Thanks again!

  • ikechi says:

    Hi my name is Ikechi and I blog about personal development tips and share inspiring stories so that people can be inspired to change the world. (www.awazieikechi.com).

    I intend to create a community that would live on after me. However, I struggle with traffic and I am also thinking of ways of making money. Even though I have read so many blogs including becomeablogger about creating information products and affliate marketing, I have not figured it out yet.

  • John says:

    Hi Leslie and Become a Bloggers,
    My blog is a fairly narrow niche, but a sweet one: helping Suzuki violin teachers, parents and students at teachsuzukiviolin.com. Like all bloggers I guess, I’d like to build an active support community, in my case one that benefits everyone and improves the art of teaching, learning and playing violin. At heart it’s really about the art of learning, which I believe can be gained better through learning music than anything else. And if what I produce is of value to others, I’d like to earn an income from it to continue the work of creating the resource.

    My biggest struggle? There’s so much to learn and do, it’s not always clear what is the highest priority. This is fairly normal I suppose, but finding – or creating – a good mastermind group with people who have similar values is a struggle.

    • Awesomeness John. My 21 month old son LOVES the violin and we are thinking of starting him ASAP (probably at the age of 3). However, we plan on buying him a toy violin pretty soon. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Wade says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I really like your podcast, thank you for all of your tips and help, I really appreciate the information. Unfortunately I didn’t find it until I started out on wordpress.com so I am a slow learner I guess.
    My website is for the tower climbers in the wireless industry. These are the people that climb communications tower. I provide news, tips, and career information to the climbers. I so research on safety issues that will affect the climber on a daily basis, anything that they should look out for I write about. I have this one for about a year. I started a podcast about 3 months ago to get things rolling. I put the podcast on my other site, http://www.wadesarver.com/podcast. I know, I have to consolidate. I am working on it and working on setting up the website so it makes sense. I also am trying to create 2 more books to sell. That is how I make the money to pay for this. It is a bootstrap operation
    I had another blog where I put together a book of love letters that my parents wrote to each other in the late 1930s and the early 1940s. I could not get anyone interested so I gave up on that one. I kept the domain, http://www.midageuy.com thinking I may revive it someday. I would like to bring it back but change the format.
    I still work full time so it is quite a struggle. That is why it is great to have oyu and Pat Flynn out there to help people like me out. I really want to make blogging and podcasting a full time job, but I have so much to learn.
    Thank you for all of your support and teaching.

    • I like that you have a very narrow and targeted niche. That’s a great thing. Wishing you all the best with it. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the podcast. Pat’s a great guy too. I love what he does. You’re keeping good company Wade ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jay says:

    My blog is about any and all things paranormal but with a sense of humor, which I hope my URL indicates. I hope to someday be able to make a living writing. My biggest struggle is trying to get traffic to my site as I know that my subject matter has a fairly limited audience.

  • Sherri says:

    I am Rev. Sherri James. I blog about personal development. Specifically, I focus on the nuances of personal development that help people go from living an average life to living an extraordinary life. My website is revsherri.com.

    With my blog, I hope to incite a revolution in the personal change field. I believe any change begins with a change at the level of our souls. So, I work with people to tap into themselves at a soul level and make any change they want to make. It could be as simple as getting rid of chronic headaches to overcoming a lifetime of shyness and insecurity. Whatever you’re dealing with can be put to rest finally and completely. I’ll show you how.

    My biggest struggle today is being heard above the din of other voices out there. I’m growing in my understanding of how to communicate with my audience and create product that they want to purchase.

  • Randy Brown says:

    I actually have several blogs. I love writing both fiction and nonfiction and I love teaching, so I started a blog where I give fantasy and sci-fi writing tips. It’s http://fantasywritersworkshop.com/ I hope to start an online course about writing and write my own books. I also want to interview authors. My biggest struggle right now is getting traffic. I blog every day, but I haven’t had time to do any site promotion.

  • Laura Harris says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I blog about travel, especially ideas for families. I wrote a post last month about why I’m blogging: http://www.traveltipgirl.com/149/world-need-travel-blog/. I hope to encourage people to get out and explore, provide useful ideas, and sometimes just make people smile.

