My Baby’s Coming. Biggest Month For me = HUGE Month For You

November 1, 2012

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. My wife and I are expecting and little Noah's supposed to arrive on November 25th. So, I decided to do something EXTRA Special.

What is it?

Watch the video below and Find out!

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  • I don’t have kids yet but my parenting advice is for you to GET SLEEP NOW 🙂 When Noah comes you may never sleep again lol. And by the look of your eyes this video, you’ve been pulling some late nights already lol. Congrats again Lesliie 🙂 SUPER happy for you and Margie 🙂

  • AlexNavas says:

    Congratulations. Kids are amazing and they’re truly a gift from God. Here’s a couple tips for you. Speak life into Noah and show him affection. Encouragement and affection allow kids to grow up feeling secure and confident in who they are.
    You always want to be his biggest fan and that starts from the very beginning. Lastly, don’t forget that while providing for your family is important, it can never compete with your involvement in your family. 
    Praying for you and your amazing gift!

    • @AlexNavas They are indeed a gift from God. Thanks for the tips. I know I will definitely be the biggest fan he’ll ever have. Well, besides God 🙂
      And that involvement part – that’s ESSENTIAL! Looking forward to that.

  • Karin says:

    Congratulations! I love your blog and your enthusiasm. I am so excited for you! My son will turn 2 in a week and looking back the past two years I just want to say: be prepared for a journey you can never imagine. Your son will expand your capacity to love and make your heart softer….My advice is don’t sweat over small stuff because if you do it will drive you crazy. Give the baby a lot of love and hugs and breastfeed. If she plans to breastfeed make sure she educates herself on breastfeeding ( is a good website)because when she first starts it will be very challenging, but it will be well  worth it!

  • Hi Leslie
    I have 3 kids (9,7 and 4)
    So get ready:
    1. To completely surrender you life (in the best possible sense) to a smallest, helpless person in your life
    2. To welcome your best teacher
    3. To instantly change priorities in your life
    4. To experience truly life changing moments like first smile, first words, first steps and on and on….
    I can go on…. but a lot of love, fun and hard work is on its way…
    All the best to you and your family!

    • @Ravi Peal-Shankar That’s a great way to put it Ravi – my best teacher. I really get the feeling that I will be learning more over the next few years than I’ve ever learnt before 😉

  • RicardoButler says:

    My parenting tip for you is since you are a teacher (I don’t know if your wife is) you need to predetermine and agree what you are going to teach them. Me and my wife are both Christians and Teachers. My wife teaches more of the rougher side of Jesus that opposed hypocrisy and fought for justice. I teach more of the turn the check, love every body side of Jesus and sometimes this conflicts. My wife’s temperament is a driver-analytical type and I am an amiable-expressive. That means she’s a bossy perfectionist and I am a creative encouraging people person. So agree a head of time what you want your child to learn so their are no conflicts later. lol!

    • @RicardoButler Great to hear that you guys balance each other out. That’s always good! We’ve been in constant dialogue about what we want to teach him. It shall be an interesting journey indeed.

    • RicardoButler says:

      @Leslie Samuel Trust me it is. But it’s still fun. I got three daughters and one son that are 15, 14, 5, and 4. So I get to be alone with my 4 year old son and teach him “special manly things.” lol! But on the flip side with my girls I get to expose the other crazy boys out there by using how crazy I was when I was young. I can say, “Watch of this, that, and oh yea that too.” And they will say, “Why dad?” And I will say, “Because I did that!” lol!

    • @RicardoButler Hahaa, lol. I hear you bro!

  • JoyceF says:

    Good Luck.
    My youngest is 24 years old. 
    You never stop being a parent.
    Prepare for the journey for the rest of your life:-))

    • @JoyceF Ahh yes, an exciting journey it shall be. We’re looking forward to it. I can’t imagine being able to say that my youngest is 24 years old, but I get the feeling the time will pass by in a flash.

  • LeslieSamuel Congrats!
    My tips would be:
    1. Love your child with all your heart
    2. Realize the child is a gift from God
    3.  Be a consistent Christian
    4. There will be a battle of your will and their will. You must win, but only to help groom and shape their life after Christ
    5. Always have fun
    6. GET SLEEP WHILE YOU CAN. The next 3 years will be rough
    7. Give your wife a break and help out
    8. Realize the great honor it is to be a father, and take pride in raising your child
    9. Remember your child is blessing and NOT a burden. When you child is older, if they sense they are burden, it will discourage him
    As a pastor, these are tips God taught as well as lessons I have learned from our church members. May Christ bless your home!

    • @estevanmontoya  Wow, that’s some serious stuff there Estevan. All you need is one more and that would have been an awesome 10 commandments of parenting 🙂
      Thanks for the great tips.

  • Nick Goodall says:

    Congratulations Leslie! Your enthusiasm and excitement is something that really inspires me about you and your blog, keep it up! Nick 🙂

  • LyudmylaSalvato says:

    Hello Leslie !!! Congratulations! The first child How it well!  I am a grandmother, I have two grandchildren. My tip to you, sleep more than usual. Do all the important  things and think about how plan your work, soon you’ll be  very busy with your  baby. I love your spirit . Thank you for your present for us! Sincerely     Luda

    • @LyudmylaSalvato Thanks for the great advice. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do it, but I do know that it’s excellent advice, lol. I think my sleeping days are over 😉

  • se7en says:

    Congratulations… Exciting times indeed, everyone will warn you about sleepless nights and the terrible perils of parenthood but I am going to tell you that there is nothing on earth that can prepare you for the incredible and  overwhelming love you will have for your little guy – enjoy every second of it!!!

    • I hear you. Yes, there will be sleepless nights, but you are so right about the incredible and overwhelming love. I can only imagine because of what I’m feeling already 🙂

  • Hi Leslie, I so understand your excitement. Here is a poem I wrote for my first child, (and for me), many years ago.
    A little hand,
    A little touch,
    But, oh so much it says!
    Does your small hand reach out to say,
    “I need you, don’t leave me,”
    “I love you, don’t hurt me,”
    Or simply,
    “Hi, I’m here?”
    But where am I?
    Am I busy in my head,
    Being perfect parent,
    Anticipating every need,
    Filling every want?
    Or do I reach out  to simply say,
    “Hi, I’m glad you’re here.”

  • Hans Hansen says:

    Hi Les, Good luck with you upcoming new little wonder of the world. When I got my first child, I learned a lot of new things about myself. Good and bad things and you’ll have to learn to be forgiving, not a little bit but a lot! It will be an interesting journey. Keep in touch, Hans

  • Lucy Bieri says:

    Congratulation daddy to be.. Calm down, save your excitement for the moment you have him in your hand, then you going to ask your self, is he really mine, YES he is yours.. This bundle of Joy.. Bless.

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