Update: Please Watch This Video

July 8, 2014

I sent out an email announcing the beta launch of my Become A Blogger University earlier this morning. Within an hour and 20 minutes, all of the spots were sold out.

I felt the need to record this video. Please watch it.

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  • angela1313 says:

    Thank you for sticking to your intentions. I knew eventually the door would open again. Right now I could not give it 100%because of some things going on so I didn’t try to sign up. I have faith you will maintain the high quality I’ve come to expect and my goal is to be ready for the next round.


  • Good job brother! Soon as I got the email it was already closed. lol! But stick to your stand. It’s YOUR business in Christ. By led by the Spirit.

  • sandy says:

    Thank you Leslie for being candid. People know your heart; it shows through what you share and how you share it. You are a testament that people respond to “real” folks. They trust your word. If you get a chance and haven’t already read The Four Agreements, read it. You’ll see that the point about keeping your word is so important. People pick up your integrity. Good luck. Make the class good and we’ll be waiting for the classes that will evolve from this journey.

    • First off – thank you for your kind words.

      Secondly – that book sounds very interesting. I’ve added it to my list on amazon and will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • janblount says:

    So glad i got lucky then …just the bonus material made it a no brainer. I did hesitate for a second (just a second though) cause I will be gone from July 16-21st of this month…family reunion in the Bahamas…but decided to go for it anyway cause that was just 5 days out of the next three month opportunity to really buckle down and
    hone my programs and offers.

    • Oooo, where in the Bahamas? My wife is from there. We’re heading down there for Christmas.

      Glad you were able to join. Looking forward to working with you.

  • Peggie Ncube says:

    Disappointed that I was not one of the 20. Looking forward to the next class!!

  • Lucy Jennings says:


    You wanted a small class, and that is important. I felt bad last year, I had 31 first graders, and didn’t feel like I taught them well, there just wasn’t enough time to really help each one individually.

    You put teaching us above making money from us. Thank you!

  • Kerrie Hourigan says:

    Hey Leslie, you are doing the right thing by taking on a small group. I appreciate your video, you have such integrity I’m looking forward to what you’ll be bringing our way.
    I’m very happy I’m in your community.

    Thank you for taking the time to make the video, it’s greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • Elvetha says:

    Good idea to begin small and build a group to test this out. I am sure it will be awesome. Looking forward to getting in next time.

  • Lucrecer says:

    You should not be surprised. You are awesome, Leslie! I think it a great idea to start small. I recommended you to a friend’s husband who wants to start a blog. I told her you are the person to check out. Best of luck in your new ventures!

  • Nancy says:

    Leslie, this video effectively serves several purposes. It consoles those who didn’t make it into your course and is a sort of bonus for those who did. It further demonstrates your integrity and coherency of intention for the size and type course you wanted this time.
    Furthermore, it informs your viewers that if they want to receive the benefits of interacting with you, they had better not hesitate next time they are given an opportunity. Well done,
    and congrats!

  • Gina says:

    You are so refreshing and authentic. Anyone that follows you, knows this will be an amazing platform! Though I didn’t see it in time for round one, man I know you are going to create some magic. Congratulations on all of it, the new BAB University, your new full time entrepreneur / self employed status, and your newly refreshed energy and excitement!

  • Ed DeJoliet says:

    You are really committed to changing the world, especially that area called Internet Marketing. You are to be applauded for your desire to help others in this arena, and while some of us to didn’t make it into the University (this time) are disappointed, you did the right thing.

    So continue on the path of excellence and bring others of us in when you can safely do it without risking your dream. You have already been and continue to be an inspiration to me and many others.

  • Elisa James says:

    Thanks so much Leslie for creating great content. I am bummed I missed out too! I will hope to be first on the list next round! Off to Samoa in a few days to help victims of sexual abuse – I will be blogging and videoing the experience and hope to figure out how to share it on my new awesome blog!!! THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!

  • hanshub says:

    Hi Les, wish good luck with your university blogger program. Talk to you later, Hans

  • CJGrace says:

    I knew I’d miss out, but then again, I have been so busy. I will hopefully catch it the next time around, which I know will be great! You are doing so much and are always full of enthusiasm! You really make it fun to learn blogology! LOL Thank you Leslie!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Soooo successful 🙂 I’m really happy that your first launch as a FULL TIME BLOGGER went Sooooo well!! Keep rocking it!! 😀

  • MJ says:

    You are really awesome! I subscribe to the podcast and listen to episodes over and over again. As a new blogger, I get a lot of value from your program and have used some of the great suggestions/teachings and applied them.
    Keep it up, and hopefully you can check out my blog for a bit, and see it gradually expand and improve from your lessons. I hope to be able to afford enrolling in classes you give in the near future. In the mean time, THANK YOU for the value you provide for the ones who do not have much more $$$ to spare but still have the dream like you to change the world one blog at a time 🙂
    From one islander to the next (Haitian woman, I am. Used to be married to a Half-StMaarten man and LOVE StMaarten!!!)
    Martine J

    • Martine, I LOVE the name of your blog. Sounds vulnerable and makes me curious. Glad to hear that you are enjoying my content and I’m glad to provide a bulk of the content free. I know that I couldn’t afford expensive courses when I was first starting out and I wish I had someone to guide me through all this stuff when I was brand new on this entrepreneurial journey. So I’m glad to help out.

      Wishing you all the best on your journey.

  • Pete says:

    Hey Leslie – wishing you all the best, from the UK….. :0)

  • Fred Willson says:

    Congratulations!! wishing you all the success in the world with this.

  • Mary Lahti says:

    Leslie, first of all THANK YOU for that video. And also, congrats! For you to take the time to make that video continues to show how dedicated and caring you are. I saw the email after work and when I went in, saw the big words that it was already sold out. Boo hoo. But hey, you offer so much now as it is so you shouldn’t feel bad. Now, let’s see that “Hey gang, I am sooooo excited!” Leslie that we know and love. You want to give, but you’re being smart to keep it at a level that will work out most efficient. So thank you for the offer and also thank you for acknowledging those who couldn’t get in and explaining your purpose. And by the way, YOU are the very first person who taught me about blogging and got me to get a site up. Thanks again and keep it up. Those of us who didn’t get in, we’ll keep ourselves busy until the ice cream truck rolls around again. 🙂 Mary

    • Haha, don’t worry. That Leslie is still here as excited as ever, if not more. He shall continue creating content to help you guys. As I look at what’s happening inside the members area, I’m even more pumped to make it MORE awesome than EVER, so when the ice cream truck rolls around again, be prepared for AWESOMENESS!

  • John Smith says:

    another great post from my favorite blogger. thank you sir…

  • a1anjamac says:

    Well done..and all the best from Vietnam.

  • Mary says:

    Hi Leslie, just getting to this page. Great and totally understandable to start with a small group. It is part of your incredible integrity. It isn’t about the money first. It is about value first.

    I did have to laugh when you said you were surprised at the response. TEE!HEE! You have always given us the best even when you worked full time, had a baby and scary personal times. You have never abandoned us.

    And really, your free stuff, is better than most paid products.

    You care and it shows. And I think you have a lot fun with it. Cant wait to hear how the university goes. Keep us posted!
    PS: These responses don’t go to our email box anymore?

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