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May 24, 2012

I've been thinking about a way to really enhance our interaction here at Become A Blogger. The answer came very quickly. I can do that by . . . Ok, it would be boring if I told you right here. You're gonna have to watch the video:

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  • Teriana says:

    Hi Leslie–is there anyway to enter without Facebook? I could really use some personal coaching.

  • Fotis Giannakelos says:

    Just liked it! Hope I am  the winner of private coaching…. 🙂

  • Again, as I always say to you brother Leslie, you are doing a great job and I want to encourage you to continue changing the world the best way that you know how!
    Love you and Christ bless!
    Ricardo Butler

  • AmaniChannel says:

    Leslie, love your content, but I’m curious why you’re using that huge handheld mic and not a small lavaliere?  You speak with your hands and a lav mic is much better for sit down situations.    I’m just curious… you know I’m a video guy too. 🙂 

    •  @AmaniChannel Yep, good question. I’m actually just testing out the handheld before I head down to Blog World, because I’m going to be using it to interview bloggers while down there, and do all kinds of stuff. In the last video, I used it without the windscreen. In this video, I used it with the windscreen. So, I’m just toying around. Won’t be using it forever though 😉

    • AmaniChannel says:

       @Leslie Samuel  Got it.  Did the windscreen make a difference? Don’t think it’s  very windy in your home studio :).  It probably helps if you tend to pop your p’s.   

    •  @AmaniChannel LOL. Watchu talkin bout? It’s stormin up in my studio. Nahh, I did it for the P’s and S’s. Didn’t seem to make a significant difference. I still heard some wind from me speaking in certain places. I guess I’m just too exPressive 🙂

  • JoyceF says:

    I would appreciate a Q&A session.
    I had better hurry up and like the page.

  • Rozalyne says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Is there a way to join without Facebook?  Some of us have a big dislike for Facebook, you know 🙂
    Thank you!!!!!!!

    •  @Rozalyne Aww, unfortunately not. This is a Facebook Giveaway. Who knows, we might do something else in the future, but for now – it’s all Facebook!

  • vocalmaestro says:

    Hi Leslie I just liked you on facebook and entered your contest. I haven’t heard from you for a while I’m excited to hear things are going well for you and the Yaro and Shadwick team

  • NatalieAlaimo says:

    Hi Leslie
    I think what you are doing is a great idea, but I wanted to let you know that you are actually running an competition on your Facebook page which is against their terms and conditions.  You are using their features (ie commenting and liking) as a way of entering which isn’t allowed and it also needs to be run on a tab (not your wall.)  You can find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php part E .  I would hate for your page to get shut down.

  • SergioFelix says:

    Hey Leslie, looking forward for the giveaway my man and thanks for offering this great deal for us! 😉
    Speak soon,

  • hwaitah says:

    Really cool, Leslie! Yeah, I think in FB, we can all interact better and share tips. Looking forward to the FB Partay!  😉

  • I’m SO excited about this!! I REALLLLYYYYYYYYYYY want thiiiiiis. Already went to facebook, liked and shared and commented 🙂 Now I shall tweet and google plus. Unfortunately sharing is lowering my chances of winning because there will be more people in the competition BUT it’s still worth it because the more people who know about become a blogger, the higher the likelihood that the world will become a better place. We’re changing the internet, ONE BLOG AT ATIME! !!! 🙂

  • EwaGersin says:

    Hello Leslie, 
    Good to hear from you again! Thank you for your instructive videos, advise and enthusiasm. I will tell you more about my upcoming blog shortly. Thanks, 

  • Ali B says:

    Yes! The fan page is a super idea. Thanks, @Leslie Samuel . You rock. 

  • arielleverwey says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Great idea, check out @Mari Smith’s post on contest here: http:www.marismith.com/win-facebook-marketing-makeover-facebook-contest/#

  • arielleverwey says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Great idea, check out @Mari Smith’s post on contest here: http://www.marismith.com/win-facebook-marketing-makeover-facebook-contest/#

  • tmisi says:

    You ar the best 😉

  • tmisi says:

    [..YouTube..] You ar the best 😉

  • JayaPulami says:

    great video project and cool puppy

  • scoonieh says:

    Mr. Samuel, you are hilarious. I can tell you enjoy what you do.

  • becomeablogger says:

    LOL. Hey, if you’re gonna do it, you might as well have fun with it 😉

  • scoonieh says:

    [..YouTube..] Mr. Samuel, you are hilarious. I can tell you enjoy what you do.

  • [..YouTube..] LOL. Hey, if you’re gonna do it, you might as well have fun with it 😉

  • VanessaJeny says:

    I think this is a really generous offer you have to help someone in your community succeed very quickly. Very Inspiring. I’ve entered and can seen from the comments in this thread and on the Facebook page that there is some other keen competition apart from myself! Its great to read other’s comments and see what people are asking and your responses. Great way to learn through sharing in an active community. Thanks for the chance to participte Leslie!

  • Lucy Bieri says:

    Its a pleasure to listen to you.. Thanks..

  • vocalmaestro says:

    Hi Leslie When will your contest be decided?

    •  @vocalmaestro As soon as I get through all of the comments. Trying to find some spare time to do that. I’m hoping by the beginning of next week.

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