112 Ten Things To Do Outside Of Blogging To Help Grow Your Blog

April 30, 2013

Are you a blogger?

Do you find yourself glued to a computer for hours without end?

Are your social relationships being strained as a result?

Are you not reaching your full potential despite working REALLY, REALLY hard?

Listen to This Episode

Have I got the podcast episode for you. Yep, we're stepping OUTSIDE of our blogs and interfacing with the REAL WORLD today.


I decided to do something a bit different – to talk about “non-blogging things”, but here's the twist – these “non-blogging things” can actually help your blog grow.

The great thing is that they won't only help your blog. They'll also help your overall quality of life – now that's some serious bang for your buck.

Also, they will keep you from going insane 🙂


  • I'm back from Colombia, but going back in 2 days. Because of this, there may or may not be an episode next week. Thank you for your patience as my family deals with medical issues.
  • I will be speaking at the Savvy Blogging Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. The dates are June 20-22. If you live in the Cincinnati area, or can make it out there for a meetup, let me know in the comments below.

Listener Questions

  • Kathy Strahan from Learn Body Works called in to ask about adsense. Her account was banned and she wants to open a new account in her husband name, but wanted to know if she would run into any problems by using her same site.
  • Lucy Jennings called in to ask me about my impressions of Feedblitz, the feedburner alternative that I recently started using.
  • Tumi, from Nigeria, called in to ask me about the WordPress theme I use on my Biology Blog.

If you have questions for me to answer on the podcast, feel free to call the hotline at (888) 835 – 2414.

10 Things To Do Outside Of Blogging

This is the main content of the episode, where I go into detail about the following 10 Things:

  1. Attend conferences related to your niche
  2. Go to meetups
  3. Go to events
  4. Connect with people on Skype
  5. Use social media to deepen connections
  6. Mastermind groups
  7. Taking classes
  8. Reading books or listening to audiobooks
  9. Do random fun stuff
  10. Relax and take a break.

These 10 things, if done well, can really help what you do online, as well as in your personal and professional life. So in this episode, I try to dissect each of them, by giving you examples of how I've done them to grow what I'm currently doing.


Some people prefer to read along with the podcast episode. Others actually prefer to read than listen. If you are one of those people, not to worry. I’ve got a transcript right here for you :)

Click here to download transcript.

Resources Mentioned

  • Savvy Blogging Summit – The conference I'm speaking at in Cincinnati Ohio from June 20-21
  • Google Adsense Sandbox – Checks to see if your blog/website was banned by Google Adsense
  • Feedblitz – The feedburner alternative
  • Detube – The WordPress theme I use for my Interactive Biology Blog
  • Meetup.com – The place to find meetups in your niche
  • Skype – great tool for connecting with people all over the world (personally and professionally)
  • Audible – Where I get my audiobooks. Highly recommended

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  • Alex Zemkus says:

    Great post and suggestions Leslie, especially about Meetup.
    Thanks, Alex

    • Thanks Alex. Glad you found value in it. Yeah, my good friend recently started doing meetups with meetup.com and is doing some pretty awesome stuff. I will try to have him on at some point to talk about it.

    • I was just wondering the same, in the area I live in there aren’t many people around that do what I do and so it is hard to try and get a group going to talk about business. My wife does well for awhile, but after over 12 years of listening to me talk about our online business she would really appreciate it if I could find others in the same type of business to bounce ideas off of 😉 Thanks for the the tips though!! I do most of them, though it is hard to get away for seminars, and I read until my head hurts so having a group close enough to get together even once a month would be great!

    • I hear you. It’s definitely difficult to get away for seminars when you’ve got a lot going on, but it’s definitely worth it.

  • florent says:

    Nice post ! 🙂 i just love your energy in your podcats. I schedule to attend also some meetup around my place. sounds fun ! Working at home tend to isolate people:( .
    thanks a lot for the informations !

  • YAY! Leslie says i don’t have to focus on my blog!! YAAAYYYYY LOL 😀 Kidding. Great podcast Leslie. You know i’m already planning to have some adventures in the great outdoors!! I think that falls under one of your tips somehow 😉 And i’m glad to hear that you’re doing speaking engagements and meetups!! Super cool for you!! Have fun!! 😀

  • Lucrecer says:

    I live in Cincinnati and a meet up would be great. Love the podcast.

    • Woohooo, awesome stuff. Will definitely let you know if and when I do it. If you have suggestions as to somewhere to do the meetup, definitely let me know.

  • Kamil says:

    Attend conferences related to your niche
    Go to meetups
    Go to events
    Connect with people on Skype
    Use social media to deepen connections
    Mastermind groups
    Taking classes
    Reading books or listening to audiobooks
    Do random fun stuff
    Relax and take a break.

    You could write a time when the part is started, because not everybody is interested in every part.

    Good podcast.


    • Thanks for the feedback Kamil. However, I would prefer for people to listen to the entire thing than just skip to one particular part and miss out on the rest of the value. That’s a personal preference.

  • Niclas says:

    Great podcast!

