What is Freebie Trading?

September 11, 2008

Freebie Trading is a term used to describe transactions in which people complete offers in exchange for cash or prizes. Many of these offers are free (or inexpensive) trial offers. This can be done at freebie trading forums such as the Free Lunch Room and Anything for Free, but are not limited to such forums.

A Freebie Site, also known as an Incentivized Freebie Website (HFW) is the site that hosts these offers and gives prizes to individuals like you and I for completing trial offers and referring individuals to do the same.

A Freebie Trader is someone who pays for referrals, or gets paid to be referred to a Freebie Site.

Example of how it all works
Blockbuster is a company that we're all familiar with. You know . . . they have all those video stores all over the world (even in St. Maarten, where I'm from) and also have online movie rental services. As a part of their advertising, they find affiliate networks to promote their services. Freebie Sites use these affiliate networks to host the blockbuster offer, and try to get individuals and their friends to try the offers out.

These Freebie Sites then get paid (very well) by the affiliate network use a significant portion of what they receive in order to purchase prizes or to pay you cash. These prizes range anywhere from $40 – $120 per referral and sometimes more. For a detailed breakdown of how this works, see my Proof 1 article.

There are Three methods to making money with Freebie Trading. You can learn about the three methods by clicking here.

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  • Gerald says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I am reading all the topics on the link below:

    When I saw you featured in Yaro’s page, I immediately believe you and your business. I have no doubts. I really want to join this program.

    I have already talked to you before if I qualify though I live in Germany. But unfortunately I can’t join this program because of my location =( Do I have any options? I google freebie Germany but there are no significant links. Also, I am afraid that I land on a page that is a scam. Honestly I believe in your business (sounds dramatic but true as I am a Yaro fan but sad to say got no money to join his program -_- ).

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! How I wish I could earn even just 5% of what you earn right now…. ^_^

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