    As a new blogger, I’m searching to find my voice and develop a consistent message. I’m also hoping to improve my writing ability.

    I appreciate your advice and warm enthusiasm. Your positive personality really shines through during your podcasts. Keep them coming!

    Thank you,

    Laura Harris

    • Hi Laura,

      Glad you’re enjoying the content. In terms of finding your voice and developing a consistent message, I’m doing something right now that I think would be very beneficial for you. I’m coming up with vision and mission statements. I think having that helps you to clarify what you stand for and that helps you have a consistent message.

      It took me years to find my voice and I feel like I’m constantly growing in that area. Keep at it and you’ll do great!

  • Ros Stile. says:

    I have another site – http://[email protected]

    On the healthy Aussie I talk about alternative health, supplements, research on health and supplements, chronic health issues. I hope to accomplish sales on healthy alternatives such as pain patches and MMS. Biggest hurdle is having fibromyalgia and a lack of energy or incentive at times.
    On the rainbow rescue site I blog about our rescue birds, their antics and how they are doing. N this site I will be setting up a donation box after actually becoming a legal charity. Biggest hurdle is being too busy or tired to write up my stories and get my act together

    • I definitely understand that struggle. After an entire day of watching my son yesterday, it was such a struggle to work, so I called it quits and read a book (and went to sleep). Sometimes we just need a break, but then we get back at it.

  • My blog is about animals in the Bible from the perspective of God. That is, what relationships with animals on Earth have looked like and why, and what they should look like the way He would want it. For example, this theme is carried forward from the Genesis Bible verse which says that we have dominion over animals in the image of God and have responsibility to subdue them. I explore what this means through my relationship with the horse. Explicitly, I’m developing a training protocol with my PRE stallion which attempts to demonstrate how God wants us to partner with his created beings other than human.
    My goal is to set straight some misunderstandings about our relationship with animals and from this, some misunderstandings about God.
    The thing I have the most problem with is technology; that is, how to execute my dreams and goals via the tools of the internet and more particularly WordPress.

    • Carole, I love the name of your blog. That’s Awesome.

      I just checked it out and have one suggestion. I looked at the titles of the posts and had no idea what the content was about. I like to write my titles the way people would search for them in Google. That goes a long way for traffic as you build authority in the search engines. You’re giving Google info on what your content is about and that helps for your rankings. That one change can make a HUGE difference. You should try it out.

  • Jennifer says:

    I blog about health from both a physical and a metaphysical (that which lies above health, such as beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and emotions) perspective, giving readers information on how to remain healthy or recover from illness. I see the metaphysical aspects as being more important than the physical in most cases – health really is an inside job.

    I have actually never monetized the blog as the number of products that I can ethically promote are quite few and I found the process of creating a product a bit daunting.

    I am writing as though I am still blogging, but in fact have not written many posts this year. I do not have a responsive theme, so the number of visitors to the site has been falling over the past year or so, and then I have not been getting new information up there so have been falling in the search engines because of that. I find the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of working with the theme and the hosting service increasingly difficult as I age (I am a certified geriatric!), but I would like to actually revitalize the blog, so I will look for an affordable solution.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Maybe it might be worth getting someone to help you with the technical stuff so that you can focus on the content, which is the most important part. What do you think?

  • Scarlet says:

    Hi, my name is Scarlet and I have a blog over at teen-babble.com. My blog is targeted towards teenagers and I basically guide them on life. I answer their questions and give my advice and opinions on different topics. With my blog, I hope to steer teens in the right direction. I hope they’ll make good decisions in life and stay positive no matter what the situation may be. My biggest problem is making money with my blog. Even though I enjoy doing what I do and it’s not all about the money, I’d still like to make something from it and that seems very difficult to do at the moment.

    • Oh, I definitely hear you Scarlet. When you work hard on something, it’s good if you can be paid for what you’re doing. That way you can really focus all of your energy on creating awesome content knowing that you’re business is funding your life. Monetization can be tough, and I know that your niche can be difficult to monetize. However, it’s DEFINITELY possible, especially if your traffic becomes substantial. You can look for sponsors, use ads, and even create products to help teens accomplish their goals. Don’t give up on your passion. You can make it happen.

  • Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚ My name is Hadarah and I share music & motivation for your spiritual journey at http://www.setapartheart.com.

    What do i hope to accomplish?
    Well… I’m trying to change the world of course! hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously, I hope to provide a source of inspiration for my fellow Messianic Hebrew believers who call on the name of Yahuah. It’s a very niche audience, but so far it’s growing faster than i thought it would. I’ve been blogging for about 2 months and my mailing list already has 108 people. I write a personal email to them every week even though i post blog posts less often, and each time a new message goes out the list has grown by at least a few more people. My biggest struggle is deciding on a business model that will fit. Right now I just know I love making music, and so I just wanna focus on that. But I know that people will buy the music because they’re already asking me where they can buy it. But you said in an earlier podcast episode that creative types should focus on a brand not just a product. I don’t really know all of what that would entail, or how that would play out in my life, so I’m feeling confused about whether or not I’m doing things the way that I should. I could definitely use some guidance.

    • That’s great progress Hadarah/Rochelle ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I think there’s a lot that you can do for monetization, especially as your audience grows. What kind of training can you offer? I can see you putting together courses on different topics, creating ebooks, etc. Ultimately, who knows? Live workshops? Conferences? The sky’s the limit!

  • Sara says:

    My name is Sara, I am one of the members of Become a Blogger University. I started my blog http://www.createasimplelife.com about a month ago, It has about a dozen posts on it right now. I write on cooking and food preservation topics while my other half tackles the gardening aspect of the blog. We post three times a week striving for a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. Our biggest hurdles right now, are of course gaining an audience and building an e-mail list. I was excited last week to get some comments on the blog as well as get my first few e-mail subscribers. That was the upward momentum I needed to know that my hard work is slowly paying off.

  • Chris says:

    Hi Leslie,

    i will go online tonight Aug 26 with http://bluesguitartube.com. My video blog is for german speaking people, who want to learn to play the Blues. The motto of my website is: “discover and play YOUR OWN Blues”. There are millions of videos and websites out there teaching you scales, chords, licks as well as “Play in the style of ….” videos. But there’s nobody showing students how to interpose and bring in their own personal Blues to expression, how to express emotions on the guitar. Well, now there is one … me :-).

    What i want to accomplish? Bluesguitartube.com will become the most known and largest site when it comes to Bluesguitar Lesson-Videos in german. In a second step, i will produce special series as products.

    No real struggles now. Wish i had more Knowhow already about how to care about my list. What to pack into Newsletter and what into the Autoresponders, stuff like that. I know there’s plenty of stuff out there covering that topic, just hadn’t found the right one yes, or didn’t search good enough!

    Good luck for your business!

  • Jim Galiano says:

    I recently took a departure from Internet Marketing to blog about the topic of Faith, life and business – how these three things work together. I’m full-time online and started way back in 1998, but delayed writing about this topic for so long… I finally decided to stop delaying! My new site is here: http://www.simplefaithworks.com. I just started, so I have a lot of work ahead!

  • Alrighty, as you know, I’m Holly, and I blog over at Happy Food, Healthy Life. http://www.happyfoodhealthylife.com