    Interesting about feedblitz. A week or so when I was in
    doing changes in rss feedburner a sign in google come up and said:
    rss will be removed from google summer 2013. So I will switch to feedblitz
    soon then thanks to you man:-)

    it seems its possible to use autoresponder set up in feedblitz and use this
    directly when someone subscribe just to read my blog with feeedblitz.
    thanks Nic

  • Emily says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I’m sure your podcast is interesting, but my time is precious and I’m a few minutes in and you haven’t got to the point. I’d much prefer if you got to the point straight away.


    • Hi Emily,

      Thanks for your feedback. I understand where you are coming from. However, unless I get more people complaining about the format of the show, I will stick with what I’m currently doing. Most people (so far) seem to enjoy it. But every so often I do get someone in between who dislikes, and even hates it. I accept that. That’s how this blogging stuff goes!

  • Hello Leslie!

    First, I like the format of your show. You DO get to the point right away.. you just had a lot of points to make! 🙂

    Thanks for answering my question about Feedblitz. It’s nice to see others are interested in it too!

    I also love Audible. I used to run every morning, but I had to switch to walking, so now I listen to books as I walk each morning. I can’t believe how many books I’ve listened to in the past year! I often buy the paperback or e-book to go along with the audio version so I can refer to it when I need a quote or something.

    Thanks for your dedication to us!


  • Butch Gibson says:

    Q. What’s round on both sides and HI in the middle?
    A. O-HI-O!
    Cincinnati up in this joint! Tell me when and where.

  • Love you post Leslie. I appreciate all you’ve said here. When I get down on the idea of blogging, I come back here for inspiration. I i’m closer now than I was before to producing my podcast. The ten things you list here put me back on track.

    I look forward to connecting with you and really getting down to podcasting.

    Have a blessed day, and I hope you and your family continue to prosper. Let me know when and if you come out to the east coast.

    Wishing you the best.


  • Leslie, I just registered for the summit. I live in Northern KY, just 10 minutes from Cincinnati.

    I would also love to do a Meetup.

    I am not familiar with restaurants in downtown Cinci. Are you thinking that is where you would want to go? Otherwise you would have to take a taxi or car pool. There are plenty of places in Newport, KY, just a few minutes away.

    • Woohooo, that gets me excited. It looks like we’re definitely doing this. I have no idea where I’m thinking because I don’t know anything about the area. But I will start doing some research about it pretty soon.

      Stay tuned!

  • Hi Leslie,

    I am new to listening to your podcasts and am impressed. I first ‘met’ you a few weeks ago and listed your blog on my Weekly Wrap Up series.

    I’m letting you know you have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award and, while you are under no obligation to accept, I would love for you to enter. Go to the post at http://www.kathyrobinsonsblog.com/my-entry-in-the-liebster-award-blog to find out more about this award.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Glad to hear that you are enjoying the podcast. Thank you for nominating me for the Award. As honored as I am, I won’t be entering, because it takes to much work and it’s not on my list of priorities at this hectic time in my life.

      I do wish you all the best with it though.

    • Navneet says:

      Have fun Leslie, i would have attented your so proffesional meetup but i am India 🙂

    • Would’ve been awesome to have you there, but that’s definitely a FAR distance to travel. Maybe one day I’ll make it to India 🙂

  • Anu says:

    Awesome post Leslie Samuel .your great tips help us how to grow our blog thanks.

  • Mike says:

    Meetups are one of my favorites for getting in touch with some great people. If you move to a new area, this is an EXCELLENT way to meet people that share your interests. I can vouch from experience moving to a new city just over a year ago.

  • Alex says:

    What happens if your blog isn’t really something you can interface with a group easily on? As an example, I sort of play around with a celeb oriented blog, but I haven’t found my real voice on it yet. There is no real group to interface with, so what should I do?

    • Is that topic something you’re passionate about? If so, you can connect with other bloggers who are passionate about the same thing. I’m not sure where you’d find them for meetups, but you can do a lot of that online. I would start small and work your way up. And once you start getting to know people in your niche, you never know where that can go from there.

      However, it’s very important to find your voice. Without it, it’s close to impossible for your blog to thrive.

  • John Demmon says:

    I like meetups, but I find it so hard to sort the tire kickers from the interesting subjects. Still well worth going to, always talking and promoting and discussing yourself, ideas and business is positive.

    • I’m not exactly sure what you mean by tire kickers, and I’m not a fan of always talking about and promoting yourself. It’s all about nurturing relationships. That’s the key thing!

  • Christopher says:

    There seems to be a clear theme behind most of the 10 tips…connect with other like-minded people. 🙂 And rightfully so. This is one of the most powerful things anybody can do for any areas of life they want to improve on, and it’s especially true for our online businesses. Surrounding yourself with others of the same interest not only keeps you more focused and positive about what you’re doing, but your personal and business growth develop at much greater speeds as well. It opens you up to many great tips and ideas that you never would have come to realize on your own. Mastermind groups are great for this. Each individual benefits from the collective minds of an entire group. This is INCREDIBLY powerful stuff. Great tips Leslie!

    • That’s a great summary right there Christopher. Yep, it’s all about connecting with other like-minded individuals. Without that, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am right now. Glad you got value from the tips.

  • >