How To Use Accountability To Help You Succeed With Your Blog (Surprise Guests)

January 25, 2013

Please allow me to be real with you. Sometimes I feel like giving up on the goals that I've set for myself.

Sometimes, I actually open my big mouth and say that I'm going to do things that are a bit out there, and then I get tired and am tempted to just not do it.  To take it even further, sometimes I actually give into the temptation to do nothing. I sit on my butt, watch some TV or just go to sleep without accomplishing the tasks I had set out to do.

However, there are some times when I feel that way and someone steps in and holds me accountable to the goals I set out to accomplish, and it helps me to push beyond the way I'm feeling in the moment and get things done.

This video talks about one of those days. Oh, and I have some guests on the video. It's fun stuff. Check it out!

After you watch the video, you can head over to join the Become A Blogger Community so that we can hold each other accountable. It's a beautiful thing 🙂

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  • raspyni says:

    I love this vlog, Leslie. Accountability rules. Thanks.

  • AH!!! Edson’s on become a BLOGGERRRR 😀 Hahahah 😀 And Noah is going to look back on this one day and TOTALLY be embarrassed 😀 LOL!! Hi Leslie 😀

  • MsHilda says:

    I’m holding YOU accountable for MY accountibility!  LOL!  Noah is gorgeous…GOD Bless!

  • vivinar says:

    Hilarious!! but you did get your point across.

  • yogainspiresyou says:

    Love the realness and reality of your life and how you weave it all in- Lesley you have a rich and very full life. Enjoy it all and yay…what a cutie pie son you have. Enjoy the blessings

    • @yogainspiresyou Why thank you. I do agree that my life is pretty rich. I have an awesome family and great friends. Well, then there’s that Edson guy in the video, lol. twentytwee

  • bethcran4d says:

    Thanks for letting us meet Noah! He’s beautiful, and much more patient than mine were as babies in need of a diaper change! Oh, and thanks  to you both for the reminder about accountability. Great video.

  • victorious says:

    Hi Leslie,
    This was FUN!!!! Thanks!!
    This is so fun in fact, I will remember what is was about FOR A LONG TIME!!!
    Oh that darn accountability!
    Thanks Mary
    PS Noah is really growing and so gorgeous!

  • Great video.
    I need to work on my accountability & this is a great way to do it.Baby Everett wants to respond, so I am posting a video response on your YouTube channel. 
    -Jason Love

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