An Awesome Way To Come Up With Content Ideas – Quickie Tip #10

December 13, 2012

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“I don't know what to write about.”

“I don't know what to blog about.”

“I'm not sure what to say in my next video.”

“How do you keep coming up with ideas. Leslie, can you help me?”

Okay. Hey, this is Leslie Samuel from I have another quickie tip for you today. One of the things a lot of people keep asking me is, they say something like,

I'm not an expert. How do I keep coming up with new ideas for content to come up with?

That's a great question. I have one tip for you. You ready for this tip?

You may not like the tip but, it's a good tip. The tip is this: READ. 

Read, no, seriously, it's that simple. Read more than you're reading now. If you want to become an expert on a specific topic, you have to read. READ. Open a book or take a Kindle. I have a Kindle somewhere around here and I get books on there and I read those books. That gives me new ideas. It gives me, it teaches me things that I didn't know before.

And now, I can come to my blog and I can share that with you because I've consumed content that's valuable content that has helped me and then, I can go and share that with you. That is a part of the process of becoming an expert and becoming a leader.

Leaders are Readers — that is a fact.

If you don't like to read, I have another option for you. This is something that I've been doing a lot recently and it has helped me tremendously. Get audio books. Go to I have a link down to Audible right beneath this video. It's actually an affiliate link:

If you use that link, you're actually going to get one free download where you can download an audio book and just picture this, you're going to the gym, you're listening to your audio book. You're driving in your car, you're listening to your audio book. You're becoming an expert because you're listening to content that's specific to your niche that's helping you to acquire knowledge that you can then go and share with the world.

So, read. And, if you can't read, well, not if you can't read but, if you don't have the time to read then, get the audio book and listen to that. You'd be surprised at how much you'd learn and how much more you'd have to share.

That's my quickie tip for today. I hope you got some value from it.

This is Leslie Samuel from Until next time, take care and God bless.

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  • JimLeaf says:

    Just as I start to lose steam because of an obstacle, you smack that excuse away. It’s almost like you can hear me thinking!
    Thank you!

  • VikasTaank says:

    Hey leslie. I like your style of explaining things.

  • Hans Hansen says:

    Hi Leslie, good tip. I’ve a q: I’m planning to write an ebook about music, how do I copyright (protect) my copy? Do I need to set up a company, such as yours (LLC) or can I just publish it like that? (Just put the copyright sign with the name of my blog and “all rights reserved” at the bottom of each page). I’m a bit puzzled about this? Hope to hear from you soon, Hans

    • @Hans Hansen Hi Hans,
      To answer your question – I NEVER worry about copyright. The fact is, once you’ve published it, there’s a date attached to it and as long as you can demonstrate that you did it before anyone else, you can demonstrate copyright.
      A LOT of my stuff is reproduced in other places. With the internet the way it is, it’s impossible to keep track of all of that so I just disregard it.
      Hope that helps!

    • @Hans Hansen Oh, and you can just put the copyright sign with the name of your blog and all rights reserved. I do that on some of my stuff.

    • Hans Hansen says:

      @Leslie Samuel Thanks Les. That’s a relief about copyright matters. Keep in touch, Hans

  • LeonGaban says:

    Simple, but excellent tip Leslie 🙂 I’d throw in there watching and listening too…

  • Great and useful video! I really like your style, it is simple and straightforward. Thanks for the tips, they are really useful and practical.

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