How To Outsource WordPress For Next To Nothing – A WP Curve Review

July 4, 2014

Service: WP Curve
Overview: Outsource your WordPress Technical Support for $69/month

Are you the kind of entrepreneur that does everything yourself?

Are you the content creator, business manager, technical support specialist and EVERYTHING ELSE in your business?

I know what it feels to be that guy, and it's no fun.

The Problem

We hear it all the time – we can't do everything ourselves. We need to get help.

By getting other people to help us in our businesses, we are able to spend more of our time on the high value tasks that actually grow our businesses.

Here's the problem – as much as we would like to outsource everything but the tasks that energize us, it's often outside of our price range.

Yes – I would like to have a general virtual assistant, graphic designer, video editor, technical assistant and SEO person on staff, but quite frankly – “Ain't nobody got money fo dat” (get it? lol – yes, I'm corny)

A Great Solution To One Problem

1_WPCurve_PinterestNo, I can't afford all of that, but there's one more aspect of my business that I no longer have to worry about and that's because of WP CurveAlex McClafferty and partner Dan Norris.

When I first heard about WP Curve, I was a bit taken back. They claim to take care of all of your WordPress support for $69/month and that didn't seem possible.

Yes, I said $69, not $1000 or even $200.

You can send them an unlimited number of small jobs and they would simply take care of it.

I put them to the test and have been blown away by how much they actually provide.

Here are a sample of the things I had them do in the first few days:

  • Replace the opt in codes on this blog (7 forms in total)
  • Reformat the bottom of my posts (move the comment form to the top and put the different sections in individual boxes)
  • Fix a breakage in my theme
  • Reformat the top of my blog posts to look good on mobile devices
  • Much more

I kept sending job after job to see when they would tell me that I was pushing too much for $69/month, but I couldn't get them to break.

My conclusion: WP Curve ROCKS and I will be keeping them for a very long time.

Their Professional Plan

When I signed up, I decided to go with their basic plan because I just wanted to test them out to see if they were legit. Now I know, I will be upgrading to their professional Plan for $99/month. This include all of the stuff already mentioned AND the following:

  • Developer site check and review
  • Proactive WordPress upgrades
  • Proactive plugin and theme upgrades
  • Secure offsite backup
  • Monthly security scan
  • Monthly speed test

In addition to all of that, if for some reason your site were to be hacked, they would work around the clock to get it back up and running at no additional cost.

That's awesome, because my sites have been hacked in the past and I know that some little bugger might try to hack me in the future.


My Conclusion

After watching and reading this WP Curve Review, you should know that they meet my standard for a really AWESOME service at an affordable price. If you find yourself needing help managing WordPress, this is a great solution.

Regardless of how my team grows in the future, I will be keeping them around, because they do so much at such a low price that it will save my team and I a lot of time.

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's worth it and that you should check them out.

Click Here To Check Out Their Service

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  • Glo says:

    Leslie, as usual you are the answer to my prayers! Awesome video. Plus I laughed a lot. That’s a good thing. Happy Independence Day!

  • Sara says:

    Thank you for the video it made me laugh and your son is so adorable. I did however, find the music distracting while trying to listen to you talk. You may want to turn it down or off while doing the presentation. Thanks so much for all of our hard work.

  • Aaron Thomas says:

    Dude, awesome job on the video (and I’m saying this as a video producer).

  • Love the video! Looks super professional and top of the line. The clips with Noah were funny.

  • Reg says:

    Leslie…well I am having hard time finding the proper words to express how much I liked your video. If I had my way I would love to watch your videos more than listen to your podcasts. While the podcasts are great they are a little long(for me) and I am hearing challenged. I so appreciate the transcripts especially when available with the audio.

    I am eager to follow your new journey, I believe the Good Lord is leading and guiding you.

    One idea you might want to give some thought to: Occasionally directly target some to various age groups.I would like to see something directed to senior cits because I am one, and live in an apartment house of only seniors. Most are bored and afraid to use computers, but some might get motivated if they knew the benefits. You “doubtleslie” (how about that word?) understand the demographics to determine the interest and marketability.

    I am 82 and spend most hours of the day on my iMac or iPad. I don’t just use it for entertainment.

    I hope to see you and/or Marguerite at PMC from time to time

    Blessings galore!


    • Thank you so much for your comment Reg. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the video. You are right – the podcast format isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’m glad to be able to have more time to do written content, podcast episodes and video. That way I get to cater to various people.

      You’re idea for targeting various age groups with different kinds of content is actually not a bad idea. It’s definitely something I’m going to think about.

