My Blog Is My Business

February 8, 2013

I have recently come to a conclusion. It sounds pretty simple, but it's a concept that is completely changing the way I approach what I do here at Become A Blogger AND on my Biology Blog. Watch this video and you will understand.

So yes, my blog is my business, and because of that – I take it seriously. Because of that, I will continue to work my behind off to create content that inspires others, and even change the world.

How seriously do you take your Blog? Is it your business?

Just in case you haven't seen the video I referred to, here ya go:

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  • ahmedsafwan10 says:

    You have really changed How I think about the blog. I also thought that Blogging is a way to build business only.
    I also liked the part of practicing. It’s really important to check out what works and then practice and focus on it. “80% of the results are delivered from 20% of the work”.
    Thanks again for this awesome post.
    Ahmed Safwan

  • I’m glad that I’ve stuck with it. Really glad. I can’t quit and I won’t quit. Too many women out there need the truth. Have to share it!! 
    PS. hey look i’m on your blog without you sending an email 😉 i saw it on google plus, but i have no idea how i got there because i don’t remember going to google plus – there it was just open magically on my browswer! Anyway. Its been a productive day for me. Thanks for all you do to inspire us.

    • @Rochelle Hanson Woohooo. Stick with it girl. People need to hear your message.
      Haha, yep, G+ is great for that (and FB and Twitter). That’s why I’m in all those places 🙂

  • drnicki says:

    Love it. Simple yet profound. I feel empowered by the shift in perception. My blog, my baby… my buisness! 🙂 Thanks Leslie.

  • Fun Games says:

    well its simple and its the truth i guess C:
    some people’s blog are their business 😛

  • Monty Campbell says:

    Yes sir. My blog is my business and has been for years now. I’m humbly thankful for it.

    • @Monty Campbell Awesome stuff Monty. Keep it up. I would’ve never thought that a blog could be a business. If you asked me that a few years ago, I would’ve had no idea what you were talking about. Now, I consider myself blessed to have this experience.

  • Lindsey says:


    Thank you, Leslie, for an insightful post, & also for a fantastic site & resource!

    My wife & I are inspired to setup a blog/vlog. I read Gideon Shalwick’s Rapid Video Blogging Report & found out that his full course is no longer available.

    So, I would like to know if your Become a Blogger 2.0 full course & Gideon’s Killer YouTube Strategies course, as well as referring to Gideon’s Rapid Video Blogging Report, would be a useful combination to learn how to setup a blog with primarily video posts, with text articles sprinkled in.

    Thank you in advance for your insight!


    • Hi Lindsey,

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the video and are finding value in my blog.

      Actually, yes – that is a good combination. My course will show you how to set up the blog and build that into a resource. It also includes some of Gideon’s youtube content in it. Then, if you include Killer Youtube Strategies with that, it will give you the extra edge you need. I’m not just saying that to get you to buy it. When I was getting started, I just become a blogger (I was a member first) and then got Gideon’s Killer Youtube Strategies, and that really helped my get my biology blog going, and that’s a video blog.

      Hope that helps to answer your question.

    • Lindsey says:

      Hi Leslie!

      Thank you, your response is very helpful & I’m glad to know that I was/am on the right track!

      I appreciate your honest opinion – your genuineness absolutely shines through in your videos 🙂

      All the Best,

    • You are very much welcome Lindsey. Glad to be help. Glad you’re enjoying the videos!

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