    When most people read the name of my site, they assume that I’m a health blogger. And to an extend, I am, but it’s so much more. You won’t just find healthy recipes and dessert recipes with butter and sugar. The point of my blog is to teach people that you can have a healthy relationship with all different types of foods and still be healthy. So many people assume that you must restrict “bad” foods or be on a diet in order to get healthy/fit/skinny/etc, and that is just not true. After 13 years of restricting all of my favorite foods and feeling guilty when I did eat them them, I decided it was time to take charge and stop letting food control me. Once I realized that it was possible and how much my life could change for the better, I realized that my purpose in life was to help other women also. To stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting, food issues, weight issues, food-guilt, self-hate, etc. The big picture – I’d love to have a coaching program where I was helping other individuals with their specific issues and could help them turn their lives around.
    I have been blogging seriously for about 2.5 years, and while there has been a steady amount of growth over those years, it still isn’t where it needs to be for me to turn this into my full-time job.
    My biggest problem? Oh, there are many.
    1. more traffic + knowing how to monetize it effectively.
    2. being able to convey the purpose of my site to my readers. My biggest traffic posts are the recipes (mostly the unhealthy ones). Getting people to come to and then respond to my more important posts has been hard. For example, “are you an emotional eater?” or “how to end night-time snacking.” Those are two posts that I thought would be a big hit. I was careful not to mention eating disorders because I know a lot of people with food issues don’t think they have an eating disorder. I conveyed these posts in a way I thought most women could relate to. Yet, not a lot of feedback or traffic. My most visited post, by far, is a cocktail recipe – a post that really means nothing to me besides the fact that I enjoy to drink yummy cocktails. It’s definitely been a real struggle trying to find a way to reach readers without going too mainstream (ie, how to lose weight, how to have chiseled abs, how to fit into a size 2,etc)
    Who are you and what do you blog about? (Please include the URL)
    If you arenโ€™t blogging as yet, what are you thinking about starting a blog about?
    What you hope to accomplish with your blog (thinking big here)
    What your biggest struggle is as you build your blogging business

  • David says:

    Greetings Leslie – first, love your blog as well as the podcast. As far as what I blog about, I write about saving lives and what could be better than that – knowing that there are people out there who are actually alive because of what I’ve written (or from my podcast).

    More specifically, I write about what people can do to be safer drivers, passengers and pedestrians – Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death for teens up to age 35 and in the top ten for most everyone else, and as the “Traffic Safety Guy,” I provide suggestions, and thoughts on what we can all do to be safer drivers. I cover most anything that deals with human behavior, such as drunk driving, distracted driving, sharing the road with bicyclists, child safety seats and pedestrian safety to name a few topics.

    What I hope to achieve is just that – no more traffic fatalities. Now, granted, that is may be a bit broad, and pushing it, but you get the idea – I have gotten a few messages from people that have heard what I have to say and took it to heart and made changes that helped them. So, as you say one blog at a time, for me it is one life at a time.

    Probably for me the biggest struggle is getting the message out there – like so many other bloggers, wanting to grow and have a bigger impact. Although I only blog weekly – so, that could be part of it and I have only been doing it for a bit over a year and I know it takes time to grow.

    In the meantime, I continue doing it, knowing that it is making a difference for some. Thank you for your work and sharing your knowledge. You are making a difference as well.

  • Charles Joe says:

    Hi Samuel,

    My name is Charles Joe, I’ve just started a blog in blogger and I’ve two blog posts. I’m blogging about Health And Wellness. I love anything concerning human health and I have the dream of providing health related services to humanity even though I don’t have the opportunity to study any health related discipline in the University though I do read health related books. So far, I’ve gotten a lot of experiences on how human can improve on their day-to-day healthy living and want to share it with other people. Though, I don’t just write the blog, I’ve also placed some affiliate banners to each of them. This is because, the soul purpose of the blog is to get traffic to my affiliate website. There is something I want you to do for me and that is check my blog and make a recommendation. I created this blog with your advice so I don’t have a mentor online. I want you to be my coach/mentor/teach online so that I can avoid some big mistakes. What I want to know is that; Am I supposed to start my blogging in this way? if no, why? Is my blog design in good shape Or Will my blog attract visitors? if no, why? What other things is/are lacking in my blog? What is the best way to promote my blog? Thanks for your sincere contribution to the success of my blogging business.

  • Charles Joe says:

    Charles Joe: These are my blog posts in blogger i’m talking about check them out and make a recommendations please.


  • – Who are you and what do you blog about? (Please include the URL)
    My name is Paul Scavella II. I blog about self – help, self improvement and productivity topics, this is stating it briefly.

    – What you hope to accomplish with your blog (thinking big here)
    Honestly what I want to do lines right up with your slogan and that is change the world for the better. I’ve been able to change my life through the realization that when I raised my level of consciousness and actively fed my conscious minds those things that would help me get to where I want to get in life, i.e., not being average, not settling, being a cut above the rest. That’s when things started changing. I started meeting people who influenced my life for the better, my grades were better, my health has been better, I’ve been able to accumulate more funds (albeit on a small level because I really don’t work being in school and all and that’s the amazing part). When I raised my level of consciousness my life changed.