      When you mentioned PMC, I was a bit surprised. You’re around here. That’s awesome. We’re actually leading out in Praise and Worship tomorrow 🙂

      You should come up to me sometime and let me know who you are so that I can put a face to your comment.

      Have a blessed weekend.

    • Reg says:

      Hi Leslie!
      I am sorry I failed to mention I watch PMC via live streaming on my iMac. And BUMMER! Missed you doing P & W today. Was Noah up there with you?

      I live in Montana. Thanks for your response. God bless you and yours


    • Thank you Reg. It’s ok that you missed us on there. Noah wasn’t up there with us. If he were, things would get quite interesting 😉

  • lucyannej says:

    This is great information, thanks for testing it out. I have a question, what security do you use?
    Noah looks like he has it all under control, it’s fun to see him growing up.

    • Great question. I actually rely on my host for security. I use Servint for hosting, but I also pay like $110/month as of right now. I was actually able to cut my bill in half by switching to them. They do regular backups and my server is fully managed.

  • What an awesome video, Leslie! So informative, cute and funny. 🙂 Thank you so much for the advice! I didn’t even know you can get help with your blog. I’ll definitely check out their service. Thank you again! Happy 4th of July!

    • Thanks Viktoria. Glad you enjoyed the video. Yep, they offer a great service. Happy 4th to you too. Hope to meet up again sometime. Cali is nice, so I have a feeling I’ll be back 😉

  • Bernd says:

    Great Video, Leslie. Entertaining and useful. I am looking forward to your next videos.

  • Leslie, love this review. It’s because of you that I’m using get response and I guess it’ll be because of you that I sign up for we curve. But, I wonder if the $69/month can give me what I need, which is a theme change. Been using twenty fourteen and want to switch to genesis.

    • Glad you enjoyed the review. Glad you’re on GetResponse. Those guys are awesome.

      To answer your question – Most Definitely. You would have to purchase the theme and give them access to it, but that’s definitely WordPress related and shouldn’t take them more than 30 minutes to do. So you can have them install it. I actually have them even do some customization of my theme for me. However, I have them do every element one at a time. Works VERY well.

    • Cool. I’m a little concerned about being able to know what’s an under 30 minute job or not. But, like everything else, I’ll figure it out! Thanks Leslie. All the best to you. FYI – I left my job June 15th. So, I’m all in!

    • WHHAAATTT? You left your job too? Wow, we’re on a similar journey. Awesomeness. We definitely gotta connect!

      In terms of being able to know what’s an “under 30 minute job”, here’s what I would say – don’t worry about that. Submit your jobs, but just do them as one thing at a time. Usually I find that if it’s only one thing, it takes less than 30 minutes for professionals to do.

      Also, if you submit a job that’s way beyond that, I would assume they’d just let you know.

  • Demetria says:

    This is awesome! Okay, Leslie, I’ve got to check out WP Curve now 🙂 (And I love the little guy “hacking daddy” pic).

  • Dan Norris says:

    Hey Leslie wow mate this is awesome thank you so much!

  • Hi Leslie, thanks for taking the time to create such a detailed review of our service. I’ve shared this with our development team – they are doing a great job!

  • Adam Teece says:

    Very cool service. I am actually offering a similar service to my clients with a bit of a twist. WP Curve pricing is amazing though, I can’t match that lol.

    • Haha, I hear ya. I know I definitely can’t match it, lol.

    • Adam Teece says:

      I have some really cool tools to help me manage a whole bunch of sites, almost automatically. But definitely can’t do everything they offer. I might see if I can white-label some of their services or something, pay them to handle the things for my clients that I can’t do lol

    • Yeah, there are some great tools out there.

      Unfortunately, they don’t white-label their services. They even mention that in their FAQ. If they did, I’d be all over it, lol.

  • KimanziC says:

    Great! I asked this question on Facebook several weeks ago (before we were friends). I had seen the service but wondered if it’s worth it.

  • Leslie Samuel says:

    KimanziC Yep, I really love the service they provide. No complaints so far.

  • Lauren says:

    I would love to read this article, except you Pop Up REFUSES to stop popping up? No, I’m not “leaving so fast”, I’m just trying to scroll down the article. I must have seen the pop up 20 times and quite frankly, I’m scared to scroll back up to attempt reading this again (and yes, I’ve clicked “no thanks” each time).

    • LOL, Oh no – that’s terrible. I’m so sorry. This is a tech glitch. I’ve removed it. It’s only supposed to show up once every 7 days. But OBVIOUSLY something’s wrong there. I’m sorry that I’m laughing. Your comment was funny. Ok, problem removed 🙂

  • corey philip says:

    With WP now closed what is the best option?

  • >