How to Get Referrals at Freebie Forums

September 23, 2008


The unfortunate fact is that everyone that gets involved in the Freebie Industry will not be successful. And for some strange reason, some people will actually lose money in this industry. If you are at the point where you are reading this, you are probably wondering “How in the world is that possible?” Well, some people just get started in the wrong way and end up being unsuccessful.

However, those aren't the group of people that I want to discuss. If you are considering moving on to method 2, you've probably made some money, so that obviously doesn't apply to you. The group that I want to talk about is those that made a few hundred dollars, but could not make it to the point where they have a regular and descent income from the freebie industry. You see, you are now at a fork in the road. This is the point that determines whether you will be successful, or whether it will be something you tried, made a few bucks, and then moved on because you couldn't make enough money.  So what I'm gonna do is give you a few suggestions.

Have a Positive Attitude
Yes, there are challenges in this industry. If you have reached this far, you've probably encountered a few. However, you made it here! Good job. In working with new traders, you will find that some of them will also run into problems. Not only that, some are going to complain, and even curse at you for things that are beyond your control (unfortunately, this has happened to me). It is very important to treat others well, regardless of how they act, or what they say. You will be respected for this, and this will encourage them to work with you more.

Post, post and post some more
This is probably the most important thing. Because there are so many people trading at the freebie trading forums like, you will notice that within minutes of posting your thread, it will no longer be on the first page of the forum. Unfortunately, people usually don't go beyond the first page, so if you are relying on people coming to your trade thread by just going to the “Cash For Referrals” section, I can promise you that IT WON'T WORK!!  And no, your BUMPs won't make you a descent amount of money. So the way to get people to check out your trade thread is by posting in other places throughout the forum.  Now, there is a science to posting. Most of the people that come to my trade thread come there because I posted something somewhere in the forum and were impressed with what I had to say. I'm not saying this to make myself sound good. It is just a fact. I see some people that have thousands of posts and only a few referrals. A lot of this is because there is not much substance to what they post. Here are some tips for posting:

  1. Really Study this industry. Know all the terms, see how people have been answering questions.
  2. Give clear, direct answers. There are sections at the forums that are for asking questions. If you look at some of the questions, you will see that many of the answers that are given don't really answer the questions that are asked. Many people just comment on the questions. When you can give good answers to the questions that new traders ask, they WILL be impressed and want to work with someone that “knows as much as you do”.
  3. Your main goal should be to help others! This is pretty self-explanatory. It shouldn't be an act. Really approach this business from that point of view.

Your Signature
This is an often overlooked feature at forums. So you are posting all over the place, offering great insight and really helping new traders. They want to trade with you, but have no idea how to do so. Why is that? Because your signature isn't doing its job. The job of your signature is to convince people to click on the text in your signature and go to your trade thread. Advertising yourself by posting will reap no rewards, unless your signature is appealing and tells someone “You WANT to click me”. So be creative, and suck them in.

Repeat Business
This is a very important factor. Not only do you get to know your referrals better, you also get more business. This is something that is overlooked by many individuals, and is a big part of being successful in this industry. Encourage people to work with you more. HOWEVER, do NOT force them to do so. You should never make a new trader believe that they HAVE to do multiple sites with you, but it's good to have it as an option. Provide them step by step training, giving more info as they work more with you. Help them really be successful. For more info on this, read my article entitled The Freebie Equation.

These are a few of my suggestions, and there are many more out there. Check around, read a lot, Learn as much as you can, and share as much as you can. Have a positive outlook. Remember, it's not all about making money. When you die, the money doesn't do much for you, but your character can leave a lasting impression!

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