    So with this blog I want to help as many persons as possible to be able to raise your level of consciousness on things that are good and will bring good positive vibes into your life. Until they can move from a point of being average to good to great to PHENOMENAL. Thatโ€™s what this ministry is all about. I want to help you to raise your level of consciousness so that you.

    I donโ€™t believe that there is any human alive that has reached their best yet. And I believe it’s all in the mindset of the individual if they can change that they can have, do or be anything they want. That’s what I want to accomplish, helping as many persons as possible to achieve greatness. I would say Phenomenalness, but I don’t think that’s a word lol.

    What your biggest struggle is as you build your blogging business.
    I think my biggest struggle is creating products especially the free one I’ve been working on and that’s where my time has been all split up between school and work. And I think the lack of having a free product to give away handicaps my ability to build my emailing list. Getting consistent traffic is probably my biggest struggle though.

  • I am Venkatesh, author, freelance editor. I blog at http://venkyiyer.com. My biggest problem is traffic.

  • Marcus says:

    Leslie, thanks for giving us the opportunity to share what we do with our blogs. I have learned a lot from your website and podcast.

    Anyhow, ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am husband, father, and senior in college.

    We blog about marriage, specifically to help newlyweds adjust to married life, while building a strong foundation for the marriage they dreamed about. And helping married couples improve their marriage.

    Our main goals are to help newlyweds adjust to married life, help couples build a strong foundation for their marriage, and building a business with the blog.

    Our blog can be found at http://ourpeacefulfamily.com/

    We will also be launching a podcast dedicated to newlyweds in the Fall, and are delighted to have you as one of our guests.

    The biggest struggle we have now is being able to do more with less time, and building our email list.

    Have a great week.

  • Daniel says:

    1. Who are you and what do you blog about? (Please include the URL)
    – Hi Leslie, my name is Daniel and me and my lovely girlfriend Andrea are in charge of blog http://www.rawmanrawovam.com – (http://www.rawmanrawoman.com/). As the name implies we both love raw food and our blog is about the different point of view on raw food – basically how me (man) and Andrea (woman) see the world of raw food – from man and woman perspective.
    We both are from Czech republic and moved few months ago to Vancovuer, Canada.

    3. What you hope to accomplish with your blog (thinking big here)
    I am focused on to help others and share my experience in regards of right food intake in regards of raw food, how to build muscules, how to train and how to be in absolutely great shape (not a skeleton man as many vegetarians or vegans are struggling with) Andrea is more focused on raw food travelling to help people find suitable place where they can have great raw food meal, so it should be some kind of raw food guide around the world for everyone. We want to help others in this regards !

    4. What your biggest struggle is as you build your blogging business.
    My biggest struggle is (except that I manage all things as (design, maintenance, affiliate programs etc…) is probably writing articles in 2 languages – I write in ENG in order I could affect world audiance and in Czech as it is my mother tongue and I would like to work work with Czech audiance as well – and establish own business in czech republic next year, so the blog should be some kind of start up with connection to our future business).

    As we started without any previous experience just 2 months ago with that blog I would appreciate any comment or support from your side ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you Leslie for everything


  • Mark Fulton says:

    Hello, Leslie and everyone.

    My blog, ChristianFamilyBusinessCenter.com, covers a variety of business topics of interest to small- to medium-size businesses. As the name of my blog implies, I’ve narrowed my focus to businesses that are owned and operated by a single individual, family or small group of partners who seek to operate their business according to biblical principles. While some posts specifically reference spiritual issues of business ownership, the majority address topics common to all businesses: leadership, employee excellence, customer service, etc. I also write about subjects that every business owners deals with: attitude, stress, family relationships, health, etc.

    Recently, I became a certified Crown Business Advisor (CBA). Crown Business is part of an organization founded by the late Larry Burkett, a noted author, speaker and advisor, whose book “Business by the Book” is considered a classic by many. As a CBA I am trained to offer a variety of seminars, online tools and other materials produced by Crown and its affiliates. I plan to integrate the Crown subject matter into some of my blog posts.

