168 How One Simple Strategy Increased Adsense Earnings By 80% – With Bob Lotich

June 18, 2014

Who: Bob Lotich
Blog: Christian PF
Book: Pro-Blogging Secrets

Adsense is something I'm VERY interested in.

In fact, it's my MAIN monetization method for my Biology Blog.

So, I decided to get my friend Bob Lotich on, because I know that he has been actively involved with Adsense monetization.

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When I heard that he used one simple strategy to increase his Adsense earnings by 80%, I had to know what it is.

That's what this episode is all about. Nothing complicated, just simply increasing Adsense earnings.

Inside This Episode

How One Simple Strategy Increased Adsense Earnings By 80% – With Bob Lotich

In today’s interview, Bob Lotich, author of Pro-Blogging Secrets: Strategy, Tips and Answers You Need to Grow Your Blog and Earn Money and creator of ChristianPF.com, walks us through the different steps using ONE strategy to help us boost our earnings with Adsense. He uses this with a new feature called Experiments.

It’s not complicated as it sounds. It’s so easy I even did it in this call.

A simple re-positioning of ads could give your earnings a significant boost!

He also shows us that experimenting and testing with any of the following could increase your earnings further with Adsense:

  • Changing link colors
  • Testing between image ads VS text ads and vice versa
  • Customizing ad sizes to fit your site
  • Using CPM networks and strategically positioning CPM ads in your site

These and other variables make a huge difference that, according to Bob, and should not be overlooked.

Monetization with Adsense is more than just about putting those ads out there on your blog or your site. It’s tweaking those ads and strategically changing them around from time to time and finding the best response from your visitors that could help you earn big bucks off your site.

Bob also explains to us why he thinks Adsense is still the way to go for ad networks and why he decided to stick with it over the years.

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Some people prefer to read along with the podcast episode. Others actually prefer to read than listen. If you are one of those people, not to worry. I've got a transcript right here for you 🙂

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  • Sara says:

    Thank you for another great podcast. I especially liked the tips on ad placement.

  • Melanie says:

    Excellent episode! Really enjoyed this & created an experiment while I was listening!

  • You guest for this episode provided some resourceful information Les. Thanks for the invitation.

  • Great stuff here, Leslie and Bob! You’re right, Leslie, it was so easy for me to make some simple adjustments in the experiement area. It’s also great to know that I can customize the side of my ads.

  • Adeel Qamar says:

    Trying to get approved for adsense, but they are rejecting again and again. It is really difficult to get approved for adsense in Asian countries

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