    I’ve enjoyed Leslie’s materials and found them very helpful as I have explored this exciting adventure in blogging. I “launched” by blog officially about a year ago, but I have not gotten it up to full speed yet.

    I’d be happy to receive any helpful input about my blog. I still have a lot to learn, especially about using social media as a marketing tool and other subjects related to building readership.

    Keep up the great work, Leslie!

  • Octavia Jackson says:

    Hi my name is Octavia Jackson, I’m 17 years old and I would love to start blogging. I guess because I like to write and have so much to write about, blogging seems like one of the many perfect things to do, putting your thoughts out can also help relieve stress to. Who doesn’t want that? I think that for me being the type of person that I am, my blog will be based on the world and what goes on in it, you know, touch base on what people refuse to look at because they’re either to bitter or they refuse because they don’t like the truth. I would love to blog about pain and how to deal with it, peer pressure, parenting (even though I am not one), growing up, school and government, etc.
    A lot of people target certain types of groups for various reasons, but I don’t want to target anybody, I just want to point out the seeing/saw/unseen/and what needs to be seen. You know, lets talk about doctors and medications, police officers and the job that they’re doing, lets talk about what a lot of people think is so new and or abuse. People tend to fear what they don’t understand, shy away from things, and hate quickly with a passion. They also tend to misconstrued things, not knowing differences between things, putting two very unalike things together for their liking or to make themselves feel good. I want to accomplish so much with my blogs, I want to get through to people of all ages/race/religion status, I want people to understand life. If we can argue facts, lies, and opinions lets argue. Life is full of arguments, full of truths and lies, so lets unwrap.
    I don’t want to blog about cosmetics and celebs or richness or even things that don’t matter like gossip. I want to blog about the truth/lies, understanding/misunderstanding, good/bad parenting/guardianship, lust/love, associates/friends, siblings/family, etc.

  • P.J. Murphy says:

    Hi – Sorry I’m a little late to the part on replying here. I’m P.J. and currently I’m on a blogging hiatus, but not really by choice.

    I have a blog (runyogathrive.com), but I haven’t updated it in awhile. It’s not out of laziness, it’s more out of lack of direction. I like writing about running and the feeling of helping people in that area, but I’m not sure if that’s ALL I want to write about.

    I have an idea for a reboot of sorts, and I’ve been talking, emailing, interacting and planning with other people/writers/bloggers for a little while now, but one thing I’ve not been “doing” anything. That all changes soon. While I’ve never met you Leslie, I do enjoy your newsletters and podcasts. You’re one of the good ones out there – and I’ll continue to look to you and your site for guidance and inspiration!

  • Ken Haberman says:

    Hi Leslie and everyone,

    I blog about improving our lives and our world through increased mastery of the Law of Attraction (Lawofattractionmastery.wordpress.com) and marketing for small business (Onmessagemarketing.wordpress.com).

    I discovered you through your very useful post on concentrating on your three High Value Tasks. I look forward to reading more of your posts. All the best!


  • Dayna says:

    I’m Dayna and while I have a wordpress site, I haven’t posted anything yet.

    I really want to blog about starting my homeschooling journey & being a stay-at-home mom.

    I hope to find my way as I begin homeschooling, and to help other do the same. Maybe help others to learn from my mistakes.

    My biggest struggle is coming up with a post I think others will want to read. I’ll come up with an idea I’m really gung-ho about but, when I actually sit down to write, it suddenly sounds dumb in my head. :-/

    • Hi Dayna,

      The best way to know what others will think is by actually putting the content out there. Put out what’s in your head. That’s the best thing you can do.

  • Paras Shivhare says:

    Hiii Leslie
    I’ve not started blogging yet because I think 1st I should learn the basics of blogging and then to start my blog.
    I know almost everything about dating, tips to get a date, Psychology of attraction.
    In short I know almost everything about attraction.
    It’s one of the most search topic in search engine.
    I hope with your guidance and my hard work I’ll succeed.
    Lastly thank you for helping me.
    God bless you.

  • >